[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 5 (7/9/07)

We see that Kail is awake and shortly after so is Jen (wearing her JENSA MEMBER shirt, the back says IM JENEROUS). Both in the kitchen, Jen thinks they might have a food comp today.

Mike is up now too. General convo with some Jedi-drilling in the kitchen.
They can’t seem to all agree, but according to Mike, Day 1 was Saturday, Monday (day 3) was food comp., Wednesday was nominations. They apparently ALL got food on Wednesday because it was the 4th of July.

Appear to be on inside lockdown. Kail and Jen go back up to HOH. Various HGs doing morning routine.

The House Guests say they enjoyed the morning wake up call today. It was music.

Carol says how sad it will be to go to games later this year and not be on the field (as a cheerleader). Now she’s doing cheers. Kail, Mike and Zach watch and clap.

In the kitchen, Zach and Dustin are making t-shirts.

Kail and Eric in HOH. He shares a story about a high school girlfriend that he says looks like Dani. She had an eating disorder (he gets emotional) and he had to be an adult and take care of her. He is choking back tears. This may be his America’s player story! He’s talking in circles and this is painful to watch (not in a sympathetic way).

Nick and Mike talk game in the BY. Mike says they should get rid of Joe if they get HOH. Nick isn’t so sure.

Eric continues his story to Kail. More tears. Kail nodding and twirling hair.
Yet even MORE story, more tears, more nodding and twirling.

Dick pops in HOH door and asks if they want waffles. That ended the story.

12:00 noon
Still on lockdown. Many HGs in kitchen area. Everyone getting along.
Mike is working on his shirt. It says “Magnus” and he’s drawn a muscular man on it. Kail and Dick are cleaning up, Eric is sitting at the counter talking to them. Nick is also working on a t-shirt.

They joke with Jameka about her talking and moaning in her sleep.

If it was a lockdown, it’s over. Carol, Mike, Jess lying out in the sun tanning. Small chit chat talking about what serial killers came from their state. Dustin and Nick are exercising (yoga) upstairs outside the HOH room. Zach is being very silly in the kitchen. Amber does a very bad Pee-wee impression. Zach does Bullwinkle impression. Dick and Zack go to play chess.
Mike relates a story that his dad saw a ghost recently. Mike never believed before this, but says he trusts his Dad 100%. He mentions the name Melissa and we get Funnel.

Dick playing golf and talking to Eric. Joe was jumping up and down in the pool for no apparent reason. Daniele found some bad smelly meat. Dustin and Amber were having a quiet convo in one of the bedrooms

Joe is still in the pool and has pulled down his shorts so that half of his butt is showing.

Dick and Amber are talking in the BY. Amber had said she gained 90 pounds when she was pregnant and Dick told her that was way more than she needed to gain. He says he was going to talk about a lady (not the word he chose) that he’s not supposed to talk about and we get Funnel.

Jessica and Carol realizing they were 13 when BB started. They were in the 8th grade when they had their, “blow up” and this is the 8th season of BB. Destiny. Danielle discussing dinner and is asked what is her specialty. She says Raman noodles and later she says Drive Through.

We get a brief DR leak of female voice apologizing to Zack. Screen was blue, but you could hear a bit of dialog. She “just had to ask a few things.”

Nick tells the BY group that he was on MTV Spring Break in 2002. First round was shaving a body part, so he shaved a Mohawk. He was King of Spring Break. Joe says he was there for that spring break.

Dani and Joe talk about story time. She wants to know what story he will tell tonight. He says he’s working on it. She wants him to retell last night’s story. Dani and Carol like his stories because they are so relaxing. Joe says that’s his strategy. To tell stories before competitions so that everyone will fall asleep.

Carol and Nick are sprawled on the couch in the BY. After a long silence, Carol says this is what the next three days is going to be like. Dani gives a half-hearted “ya” in response, and then lies back on Nick’s upper thighs. She says, “I don’t know why I get so tired in this house. I never do anything.” Carol and Nick agree. Some of the guys are playing Frisbee. Nick appears to have fallen completely asleep.

Dustin tells Mike, “your relationship with inanimate objects, it’s got to change!” (After Mike hits the camera pole with the Frisbee, yet again).

Dustin and Zach are planning BB Strong Man competition; Zach is very amused by his Schwarzenegger voice today.

Jessica telling Eric that Carol lies about everything referring to the things Carol has said the producers ‘told her’ regarding food, her staying, and how it’s too late for her. Jessica says “I think it would be interesting if Dick won HOH, see what he would do” Eric likes Dick, thinks that would be fun too, wonders what his HOH room would look like. They talk about how getting Jen out will be a free week for them. Then being silly thinking about what Jess’ HOH room might look like.

