[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 7 (7/11/07)

7:11 a.m.
Nick is the first one up this morning. He goes to the bathroom and when he comes back Daniele is awake and the flirting begins. He ends up in the same bed as her as he strokes her back and then they end up spooning.
The lovebirds continue their flirting for about an hour.

8:12 a.m.
Daniele goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth and shower. A few minutes later Nick is up again. He goes to the bathroom and says something to Daniele, but it is difficult to make out what was said due to the noise from the shower.

Nick then proceeds to the hot tub and gets in.
Daniele finishes her shower. As she dries off, she pauses a few times as if in deep thought.

She continues to get ready for the day and several minutes later Nick comes back inside and asks Daniele if she would like some coffee.
Nothing interesting happening, Daniele continues her grooming and Nick making coffee and staring at the memory wall. The two eventually both go outside.

8:57 a.m.
We get FOTH for a couple of minutes and it seems to be BB wake up call for the day. When the feeds come back Nick, Daniele, and Dustin are on the back yard couches. They are discussing the HOH competition, and who Erik would put up if he were HOH. They discuss Erik being a floater. They agree he needs to step up his game. Dustin believes Erik would put up Jen and Joe if he won HOH. Daniele does not believe Erik would put her up. The three of them believe the eviction vote will be 10-1 tomorrow. Daniele believes if Jen got HOH she would nominate Dick and herself because Jen hates the two of them. They continue to discuss voting and how long each person will have to spent in the Diary Room today. (Dick is outside with them now.)

All other houseguests are up and getting ready for the day.

9:32 a.m.
Kail and Jen are in the work out room. Then Jen makes her way outside in another one of her itty bitty bikini’s.

Dustin is talking about his cat to the back yard crew. Amber is showering while Jessica is sitting on the bathroom chair.

Nick goes into the bathroom and flirts with Jameka.

Erik and Nick are both showering (separately). Dick runs in and pretends he is going to open Eriks shower door.

Jessica puts on a fake tux t-shirt. They all like it.

Erik jokingly says “I vote to evict Janelle!”

A few minutes later Erik tells Jessica that he thinks the morning wake up songs BB play for them are going to be part of the HOH competition. He tells her if anyone asks him about the songs he is going to deliberately tell the wrong artist singing the song.

All feeds then move to Jessica putting on her make-up.

A few minutes later we see Carol making waffles while Kail is just standing around in the kitchen. Daniele is putting dishes away.

9:59 a.m.
Mike and Nick are in the back yard laughing about their alliance name. (Mrs. Robinson)

Mike wants Nick to tell people he(Mike) is a floater and he believes people already see him as one.

Mike goes inside and he and Zack start playing chess and whispering. It is difficult to hear what they are whispering about though. The only thing that could be heard was Zack telling Mike he needed to wait, that he had a whole week. (For what we don’t know)

A couple of minutes later Dick is called to the Diary room. He seems to be the first to start the voting today.

The feeds switch to Erik and Jessica in the back yard. Erik is telling her that Jen needs to be the next evicted and he thinks it’s funny that everyone thinks he and Jen are together.

Carol comes outside and complains there is no hot water. The three of them talk about the day’s weather.

Dick comes out of the Diary Room; he is done with his voting. He goes to the Kitchen to make waffles.

Daniele is next called to the Diary Room for her vote.

Dick comes outside and tells them a story about how he was talking about Julie Chen’s breasts and he forgot that she could possibly hear them talking.

Erik is again talking about the votes and live eviction. He believes the show will be live in New York time, but not live California time. He is wondering what questions Julie will ask them. He thinks Julie will ask Nick about Joe. Erik thinks Julie will address Joe and the whole Gonorrhea thing first.
Erik tells Carol he does not want to reveal who he is voting for. He says he feels like he had the conversation and has the info he needs to make his decision.

Carol is trying to pin down Erik’s vote but he is not committing to anything.
Daniele is eating waffles with ice cream.

Joe and Nick are spooning, then roll over and chat. Jameka comes in and interrupts.

Nick tells Joe that Dustin told Zack that Daniele was using him(Nick). Nick doesn’t know if it’s true but says she has been acting weird around him this morning.

Joe says they are all using each other, for example he’s using Nick for his muscles, and Nick’s using him (Joe) for his brains. (lol) Daniele walks in the room. Nick asks her if she is all better. Daniele says “I was never unbetter”. Nick asks her to pinky swear…she doesn’t want to. Nick wants to know why…. she says… “Whatever”.

Daniele walks out of the room.

Joe, Mike, Dick, and Joe are now outside discussing where the term “Big Brother” came from.

