[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 36 (8/09/07)

Kail was the first person up this morning at 9:30. By 10:15 Big Brother had the house up. Everyone started with their morning routine. BB also humored the guests with some facts like it takes 440 laps in the pool to make a mile, 15 ants on the counter (houseguests believed that BB planted them there).

At 11:30 everyone had to get in the HOH room so BB could set up for the HOH competition and take care of the ants. They were stuck all together in the HOH room for a little over an hour.

After the houseguests pitched in and cleaned the house for the live show. We had about 4 hours of FOTH.

Once the feeds returned after the live show we see Jameka praying upstairs by the HOH room. Dick had just reamed her new one. He also yelled at Dustin, calling him a liar because he did not own up to changing his vote at first. Dustin told Dick that he had wanted Kail out since week one and he should be happy that he voted him out.

Dick also stared Amber down, and told her that he can’t wait till Eric uses that story against her, and Amber replied that at least Eric believes her.

Dick and Dani talk, Dani cries and said she didn’t want to be there, that she hated all these people and that she didn’t want to be there with these people for her birthday. Dick said that Dustin is a Fu#$% liar and that is why they are in this predicament. That both of them will probably get put up, and he wants to leave. He wants Dani to stay and win the game. Dustin talks a bit to Dani saying that it was not a personal decision and had nothing to do with her or Nick, but he would explain it all to her later,.

Eric is very excited an jumps around with Dustin in the work out room. They already start to worry about the next HOH competition.

Feeds then cut to the round room and this conversation took place.
Dick and Dani are in the corner of the round room. Dani is weepy

Dick: They’d rather cut a woman who is not a threat and can’t win HOH than keep that POS in here…

Dani: What if they were working with him all along, why wouldn’t they

Dick: Could’ve went our way, but it went theirs instead.

Dani: Would you like not talk to anybody or whatever? Cause I…

Dick: Yeah no problem. It doesn’t matter anymore, seriously. I won’t do anything that will make it worse for you. I promise.

Dani: Dustin came in when Jen was talking to me, he told me “just because you didn’t know what’s going on this wasn’t a personal attack on you and whenever you want to talk I’ll be here”

Dick: He’s a ***** jackass. That was established a long time ago

Dani: If I was smart I would have just put up Amber and Dustin

Dick: Yeah I know


Dick: In retrospect it’s a lot easier.

Dani: I didn’t think I was doing the safe thing at all.

Dick: Right, but you didn’t want to come out guns blazin’ either. Next week, nominate Dustin and Eric.

Dani: I was going to put up Amber and Dustin

Dick: Amber’s no threat. She’s an idiot.

Dani: I feel really sick to my stomach

Dick plans to throw the food comp to make people end up on slop. Dani says to make sure Dick and Jen are on the same team. They say it will be 4vs4 because of the HOH rule.

Dani: Have Jen on your team and have Eric on the same team!

Dick: I don’t think she’d do that though

Dani: She wouldn’t make it obvious.

Dick: Just stay off of my team.

Dani: Can you hear the conversations of people in Storage Room from here?

Dick: Yeah

Dani: Cool.

Dani: Every question Julie asked me was about you

Dick: About what a jerk I am?

Dani: One of them was.

Dani: I think everyone hates us!

Dick: No, me. Not you.

Dani: Doubt it

Dani: we got out of the fun honest people out of the house and now we are stuck with all these boring liars (Kail was just so much fun!)

Dick: I’m still hoping to get Dustin out of here.

Dani: I hate him. (Repeats)

Dani: The next time you want to talk to Dustin, talk to Dustin, don’t talk through me? Who is she to say that? And she is the one who went to get Dustin so I could talk to him.

Dick: They are idiots.

Dani: I feel bad for Kail.

Dick: Don’t.

Dani: But I gave her my word. It just makes me feel bad about the goodbye message.

Dick: when you see her she will understand.

Dick: I had to do something because I gave up 5 hohs and I made a deal with Dustin.

Dani: That is what she said?

Dick: No she didn’t say that, she said I had to do something.

Dani: Even Jessica is a liar.

Dick: They planned it in bed.

Dani: Eric wasn’t even sitting in the middle of the beds.

Dick: Yea, I saw them.

Dani: Then what was that about he is creeping me out?

Dick: I don’t know.

Dani: HAve you noticed how the call people to the DR in a certain order, and if you pay attention you will notice things.

Dani: I think Zach threw it.

Dick: Missing the question? To me?

Dani: I don’t know.

Dick: What was the question?

Dani: It was the Nick one. You hit it and got it wrong.

Dick: No that was with Jen.

Dani: That was hard, I thought.

Dick: I hate guessing what people say.

Dani: That’s hard.

Dick: The Nick one I missed.

Dani: OK how about the Nick one they gave Eric. That was so obvious. HE told me that a million times, when I met you my whole strategy changed. That was stupid because he told people that a million times.

Dick: The one I got was hard.

Dani: I’m going to throw salt and pepper into it. Who said that?

Dick: Joe.

Dani: That was stupid.

Dani: Im so over this house.

Jen goes in and talks to Dani. Dani asked her if she had gotten HOH who would she had put up? Jen said her Dad and Dustin. Dani said don’t tell him that because he was not going to put you up. Then Dani said she was glad Julie messed up with Eric’s question in the HOH competition, Jen replied that if she didn’t MESS UP Jess wouldn’t have gotten the question about Carol and might not have won HOH.