Eric put a friend down for a phone call from home instead of a family member which he now realizes was a stupid move because America won’t vote for that over someone’s family member calling. Eric says she (Kail) will last until at least the last half of the game, because she won’t p*ss people off and doesn’t make big moves to threaten everyone.

Zach gave Dustin a warning about Joe. Zach says he won’t throw HOH. Zach says if Dustin and Jen are put up together, Dustin will go because he is the better player. Now talking about people possibly throwing HOH comp. Tells Dustin to keep his eyes peeled. Joe has been caught in too many lies, is spread too thin, and they are not sure how other people in the house perceive him (Joe). Zach says the only person he’s not spoken with is Jessica out of everyone in the house.

We learn Eric applied for Season 2, but was out of the country and missed his callbacks He had just turned 21. He didn’t apply again until this year. Jess said she knew that she would always try out. She applied to Real World, but thinks she is not crazy enough to be there. Eric – People get on these shows and do things they never thought they would do. It’s hard to know until you get here. They both agree it’s surreal to be here, plus the fans know a lot more than they do.

Mike called to DR, he says the first time in 3 days.

4:30 7:00pm (Lots of random conversations)
Eric tells Jen that she will be screwed when she’s not up in the HoH room anymore. Jen says why? Eric remarks laughingly that she has made herself a comfy, little home up there. Jen says both she and Kail have been sleeping a lot.

Jess has a friend who used to work where Dani works (Hooter’s) and regulars used to bring her stuff all the time. Amber says she can totally picture Dani as a server. Dani works days, M-F. Dani says it’s hard to get out of it. Once you start, the money is just so good. Kail, Jen, Jess, Dani, and Amber are in the big bedroom. Jess is wearing a shirt that says: I’m too pretty to work, and filing her nails. Daniele says she was allowed to tell her boss about BB

Jen and Mike in hammock. Discussing how often they change clothes. Mike changes only every couple of days. Jen changes a lot. She says she is a professional bikini changer. She appears to be eating a whole cucumber. Talk about “World’s Strongest Man Comp” events – army crawl, something with the pool, bench pressing girls, still in planning stages. Then they will have to go into the diary room (all five of them) and rip it apart afterwards.

Jen: Joe likes to start drama between other people.

Mike: I know, I heard.

Jen: I didn’t know until it happened to me.

Jen says “I thought we were going to the zoo today.” Mike is confused. She explained that Eric said that the BY would be the zoo today, and they would see the giraffes and stuff, and each one would have to do a report on it.
Mike is going to take a break tonight… no date. He had to get Carol and Amber out of the way, in case they are not here next week. Jen was his only real date. Jen says how nice it was last night at dinner that everybody actually had plans – hair appointments, dates, ab workout class, story time. Made it seems like people actually had plans, something was going on.

Nick and Dani are in small bedroom flirting.

Dani said Jessica’s nickname is Porky because Jessica wants to be bacon (really tan). Then she jokingly said “It’s actually because she’s fat but I’m not gonna tell her that.”

Dustin shares his earlier convo w/Zach with Amber in the SR, she tries to minimize what Zach said about Joe getting Dustin out of the house.
Nick tells Amber he really likes Dani and has that boyfriend/girlfriend connection. Nick doesn’t want to freak her out, but if anything is going to happen she needs to make the first move.

Joe taking shower, Dustin walks in. Joe says, “you aren’t even gonna take a free peek?”

Jameka gave a pre-dinner speech. Hoped everyone enjoyed the food because they had a good time preparing it. Jessica then took the floor to say she was enjoying her time there even though she was quiet at first. All the Hgs, but Jen are eating together at the table.

Jen is running furiously on the elliptical.

Nick, Joe and Amber upset because Carol didn’t help clean up. She just pushes her chair in and then says “see ya”.

They are also upset that Jen didn’t join them for dinner. Someone says she is trying to make a statement Joe says what? Death by elliptical? Joe says Jen told him she was going to exercise until she passes out. They’re worried that she’s lost it. Nick wonders if they should go spot her. Jen is now running even harder on the treadmill.

Joe’s still worrying about it in the BY.

Kail now visiting Jen – Jen saying she didn’t know she could work out this long – almost threw up a cucumber. Jen finishes exercising and proudly tells Kail “13.4 miles!”