Dustin and Amber are in the bathroom grooming. They are whispering suspicions about Zack and things they have heard.

11:20 a.m.
Nothing significant happening. Just general chit chat.

Jen and Jameka are in the Hammock talking. Jen suggests that the houseguests have a speed-dating thing. Where everyone spends one on one time with each other.

Kail, Dick, Zach , and Jessica are sitting on the back yard couch taking about Hawaii.

12:17 p.m.
Mike and Kail are in the kitchen discussing people that threaten them. They agree that if Dustin wins HOH he will nominate the two of them. They decide they need to get rid of him. Kail tells Mike that he needs to win HOH because he has many targets on his back. They say that Zack wants to get rid of
Daniele if he wins HOH.

Kail mentions that her number one target right now is Dick though. She believes Dick is a loose cannon.

Kail and Zack are now in the store room. Zack informs Kail that everyone knows she and Mike are together, so she needs to avoid him. Zack believes that Joe is going to ask him to join the Joe/Nick alliance.

Zack believes Joe and Daniele are the ones to keep an eye on and he wants Daniele gone. Kail informs him that she is worried about Dick. Zack thinks Dick is to valuable to them to get rid of. He thinks if they get Daniele out, Dick would be useful to them.

Nick is sleeping on the floor. Daniele comes in and they have a little tiff about who was or wasn’t grouchy today. Daniele eventually walks off saying “Whatever”.

1:00 p.m.
Nick and Dustin are outside discussing Zack. Nick asks Dustin if he told Zack that Daniele is using him. Dustin denies this. He says that he and Zack just talked about votes. Dustin believes that Zack is scheming and that he is always spreading gossip. Nick thinks that maybe Zack does want him around Daniele anymore. Dustin tells him that even if Daniele was using Nick that he (Dustin) would be the last to know because they don’t even talk.

Nick expresses his concern that Daniele seems to be mad today.
Dustin asks if he would mind if Dustin confronted Zack about the accusation. Nick doesn’t want him to because he wants to see how this all plays out.

Kail has gotten the HOH camera and is taking pictures.

Erik is out from the Diary Room and he is chatting with Amber. They are talking about her nerves over the eviction Thursday.

Nick and Daniele are talking. He asks her if he has done something to upset her. She asks what Dustin was talking to him about. Nick replies nothing. She calls him a liar and Nick asks “Should he have told me something?” Nick asks her a couple of questions, such as what she is thinking in terms of the two of them. She doesn’t answer. He asks if she trusts him and she says yes. Erik comes in the room and interrupts this awkwardness.

Joe comes in and says that I told Daniele about what you told me Dustin told you. See, this is just like Dustin to start trouble.

Nick says, but what if it’s the middle man. (Zach)

Joe says, I don’t know. Maybe. He wanted to tell you this himself (Zach) and said Dustin said it. Joe says he will get HOH and get Dustin out of the house.

Meanwhile Mike and Zack are talking strategy using Chess pieces. They are disussing nominations(whispering) and Daniele’s name is heard. Joe and Dustin’s names are also heard in the whispering. Zack seems to be worried about Joe and Dustin working together.

2:32 p.m.
Nick is talking to Daniele and Joe outside. He believes he needs to be worried about Zack because he says Zack did the same thing to Amber. Where he (Zack) tells someone something that someone else said but doesn’t want you to ask that person. He’s the one that is lying.

Nick is flirty a bit with Daniele then goes inside to change.

Joe is one all four’s shaking his bottom for the camera’s with what looks like some sort of diaper on.

Daniele and Amber are now discussing votes. Daniele tells her not to be paranoid; the vote will be 10-1.

Amber tells her about a conversation with Zack in which he informed her that he needed something from her in return for his vote. He told her he just wasn’t going to give her his vote, because he didn’t care either way who left.
Amber tries to convince Daniele that she and Dustin are not in an alliance or have a formal agreement to look out for each other. She says they are just close and they just have each other’s back. Apparently Zack told Amber that she would have his vote if she can guarantee that he won’t be nominated. Amber says Zack needs to go because he is a floater.

Amber says she and Jameka have “God” in common and Jameka gave Amber her word that she would vote Carol out.

3:23 p.m.
Dick enters the room where Daniele and Amber are talking. Daniele informs him that they have to get rid of Zack. Dick says but he isn’t a threat to him and Daniele replies that he is to her.

A bit later Amber and Dustin meet up with Daniele and Nick. Amber emphatically tells them that Dustin would never make up a lie about the two of them to tell Zack. Amber says Zach is trying to create a rift between the two close pairs by coming up with the story about Dustin telling him that Daniele is playing Nick.

