American Idol Countdown Week Monday: #9 – Murtz Jaffer Interviews Gina Glocksen

Gina Glocksen finished in 9th place on American Idol and I had the chance to catch up with her before the Idols took to the stage at the Toronto stop of the American Idols Live Tour. Gina discussed her recent engagement and what her new album is going to sound like.

Murtz Jaffer: Are you ready?

Gina Glocksen: I am so ready.

MJ: So I looked up Gina Glocksen and the first thing I found out was that you got engaged pretty recently.

GG: Yeah. Less than a week ago!

MJ: At this same tour?

GG: Uh huh. Uh huh.

MJ: So what was that like? Did it come out of nowhere? You’re looking like you knew it was going to happen!

GG: It was bound to happen. I didn’t know until that day that something was happening. They gave my boyfriend (well, now my fiancé) like an all-access pass. Like he’s been on the tour almost since Day 1 and he’s never had one of those. It was like ‘why the hell are you able to go backstage now?’

MJ: What did he say? Did he come up with something? Like why he got the all-access pass?

GG: Yeah. Because it was my hometown. He was like ‘if you need anything, they just want me to be there for you.’ I am like ‘oh okay, cool.’ And he dressed up really nice which he doesn’t usually do and he was just different. You know guys are just different when they do that.

MJ: Yeah, girls can sort of play it cool. Guys, I mean you can tell. That’s why guys are so bad at poker you know?

GG: (Laughs). You’re so right!

MJ: When you watch it, it’s always girls who are making money on poker! They’re all girls.

GG: You’re right! You’re right! After my love song duet with Phil, he came up on stage. He had my ring in my Lucky Charms mouth and did it. Got on one knee. Did his thing.

MJ: And you said ‘yes’ right away?

GG: Of course. Of course I did.

MJ: Can you tell me what life has been like after the show?

GG: So less stressful. It’s just kind of relaxing. It’s more like just hanging out with nine of my best friends. You know? It’s hard work in beginning and during the rehearsals and everything but once the show is set and once you know what you are doing, it takes about maybe three weeks…

MJ: To get it all ironed out?

GG: Yeah. And then it is just smooth sailing from there. It’s just on auto-pilot. We do the same thing everyday. It’s really nice.

MJ: What was your favorite performance while you were on?

GG: Mmm hmm. Well, I had a favorite vocal and I had a favorite performance. So my favorite vocal was “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders. That was awesome. My favorite performance was “Call Me When You’re Sober.”

MJ: Really?

GG: Yeah. I mean vocally, it sucked man. Like, I’ll be the first to say it. It was just god awful. But I had the time of my life on that stage. Just kind of jumping around on stage and giving myself whiplash and it was great!

MJ: That’s awesome.

GG: Yeah.

MJ: Do you have any plans to record your own album?

GG: Mmm hmm. My music has a sort of Evanescence/Pink sort of feel. I have music that’s been sent to me. I just have to get into the studio and record it. So as soon as the Tour is over, I will be doing that.

MJ: You tried for Idol before you made it into the Top 10. Can you tell me what changed the second time around?

GG: Fourth time?! Definitely a big change from the first to the fourth, cause I made it last year. It really wasn’t a difference for me. I think it was just timing, you know? Maybe I was just more comfortable in my skin this year. I knew what I wanted to portray and I knew the character that I wanted to be and they must have liked it. They went with it.

MJ: That’s perfect! Thank you so much!

GG: Thank you. Nice to meet you!

The American Idols Live Tour hits the Portland Cumberland County Civic Center tomorrow and continues through Worcester and Philadelphia this week. The tour wraps up on Sept. 22 in Manchester, New Hampshire


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