Mike told Kail and Zach that there is no way that he is throwing HOH and will put up Joe. Mike doesn’t want to lose Jen though. He’s afraid that Jen will pull a “dumbass” move if she stays. Zach says that Jessica never approaches him. Both Zach and Kail agree that she cannot be trusted. Zach tells them how he asked Jessica on a “date” but she said she had plans. In retrospect she just sat with Joe and did nothing and Zach felt insulted by this.

Zach and Mike saying how they don’t trust Jess at all

Jen in the pool vigorously jogging in place. Then she is back at it again on the treadmill with Jess on elliptical.

Amber and Nick are outside on the lawn chairs….. Jameka is sitting nearby eating ice cream. Nick is talking about his relationship with his ex-fiancé’. Amber jumps up and interrupts Nick to say “You don’t understand what I did with my boyfriend, what I put him through……I tried to run him over with a car!”, and we get Funnel.

Kail went to weigh herself to find Jen still running. Kail and Daniele discuss Jen being on the treadmill…….again. Daniele thought it was dangerous because Jen had already run 12 miles before getting on the treadmill a second time.

Back to Jen now on the elliptical and Kail is on the treadmill. Jen is making small talk with Kail, who’s her normal quiet self. They talked about running a marathon and how long it took. Jen commented on how long she had worked out and that the only part of her that hurts is her knees. Jen comments that “if this won’t get rid of the lines on the back of my thighs, then I don’t know what will.” They go on to discuss working out, Jen says working out makes her not want to eat bad foods, that’s she’s probably worked off 1800 calories today and she didn’t eat that much. Say she wants to make it to 20 miles! She’s at about 16.5!

9:00pm Showtoo time!
Jen says she’s finally tired but continues to run. Kail is on the treadmill and Jen is on the stair climber going nuts. Kail yells “She’s an animal!” Jen calls out 3.7 (miles?) and stops. She goes in to get some water. Joe asks how far she went. Jen says 20 miles. Jen says it’s the first time she’s ran over 5 miles in her life.

Jameka and Amber are trying to figure out what CD the Notorious BIGs song “Going Back To Cali” is on. Amber is rapping to Jameka. Jameka still isn’t sure which it is. They figure out Jameka is talking about his CD Life After Death. We keep getting Funnel because they are rapping and singing. Amber says it’s BB’s fault for playing the song this morning. Now they all want to sing.

Zach is making the World’s Strongest Man shirts.

Carol is showing Dustin how to tap dance. She taps and Dustin tries to follow, but barefoot.

Jen is apparently done working out. She gets in and out of the hot tub and the pool. But she put shorts and tank on and continues doing some stretching exercises in the BY.

Eric says they should make 9-12 party time for the fans who watch on Showtime.

Dick & Jessica are doing cannonballs in the pool. Eric joined until he felt like he blew out his eardrums.

Kail and Mike were talking about switching the vote (getting Amber out). Mike told Nick and he’s okay with it, but Nick brought something up for them to think about.

Jen is still working out doing leg lifts and things in the BY as she watches the cannonballs competition.

Mike and Zach keep whispering in the bathroom (while Mike is cleaning). Zach said he thinks it’s a bad idea to take Amber out. She’s one of the best shots they have of taking Joe out for them. Mike said he’s just passing the info that was shared with him. Zach said, unless those two have an advantage of keeping Carol. (meaning Kail and Nick). Zach said we can’t do this. Mike is agreeing with Zach now that Carol needs to go.

Zach and Mike continue talking in the kitchen. Mike is saying think about it, me, you, Nick, Amber, Dustin, and Eric against Joe. 6 people win HOH would possibly put him up (Joe) and 6 people to vote him out if he was up (Joe). Zach agreeing and said anyone we put up against him, he would go. Mike is going to speak to Kail again and calm her down. Zach said she gets paranoid easily.

Mike talking to Kail in the storage room. He’s telling her that Mike, Nick, and Zach want Carol out. Kail said she thinks Dustin is a big threat, everyone likes him. Mike saying that if Joe puts 2 of the 4 up then one of them will go. Dustin right now, we are in pretty good standing with him. We work out together, we have the Magnus Cragnus thing so we feel safe we him. Kail said you just have to keep me protected because I don’t have any deals with anyone else. They agree Carol is going. They hear a sound and immediately grab some fruit. They bring out the food and Mike says “perfect alibi.” They walk out of the SR.

Someone ate Jameka’s waffle. She’s mad. She confronts Jen about it. Jen says it’s still in the fridge.