A bit later Daniele and Dick are joking with others about Carol being evicted. Daniele says she almost asked Carol “What are you wearing when you get evicted?” (Ed. Note.. Ouch!)

When Dick leaves Joe wraps his arms around Nick and jokes, “You don’t think I would rape any hole do you?”

Nick says his dad really thinks he’s gay as there is probably a montage of “Joe touching me.” Joe says “you touch me too, don’t say it’s one sided!”
And then Joe whispers “Dustin told me that you’re just using me!”

Joe leaves and Daniele and Nick are left alone. Nick expresses his feelings about her. Daniele just stares at him not responding.

Jameka and Kail interrupt by coming in the room. Jameka saying “I’m a vagina happy girl” and Kail walks out. Jameka responds, “Oh sorry Kail, I don’t want you to leave on that note!”

Meanwhile, Joe is telling Amber that his good-bye messages are classic. Joe thinks they are the number oner show of the summer.

Daniele thinks that Gerry from BB3 was a waste of a character.

Nick wants to reserve his seat during the live show to between Joe and Daniele, “his two main squeezes”.

Daniele plans to make a funny voice saying “awwwwkward!!” when Julie asks her how it’s having her dad in the house.

4:15 p.m.
Zack comes in the room and Daniele asks him about dinner. He tells her they are having chili but that he is doing the grunt work, cutting things up. The feeds then switch to the kitchen, with Kail and Dick.

Dick goes to the back yard with Amber. She is trying to convince Dick that
Zack is a threat and spreads gossip.

Meanwhile, Carol and Jen are complaining about Amber.

Carol relates a story about Amber avoiding her in the workout room and calls
Amber a bitch. Jen tells another story complaining about Amber.

Jessica, Amber, Erik, and Joe are outside tanning. Erik and Jessica are teasing and flirty with each other. Erik teases Jessica that she follows him around and she is only laying out because he is.

Suddenly Erik tells Amber not to touch his nipple again. She asks why, and he replies that it turns him on.

These guys are just joking and having a good time.

Erik says that Jen stormed in on him going to the bathroom last night and didn’t even apologize.

4:40 p.m.
BB calls for an outside lockdown. The houseguests inside slowly make their way outside.

Amber asks Jessica if she will be relieved if Carol goes tomorrow, Jessica says yes, she would.

Amber, Jessica, and Dustin seem confident that Carol is leaving Thursday night.

There is a group in the hot tub discussing Survivor. Dick says that BB gets all the crazy people on the Internet compared to Survivor.

Kail and Jen are in the Hammock chatting.

A little later Erik and Jen are talking about their wrestling match a few days ago. Erik is somewhat apologetic about picking on Jen lately and tells her he will be nicer towards her.

6:07 p.m.
Jameka, Kail, Jen, Mike and Jessica are all sitting on the couches and talking about their favorite songs. Jameka says they shouldn’t stay up late because they have a lot to do tomorrow and there will be a lot of “in and outs” for production for HOH. Jameka also says there will be an extra spot on the beds. Amber comes out of the Diary Room and everyone cheers that she isn’t crying.
Jen is called to the Diary Room and she checks her hair before going in.

A few minutes later Amber, Jameka, Kail, and Jessica are in the kitchen chatting. Jessica teases Jameka that BB is going to show her (Jameka) yelling all the time. Jameka jokes and laughs saying her dad asks her why she has to always yell and sing all the time.

Amber joins Daniele and Nick in one of the bedrooms. Amber discusses Carol and how she (Carol) is “running for the razors today” because no one (Diary Room??) has called her in today.

Nick tells them that her loves bony arms and skeleton models while kissing on Daniele’s arms.

Amber informs them that she has a problem; she hates Zach. They all burst out laughing at this.

Joe walks in and Nick tells him that Zach was pissed about his bed. Apparently Joe peed on Nick and then Nick sat on Zach’s bed. Zach got mad and thought Joe peed on Zach’s bed but Nick told him that wasn’t true.

Meanwhile Dustin and Zack are working out in the weight room. Dustin says that he hopes people won’t ignore Carol because it’s her last night. Zach tells Dustin that he asked Joe why he’s always pissing Dustin off. Joe says its so it will get under Dustin’s skin and then Joe can use it to his advantage. Dustin says it gets under his skin but how can that be to Joe’s advantage. Zack says that Joe told him he voted for Amber(not sure if he means for or against Amber).

Zack says that BB asked him about the “you and I” drinking game. They start talking about their color codes for people.

Jessica and Erik are talking in the kitchen about Carol and not sure what to say to her.

Amber, Dustin, and Joe are in the Tea cup outside spinning it.