Eric and Jess discuss strategy. Eric tells her that this might be the only opportunity to get Dick out. Jess then told him that she told Zach that he was safe, and Eric replied that it was fine to just put up Jen.

Zack told Dick that it didn’t matter if he won POV, that they were going to vote him out no matter what. Dick then told him that he will never vote for Eric, Amber or Dustin to win the game. He then said that She (Dani) has to stay and I have to go! Zach then told Dick that they should fabricate things about Dustin to spread the others in hope that Jess will put him up.

Jameka came out and joined them. Dick called her a hypocrite. He then said that her Christianity is a joke. Jameka replied with funny so is your daughter and Mom! He replied that her faith in God was nothing! Jameka called him a Bi#$% and Dick replied” Who Jesus call me a Bi$%^?” Jameka then called Dick’s mother a bi$%^. Dick then told Jameka to suck hi c&^% and a cu&*! Jameka kept saying Love you Dick, Love you Dick!

Dick and Dani talk to Jen and tell her that they have her back, and that they have to vote as a block if they all make sequester to prevent the others from winning. They discuss how hard it is to work with Zach since he only does what he thinks is right and not a team player. Then they talk about how the DR was trying to help save Eric. Dick then said that Jess didn’t like Jen and she would probably be the replacement if POV is used. Jen said she didn’t mind. Dick then said he wants to go out with a bang. Dani then said the DR told her to expect a twist in week 7 (which is this week coming).

Dick and Dani then go outside and talk to Zach, here is that conversation:
Danielle says she still hates Jen but doesn’t hate her as much as she did before.

Dick says he will mock Amber for living with her boyfriend because isnt that one of the things that Christians are not supposed to do.

Dick says he told Amber when she found Jesus, was it when she got off drugs, and she said yes, and he said how did I know that?

Dick says when he worked at the Ritz Carlton he always made fun of the Christians who worked Sunday brunch, because aren’t they not supposed to work on Sundays?

Dick says he said I happily evict Eric the sneaky weasel.

Danielle says when they go to sequester there will be cameras watching everything they do in sequester. She does not want that.

Danielle says she is glad he is not against her because the things he says are bad.

Zach says Jameka and Amber are having a heart to heart. Danielle says Jameka and Amber your two best friends.

Danielle says Jameka and Amber had a plan to kick Zach out of that bed, and Zach says he won’t switch. He will tonight.

Zach says Dustin said oh is Danielle going to be sleeping in the round room tonight, but he said it real sly.

They talk about Dustin calling Danielle little miss sunshine. Danielle says they should call him Princess. Danielle says she doesn’t understand because she is never mean to anybody, she is only mean to people who are mean to her.

Danielle says I’m bunking with Dustin tonight. Zach says gross. Dick says be careful of gonorrhea. Danielle says yes be careful of STDs. Zach says we voted out the wrong gay guy.

Zach says it pisses me off because there are way too many morons left in this game.

They all say they would give Jen the money (pick her to win), but they need one more vote.

Danielle says Jessica wanted to move out here to California.

Dick asks Zach if Jessica is flat chested in her pictures, because that would show she had a boob job.

Zach says Jen was talking about her pad which is really great and has three bars, and Zach says it’s not even her place, why would somebody want to hang out with somebody who hasn’t even earned it.

Dick comes back to the boob job topic, says it will piss people off if she lied about it.

Danielle said she told Jessica she wants to talk to her, later.

Zach says Eric once again is feeling that whole thing. Dick says good I want him too.

Zach says God I need to get her on my side. Jessica. I think I can.

Dick says I’m telling you are not going to be able to pull Jessica from Eric. Zach says I’m not trying to pull her from Eric, I’m trying to pull her from the other group. Danielle tells him to listen to Dick. D-D tell Zach that Jessica doesn’t like Zach, they are being brutally honest, she knows Zach wouldn’t vote her out. Zach says he doesn’t care, he is trying to play that game.

Zach says we need to come up with solutions to pull that group apart, and we have to do it without HOHs. Danielle says he is talking about on a personal level. Zach says if we don’t get HOHs there has to be another way.

Dick says on Thursday I want all you guys to vote against me, it doesn’t mater who I’m up against.

Zach says that Jen is a very powerful tool in this game and she doesn’t realize it. There is something I’m not getting that is very usable with that situation.

Zach says I’m open for suggestions on who to lean on and the only thing I can think of is to lean on Jess. The only thing we do have in that collective is that Jameka is still f*cked for four more. Dick says she is more loyal than anyone else.

Dick says he thinks Jameka is just an idiot, why did she not bid the highest for the slop or the bunny suit but she did the highest for the 10,000.

Danielle calls Dustin a jerk.

Zach says god we got to come up with something. IF you (Danielle) me and Jen were able to pull it off and make things even, that would be killer for the show.

Dustin and Zach then chat and Dustin tells him that they (Dick, Dani, Jen and Zach) will be going to the sequester house 1 each week. That when Dick leaves they are all going to cheer.

Dick and Dani decide to throw the food competition so people will be on slop!

All houseguests were finally in bed at 6:00 am.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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