Carrey And Zemeckis Team For A Christmas Carol

Credit: Variety

Walt Disney Pictures has put Robert Zemeckis behind the camera and Jim Carrey in front of it to bring an old Christmas favorite back to the big screen.

Zemeckis has written the script for a remake of A Christmas Carol in which Carrey will play Ebenezer Scrooge, the heartless old miser who can’t stand Christmas and only cares about his money. Carrey is also set to play the roles of the three spirits that haunt Scrooge that fateful Christmas Eve night.

The film will be shot using “performance capture/Disney digital 3-D” animation which has been seen in Polar Express. A Christmas Carol will incorporate some live action and computer graphics together. Zemeckis has said this technology will allow for Carrey to play the multiple roles as well as Scrooge through the different periods of his life.

Carrey has many projects lined up and it is not known which he will do next, so no word has been given yet on when the Christmas film will be released. But stay tuned for we’ll bring you more as we get it.