Daniele and Nick are lying on a bed talking about who has plastic surgery in the house. They think Joe had a nipple enlargement and believe Jen is the other person who has had plastic surgery.

7:50 p.m.
All houseguests are eating dinner now. Jameka made Chili. There is just general chit chat between various house guests for a while, nothing significant enough to report.

A bit later they discuss BB telling them in the Diary Room that they all need to go to bed earlier than normal tonight because tomorrow will be a long day due to the live show.

They all then discuss what they each would do with the 500K if they won. Here is a list of what each said they would do with it.

Jessica – college bills, move out, invest, and throw a party

Kail-on a trip to somewhere, remodel house, savings, college for kids

Joe- invest, real estate, buy a condo, sail boat

Nick- monkey, motorcycle w/ sidecar

Eric- get a girl and move her to Manhattan, start own business, having fun

Dick- travel for a year, tattoos from all over the world, Finland, Sweden, China…

Zack- invest in clothing line

Jameka- house, savings and bonds, nonprofit, church, family

Jen- said winning would damage her life, came in to have fun, meet new people

Mike- travel, get out of debt, real estate, help out friends and family

Carol- her ideal wedding

Amber- give her mom retirement money (couldn’t hear the rest)

Dinner is over and several houseguests go outside to chat. Zack just realized the grass wasn’t real.

Nick and Daniele are talking outside. Nick says he doesn’t need the money and he really doesn’t care about it.

Dick joins them and they talk about writing a children’s book.

8:45 p.m.
Nick and Zack are shown playing golf on all feeds. Several houseguests are outside watching the golf game or small chitchat.

Amber and Joe are in the house talking about how fake the money conversation was during dinner. Amber is upset over it and discussing diseases and family members.

Jessica and Daniele some in and interrupt the conversation. They tell Erik and Amber that they overheard Jen and Carol talking in the hot tub about who they think is the best or worse dressers in the house. Apparently Jen/Carol look over at them and accuse them of talking about them and Daniele/Jessica denied it.

Nick, Dick, and Zack are now playing ice shuffleboard. Nick wins, and then Mike joins them.

Joe is explaining the logistics of the live show and eviction to others.

Erik is talking to Jameka about Kail and how she keeps things about herself private. He says she constantly asks him questions, but won’t answer questions about herself. He says he told her he isn’t answering anymore questions from her until she starts answering some. They agree that Mike is another that doesn’t open up as well.

9:39 p.m.
Joe has on overalls and a cowboy hat parading around the house.
In a deep Southern drawl Joe says “My name is Amber I smoke and drink and bring my baby to the bar. My name is Amber, and I’m gonna be evicted not only from the BB house but from my barn. I made my baby in a barn and I’ll have my baby in a bar. My name’s Amber and I refuse to lose my figure so I smoke to stay thin.”

Dustin is uncomfortable.

Now Joe brings the show to the Backyard for Jameka and Eric. Joe asks if it makes Eric uncomfortable. Eric says he doesn’t care. He’s just being the “straight man no pun intended.” Eric asks how Amber feels about the impersonation Joe says she likes it. Joe continues his impersonation in front of Amber as she packs. She seems less amused the more he goes on.

Erik tells Jameka and Dustin that he has been running to the back yard all day today to get away from awkward conversations. Erik says he doesn’t think Joe’s strategy is very good(offending people)

Meanwhile Amber tells Joe that he is like the boy who cried wolf. She says that he makes so much stuff up that when he starts telling the truth no one will believe him.

He replies (jokingly) “Well you’ll know tomorrow, when I vote your ass out of the house.”

He then exits, saying he has to go “make magic” in the rest of the house. As he walks away, he’s heard saying to others in another room, “Hey, did you guys just see a pregnant Southern girl walk through here?”

Erik and Jameka are talking about how some people are playing too hard to soon in the game. They think you need to pace yourself because it will be a long summer.

Joe teases Amber that he voted her out. Amber thinks he is being serious and Joe states that he hates when people can’t tell when he is serious or not. He states that Dustin could never tell and that proved that Dustin never knew him or cared about him.

Several houseguests are doing nails and talking about colors.

Mike, Jameka, and Erik are in the kitchen making cookies and joking about being the ones that failed the BB Psych test.

A few minutes later Jen invites Erik to join her in the hammock. He says okay, foe a few minutes and she replies that she wouldn’t hang out with him for more than a few minutes anyway.

Erik tells Jen that Carols downfall was her telling everyone she had to go back to school in August when the season doesn’t even end until September. They both agree that they feel safe with Jessica.

Jen thinks she already won HOH tomorrow by accident, ‘cause she has a lot of info about Carol from Carol, such as: Who do you think is the smartest in the house?

