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The Hills

A bunch of random things happen to start us off this week. Audrina has a boyfriend named Justin now. Or so she says. Elodie gives Heidi the “evil eye” at work, because she stole her job away from her. Still don’t know how that happened. Lauren tells Whitney that her “date” with Jason went good, like really good to see him again.

Whitney and Lauren have a big “Young Hollywood” party for Teen Vogue. They get ready for that, but have time to continue to discuss Lauren and Jason and Audrina and Justin. Lauren gets a call from Jason and he wants to go to dinner with her. They set up the date.

The date happens and it’s pretty interesting. Jason and Lauren go to dinner at Ketchup, a trendy Los Angeles eatery. Jason is not as cool as he seems on this show. Jason checks out random chicks in front of Lauren, which is hilarious. Here comes trouble! Spencer and Heidi happen to come eat at the same restaurant. Spencer makes a comment that it’s good to see Jason and Lauren together. They then crack jokes when Lauren and Jason can’t hear them. Stuff like that “maybe she picked him up from rehab” and “maybe they are back into the moviemaking action”. Jason wants to beat up Spencer. Lauren tells him to stay focused on her. She is above them. Heidi can’t believe that Lauren is with Jason when she yelled at her for being with Spencer. She actually has a slight point, but Heidi is still retarded. Jason and Lauren leave and talk about how Spencer never knew them when they were dating, so he has no room to talk. They end their date with the awkward “how should we say goodbye” moment. They just say goodnight and that’s that.

Whitney and Lauren discuss the aftermath of the date. Lauren says she sent back the drinks they sent them because “homeboy would poison my drink”. Lauren likes saying “homeboy” this season. Lauren tells Whitney that Jason never liked Heidi and thought she would always screw her over. Meanwhile, Heidi dicusses the date with Elodie. She can’t believe that Lauren won’t forgive her when she goes out with her abusive and con boyfriend. Elodie totally calls out Heidi in an awkward moment. She asks her why all of her friends dumped her. Not just Lauren. Audrina and Whitney don’t like her now either. Heidi has nothing to say to that. Burn!

Lauren and Jason meet up again to end this episode. Jason is trying to stay sober. None of his friends are sober, though. So Lauren says she will be his “sober buddy”. They can go bowling and out to the movies. A good joke about Lauren’s purse being from “her loser ex-boyfriend”. A playful jab at Jason. Oh, Heidi also whines about her job to Spencer.

Life of Ryan

Ryan and his friends are back from Cleveland and they are glad to be back home in sunny California on the beach. Ryan wants to have fun with a chill girl, but also have time to spend with his two younger brothers. Ryan’s friend, Casey, says he doesn’t know what he wants right now. Ryan tells Casey “nuggets”, which apparently means hot teenage girls. There are three of them now. That was an odd term for girls.

Apparently one of the girls that Ryan wants to hang out with is Julia, Tony’s ex-girlfriend. Ryan goes to see if it’s cool if he hangs out with Julia. Tony doesn’t really care, but says she is pretty dramatic. Ryan doesn’t think Tony is telling the truth, though.

Ryan blows off his little brother, Kane, for friends and girls. Ryan asks Casey if Tony is telling the truth about Julia or not. They then talk about shapes. Ryan is part of the triangle with Casey and his girlfriend, Taylor. Ryan says that they can slowly break Julia into “the square”. Hmm, interesting. They go on a double date. Julia looks a lot better without her sunglasses on. You have to love teenage dates. Apparently Casey and Taylor approve of Julia.

Later, Tony and his new girlfriend, Heather, arrive. It’s a little awkward, but then they all jump into the hot tub and that makes everything better! Ryan and Tony go talk about Julia. Tony says that he doesn’t care, but doesn’t think Julia is the right girl for him. Ryan says he needs Tony to like Julia as well.

Meanwhile, Kane is upset that Ryan is ignoring him. Kane is already overdramatic. Ryan’s mom tells him what Kane said to her. Ryan says he wants to do all of these things with Kane, but his mom says he forgets when something better comes along. Ryan eventually takes Kane to “Legoland California”. It seems like a fun amusement park. All is well between them again.


