Possible Casting Information For Zemeckis A Christmas Carol

Credit: Jim Hill Media

As has already been announced, Robert Zemeckis will be delivering a new rendition of the traditional A Christmas Carol story for Disney. But now we know a bit more of who may possibly be in it.

Jim Carrey was already attached to the project as Ebeneezer Scrooge and the three Christmas ghosts (Past, Present, and Future). Bob Hoskins then went on record as to say he would be doing the voice of Mr. Fezziwig. Now there are strong rumors that Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, and Tom Hanks could all have roles in the CGI/live action film as well.

A Christmas Carol is going to be a mixture of CGI and live-action and shot in Disney Digital 3D. If the rumors are true and deals can be made, Hanks would play Bob Cratchit, Lloyd would portray Marley’s Ghost, and Fox would voice Tiny Tim.

These casting announcements are strictly rumors as of now except for Hoskins and Carrey, so as soon as more solid information comes through, we’ll let you know. As of now, A Christmas Carol is aiming for a holiday release in 2009.