Zach tickles Carol until she frees herself. Joe delivers beers to people in the room waiting for story time. Looks like a full house except for Dick in BY smoking. Dick is burping up a storm. Gets up and says “there must be some trouble I can cause somewhere” and walks into the house. Producers are chosing to have all 4 feeds on Dick by himself instead of the house @ story time.

We learn BB banned Joe’s stories. Joe said he only told 2 book stories (copy-righted). He’s offended BB thinks he didn’t make the others up.

We also learn Dustin ate Jameka’s waffle!

The guys talk about how annoying Jen is. Dustin says he was harsh on her in the DR. Nick left the BY because he couldn’t handle her talking about herself anymore. She talked to Joe about it briefly…says Nick is still mad about something that happened a few days ago.

12:00 midnight
Zach, Mike, Dustin in the kitchen sitting at the bar making fun of Jen. Playing a drinking game… they can hear Jen in the other room talking. The game is every time she says “I” (talking about herself) Zach and Mike have to take a drink. Dustin has to take a drink whenever she says “You”. Mike and Zach have to take a lot of drinks. (ed. I think they were drinking water). Jen then comes out to the kitchen area and plucks her brows a little. Dustin asks if she has to pluck a lot and Mike and Zach have to take a lot of drinks from her answer. She leaves and they break out in laughter. They beg for a group DR, but it never happens.

Dustin talks about Wafflegate. He thought it was a left over waffle. He admitted it to Jameka and apologized. Jameka said, “I just want to know one thing.” And he said “Yeah, what’s that?” And she said, “Did we enjoy them?” Dustin said he did.

Jen tells Joe how she knows Mike Boogie. Joe says he hates Mike Boogie. Jen has met Drew before too.

Jessica tried to knock Eric out of his chair so he picked her up and playfully dropped her in the BY. Lots of giggles

Jen is in the kitchen talking to the others about the He-man comp that the guys plan on having on Wed. She is saying she is going to be the “ring girl”. (The ring girl is the one who walks around in a bikini, holding up a sign in between rounds showing which round it is…for those that don’t know).

Joe is mad at Dustin and Dustin is mad at Joe about a conversation they had 4 days ago about respect for each other.

Joe is pontificating about Dustin never being ready for a relationship because Dustin is trying to get his “ducks in a row” but life is too complex. Joe wants to play the game and they can’t waste their time in the house dealing with personal issues. They disagree on who is trustworthy but Joe knows the game well and in his opinion, he thinks certain people are trustworthy. Joe says when he sees Dustin the last thing he wants to do is talk about the game and he feels like that’s why Dustin brought him out to the hammock. Dustin says it’s hard to see Joe and not continue to see pain and lies. Joe asks how he lied. Dustin says the way he stole Dustin’s friends. Joe says he made Dustin’s friends see Dustin the way Joe did and they chose it. Dustin is trying to see Joe as the “wonderful person” he met the first time he met Joe and he’s been trying to make an effort.

There was a wresting match between Eric and Jen. Lot’s of cheering and such until Eric come out of it with a bloody foot. Over other yelling Jen can be heard yelling “I don’t want to get blood on me!” Things calm and there is a rematch. Jen wins by pinning Eric (ed. I have a feeling he didn’t really mind). Eric says he gave the match away and let her win.

Jen is talking about how bad is her picture is again!

Jameka talking about BB process. Saying how she was in the finals before and skipped a few steps.

Dani in Nick’s bed. They are under the same cover. Nick rubbed Dani’s head/hair and then rubbed his own. Nick whispered in Dani’s ear and now his face is directly up to hers.

Joe and Dick where outside and Joe said if he got HOH he would put up Jen. Dick said if he got it, it would be a surprise. They both want Jen gone before sequester. Dick also said that he wouldn’t put Joe up. Last night he mentioned using Eric, Joe, and Jen to protect himself when he was strategizing with Amber.

Jen and Mike in kitchen talking about working out. Jen says that this is the fattest she has ever been.

Jen & Dick talking about the story that she told about Nick, she says that she didn’t claim that he tried to kiss her; saying it was all Joe’s fault.
Dick was talking to Jen about Carol talking about having a BBQ in July, and Jen just claimed she feels sorry for Carol.

Dick accused Jen of wanting attention by working out for several hours today, when she seemed like she was having her meltdown.

Mike talking about how he’s going to shave tomorrow. Jen flirting and listening. Jen retrieves “treats” from outdoor fridge and explains her love of them to Mike. Jen tells Mike that she burnt over 3000 calories today.

All house guests in bed.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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