The Real World: Sydney

The house is divided this week. It’s all about religion and gay people. Sydney has this “Gay Mardi Gras”. Shauvon, Issac, Dunbar, and Parisa are excited to go to it. Trisha, Cohutta, and Kelly Anne are not. In fact, they don’t go because apparently it goes against her religious beliefs. Now the other roommates have religious beliefs that are similar to the roommates who didn’t go, but it seems like they are taking this “Gay Mardi Gras” as just harmless fun.

Religion is a touchy subject. You don’t talk religion or politics and I won’t here. But really it is not as bad as it was bad out to be. The real test is to see if Trisha will really start to behave now that she “found God” again in the house. If she knows she shouldn’t drink so much, then prove it. It’s fine for this episode to be “good”, but can it last the rest of the season. That’s not very likely, but we will see.

The costumes that Shauvon, Parisa, Issac, and Dunbar put on where some of the craziest I have ever seen, especially Issac. I can’t wait to hear what Zach from The Real World: Key West thinks about that guy now. He’s the “joker” of the house, but he is also the most honest person in the house. He is not fake in any way. He is what he is and that’s refreshing.

Other fun stuff that happened in this episode. Dunbar tells the house that his grandfather tried to do some bad stuff to him. Not sure if he wanted pity or not, but it seemed to work at least for some of the girls in the house. Cohutta and Trisha now have a flirty relationship going on as well. Every girl loves a Southern guy. Yee-haw!

Newport Beach: The Real Orange County

The usual stuff this episode. A lot of talk about who is going out with who and who likes who. I will again break it down for you. Chrissy and Clay are hot and heavy. Chrissy wants to stay a virgin through high school. Clay seems to be “going hard to the hoop”, but we will see if he actually scores. Clay describes Chrissy as “chill”. Chill seems to be the new “random” this season, as in everyone says that word. California thing for sure.

Chase goes back and forth between Taylor and Allie. He will always have a thing for Allie, but apparently Taylor is the one he wants in the end. Allie seems over Chase. She doesn’t want to be in a “love triangle”. Allie should shut up. She first said Rome was a country. It’s a city. But then her friend Samantha says Italy is more like a state here than a country. Somewhat true, but not exactly right either. Allie also wants to go to Italy, because she loves Italian food. Later they talk more about food in Europe. Good lord. Lets move on shall we? Oh wait, before we do that, she gets mad at her parents when they say she can’t go to Europe. Apparently she booked the trip with the credit card her dad gave her. That IS mature! Allie has no clue. Nice zing from her dad, though, when he says “you promise” after she says she will never talk to him again if he doesn’t allow her to go. Funniest thing all episode!

Chase apologizes to Taylor. He wants to move past what happened last week. Taylor says she will think about giving him another chance. She doesn’t answer his calls at first. Eventually she does and they have dinner, which consists of pizza, at his house. They make up and all is well with them again.

More talk of Clay having sex with Chrissy. His friends, including Grant, try to create a gameplan for it to happen. It’s mostly retarded, though. For someone that says she wants to stay a virgin, Chrissy does a lot of shopping for some lingerie. Apparently Clay invites Chrissy over to his hot tub while his parents are out of town. Okay, I lied. The funniest thing is ALWAYS listening to Clay talk. Duuude! He talks with Chrissy about her being a virgin. He says he respects her being a virgin and won’t try to change her mind. Hmmm, interesting.


Celebrity Rap Superstar

This week the “celebs” perform with another “celeb”. The worst two get put into the “bottom two” and one of them will go home. Here is a quick rundown of what happened on this episode:

– Sebastian Back and Shar Jackson rap a song called “It’s Tricky”. You know it, and love it. I don’t know who sings it, but it’s not bad.

– Countess Vaughn and Jason Wahler rap a song called “Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. No one can give that song justice, especially not Jason. Ugly!

– Shar Jackson raps a song called “No Time For Hatin'”. She airs out her issues.

– Finally, it’s Kendra Wilkinson and Perez Hilton. They rap a song called “Push It” by Salt & Pepa. That song was made for them.

– The judges get to save two teams and they are Shar and Sebastian and Perez and Kendra. That means Countess and Jason are in the “bottom two”.

– They now compete against each other. They sing “Can’t Let You Go” by Fabolous. That was really weak! In the end, Jason Wahler gets kicked off by the judges! Back to The Hills for you!

And that ends the 51th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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