AEW Dynamite 7/6/22 Sees New Champion Crowned!

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AEW Dynamite 7/6/22 Sees New Champion Crowned!

AEW reports

TNT Championship Street Fight!

Champ Scorpio Sky (with “All Ego” Ethan Page & American Top Team’s Dan Lambert and ATT members) vs. Wardlow!

Sky evaded Wardlow and blasted Wardlow with body shots. Wardlow fired back with a massive shoulder tackle, taking the champion off his feet. Scorpio Sky connected with a low blow on Wardlow.

An angered Wardlow hurled Scorpio Sky across the ring! Wardlow followed Scorpio Sky outside the ring. Lambert placed a hand on the back of Wardlow. Wardlow turned around but members of American Top Team were there to block him from getting to Lambert. Wardlow was rammed into the steel ring steps.

Wardlow took to the skies with a swanton bomb onto Scorpio Sky! Wardlow was about to powerbomb Scorpio Sky when Lambert ordered the members of ATT to jump into the ring and stop Wardlow. Wardlow quickly dispatched of the ATT members. As Wardlow was busy with ATT, Scorpio Sky nailed Wardlow with the TNT title.

Wardlow retaliated with a spinebuster. Wardlow powerbombed Scorpio Sky! Wardlow powerbombed the champion again, and then again! Wardlow placed his foot on Scorpio Sky and pinned him!

“For the second time the TNT Championship changes hands in Rochester, New York, and this time it is Mr. Mayhem, Wardlow, your new TNT Champion,” said Excalibur…

…AEW Interim World Championship Match!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley (c.) vs. House of Black’s Brody King!

William Regal joined the commentary team for the main event.

Brody King backed Moxley into the corner and chopped him, a single strike sending Mox to his knees. Moxley got right back up and fired off forearms to Brody King’s face!

Brody King pursued Moxley on the arena floor. Brody King charged at Moxley but Moxley dodged him. King crashed into the steel ring steps. Brody King backdropped Moxley onto the ramp!

Back in the ring, Moxley took the challenger off his feet with a dragon screw leg whip. Moxley continued to work over Brody King’s leg. King finally got back on his feet and used the Bossman Slam on Moxley.

Brody King picked up Moxley but Moxley escaped. Brody King charged at Moxley with a cannonball senton into the corner but Moxley moved out of the way! Moxley hoisted King onto the top rope and then clawed his fingernails into King. Mox superplexed Brody King and then applied the bulldog choke but Brody powered out.

Moxley stomped on Brody King’s head. Mox ate a lariat from Brody King and then the challenger followed up with a piledriver for a near fall!

“How much does Mox have left in his tank?” wondered Jim Ross.

Brody, standing on the turnbuckles, pulled Moxley right off the mat with a choke. Brody followed up with a cannon ball senton in the corner and this time it met its target!

Mox avoided a splash in the corner. Moxley blasted Brody with the Paradigm Shift! Moxley dropped hammer and anvil elbows on Brody King! Moxley put a chokehold on Brody but Brody sat back and smashed all his weight on Moxley! Moxley held on with his bulldog choke and ref Paul Turner had no choice but to stop the match as Brody King could not continue!

Full results here.

Including the debut of coolest named new tag team Thunder Storm featuring AEW Women’s Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm.

They won.

And even have new merch?!

Plus we heard from Christian Cage and Luchasaurus.

Plus, AEW also announced ROH Death Before Dishonor taking place at the end of July 2022.

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