Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination – Bionic Woman Review

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Jamie Sommers survives a car accident, gets bionic upgrades and tries to maintain relationships while figuring out what she wants to do with her new lease on life.

For Fans Of – The original Bionic Woman, Alias and Chuck (kind of).

What I Didn’t Like

When the topic of bio-ethics came up, it felt a bit too on the head for me. I prefer my tv shows don’t bash me over the head with themes.

When Jamie is recovering from her surgery, she seems rather unworried about her sisters well being. It seems to me that she’s be concerned and perhaps make an effort get back to being a caregiver.

Jamie finally does leave, but appears unfazed to be running at incredible speed. I’d have appreciated some indication that she’s not used to running at such speeds.

On the same note, I’d have liked to see her adjust to her newfound strength. Just as she threw her boyfriend across the room with a glancing blow, I think she’s probably break a few bottles getting acquainted with her bionic arm.

I really didn’t like the use of Sia’s “Breathe Me.” For me that song is so associated with Six Feet Under it felt like blasphemy, especially consider it was this show using it.

Did she have to be pregnant? Really?

Was a sex scene necessary? Really?!

Jamie threatens murder? Really?!!

What I Liked

I dug that the car accident wasn’t an accident. The fact that the car was targeted made the effects much more believable.

On the same note, I loved Sarah Corbis as a foe. Great nemesis. And you can’t have a great hero without a great villain.

I liked that the show was set in some sort of reality with the military applications for such technology. It makes sense.

I really enjoyed seeing Jamie’s abilities kick in the bar scene. Very effective and very believable.

The fight scene in the fourth act was pretty decent. It had the right balance between action and dialogue and it was visually interesting. A great climax for the show.

I really loved the subplots. I want to know the deal with Will’s father and what got Jamie’s sister in trouble with the law. I’m very intrigued.

Finally Will Yun Lee did an amazing job. He was one of the highpoints of FX’s Thief, so I’m loving seeing him in action again. He steals every scene he’s in.

Closing Thoughts

This show wasn’t really one that I was interested in. The premise seemed corny and I just wasn’t going to watch. And while the show wasn’t without its flaws, it drew me in enough to give a try. This show was better than I expected. I’ll probably stick around until at least the Isaiah Washington episodes air.

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