Make Movement: Mixed Messages

RAW last night was a night of mixed messages, especially concerning the main event picture: Carlito is suddenly pushed as if he was Chris Jericho. Carlito has hardly won any matches in the last six months, and now, he’s pushing his Cabana show again and as if he’s actually won matches. Luckily for the WWE, the fans have a love/hate relationship with Carlito, but it’s just not the same. When John Cena starts on his joking promos, my mind wants to tune out. I’ve heard it all before and he’s not the Rock. Mr. Kennedy at least has a reason to be in the main event picture scene, and sometimes I wondered is the whole segment with Mr. Kennedy and Carlito last night was a funny play on the Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck “Rabbit Season! Duck Season!” because that’s exactly where my mind went for that briefly funny bit.

Meanwhile, Randy Orton destroys Sargent Slaughter once again in a incredibly boring match. What is there to say about that – he’s destroyed men double his age, what is there to figure out? I know the idea is to keep heat on Orton but why not rock the career of someone like Shelton Benjamin, someone younger and closer to his age and skill set?

Speaking of skill set, the green-Rocky Miavia push continues for young Cody Rhodes. I see a lot of direct parallels with when Rock first started and Cody’s start. They could follow the mold with this one, until Cody turns, just not so sure Cody has the gift of gab like his Dad or like The Great One.

Speaking of The Rock, everyone should see the Simpsons movie for pure enjoyment of the great television series and then you can see The Rock’s new movie preview for The Game Plan, another football Dad comedy. Also, according to, he is currently involved in the filming of Get Smart as Agent 23! Very interesting!

Lashley taking a clean loss to Mr. Kennedy was booking that was gutsy – this puts Kennedy over, and Lashley gets to show some face vulnerability. King Booker against Jerry “The King” Lawler is good TV too that the live crowd connects well with. They can keep going with it until Triple H returns.

Randomly, Cryme Time defeat a random jobber team, are actually pretty over with the crowd and turn down 100 dollar bills for a plant’s $40 auction for a autographed boots of the jobbers. You mean there’s a tag team division? Cryme Time doesn’t get a push for months and all of a sudden they are on the second hour of the show? By the way, where is Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy deserves a main event push over Carlito, yet Carlito gets the sneaky win with his backstabber move thanks to a little distracting by Orton. Instead of Cena selling the fact that Orton caused him to ultimately lose to Carlito, Cena stares down Carlito instead as a bigger threat. Last I checked, it was Orton versus Cena at SummerSlam.

Not a unbearable show but some loops in booking and WWE needs to have flawless, fun programming for the ratings to come back up.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at

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