Eric at first doesn’t know what she’s talking about but then finally concedes, “It’s possible.”

They are discussing how Carol’s biggest mistake was lying. Also, how can you can’t passionately go to bat for someone who says they don’t want to be there.
Jen says she used to make those mistakes “in bikini contests.”

10:37 p.m.
Dustin and Mike are lifting weights and talking about the future of the BB game. Mike thinks there will be double eviction week 8 or 9. They believe things will get more intense and go more rapidly after this first eviction.

Dick and Amber are talking about Kail in the kitchen. Amber tells him to be careful what he tells Kail. He replies that he is and that Kail only really talks to Jen and Mike. He comments about people whistling the Mrs. Robinson song. Amber seems confused so Dick explains it to her.

Several minutes later Dustin is asking Jen and Mike about their modeling. Jen says she wants to do acting, so she needs to switch to an acting agency. Talking about a tryout she had for a commercial that shot yesterday that would’ve paid more than they get the entire BB season.

Jen: That’s the thing about modeling I can do it one time a month and it pays for anything.”

Dustin: But then it could be like six months between gigs.

Jen: Well not for me.

Dustin: They’re good at typecasting here. (at BB)

Jen: What am I? No, don’t even answer that.

Dustin: Well I’m the evil ex-lover. You’re the hot nanny, the fun nanny. Mike’s the strong but silent type.

Mike grunts.

Dustin is in the bathroom and Joe is asking him to trim his pubes and starts pressing himself against Dustin. Dustin tells him to stop.

Meanwhile Jen is doing a strip tease for the camera while getting on to them for watching. Jameka tells Jen she liked how she changed right there and Jen says she’s a professional.

Several houseguests are being goofy and teasing each other.

11:20 p.m.
Dick is outside smoking and talking to himself. He says Jen needs a brain douche and why would she say winning would ruin her life. He continues “Amber please stop walking like a duck and wearing men’s clothes.”

He continues to rip on several houseguests including Erik, Zack, Carol, and Kail to himself.

Several minutes later Dick and Dustin are in the back yard talking. Dustin doesn’t believe that Jen, Mike, and Kail are together. Dick says that whoever goes up against Jen is safe because no one can stand her.

Joe and Erik come into the backyard now. Joe calls Dustin over to talk to him. He tells Dustin that he has to nominate him if he gets HOH to save face.
Dustin says that Joe thinks Nick is dreamy. Joe agrees saying that he can’t hold him (Nick) for more than 30 seconds because he gets “sprung”. Dustin admits an attraction towards Nick, Erik, and Mike. Joe doesn’t think Erik is Dustin’s type.

Meanwhile Dick and Erik are talking about Dinner conversation and others in the house. Erik says that Kail thinks she’s slick. Dick says that Jen, Mike, and Kail have to go. They talk about how BB will edit the show to make Jessica look stupid and show Jen in her bikini’s and crying. They continue to rag on Jen a bit and her self- absorbed attitude.

Dustin, Amber, and Jameka eventually join the two outside. They talk about many random things including Gene Simmons, drugs and that Jameka got kicked out of the bedroom for having gas.

12:47 a.m.
Jen comes outside and notices that someone has folded her panties.

The others are talking about Bob Barker and Rosie O’Donnell. Dustin realizes that he was exposing himself in the clothes he was wearing. Dustin laughs as Jen says goodnight and Amber just nods. They talk a bit about Dick’s privates, and other sexual talk.

The feeds are cut for about 5 minutes because maybe the houseguests are talking about how BB had them meet each other.

The feeds come back from BB trivia and the outside crew are telling stories of bowel movements.

2:02 a.m.
Dick is walking around the yard by himself smoking. All other houseguests seem to be asleep. Dick is talking to himself again. He is ragging on Kail and Mike again.

Several minutes later he appears to be cutting up fruit. Then got some aluminum foil and wrote “I heart U” on it. He then places it in either Carol or Amber’s bag.

He then remarks about something Carol said at dinner time.

Repeating what Carol said, “I’ll be back in five weeks to kick your a$$es”

Dick replies to himself: “Yea, and I’ll kick your a$$ out again.”

Dick is realizing that it is odd that the Mrs. Robinson alliance would have only Jen, Kail, and Mike.

Dick says he and Daniele are working together.

Dick admits to watching live feeds before and admits that he talks to himself for the live feeders.

Dick continues to talk to the feed watchers about certain other HG’s.

The last update was at 3:28 a.m. telling us that Dick was feeling around to figure out where Mike was sleeping. Possibly to find a place to sleep.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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