Missing Links on Hogan, Hardy, Booker, Santino, Jericho, RVD & More!

Enjoy all the Hogan updates & speculation: here, here, more here, and last here. If that isn’t enough, I just don’t know what to tell you.

American Gladiators debut date revealed.

Jon Ronson has a great article about his son’s enjoyment of wrestling.

Santino Marella… need I say more?

The Miami Herald on Raw’s 15th Anniversary. Shoot me an email at hbk826@aol.com and help me decide whether to watch or not.

Former ECW Champ John Morrison takes longer to get to the ring than the normal superstar…

WWE offers to add programming due to the writer’s strike. So… Wrestling isn’t unionized, though it should be, and now WWE is undercutting other unions? I hate Vince so much sometimes.

“We have reached out to our partners and said if we can help you in any way in terms of creating more product for you, then we’ll be happy to consider that,” said Mike Sileck, WWE COO.
Sileck added Wednesday at an investor event that WWE executives have been “thinking creatively internally in terms of additional programming that we could provide.”


Jericho’s book is good. Bret’s is better.

Jim Ross article, unsurprisingly in an Okie paper.

JR’s latest blogs:

On Superstars for the Tribute Show

Replying to feedback.

On Passion (shudder)

More Feedback

And then MORE feedback before finally, we’re caught up.

RVD’s latest myspace Blog

Puder is set to debut in ROH. More here.

WWE & Make-a-Wish Foundation team up. Bret has a great story about something like this with Warrior.

Batista’s climb to the top in which he discusses being a ‘roided out freak who got a push by being Triple H’s pet monster… or something like that.

Storm speaks on Flair in his Fight Network article.

Lance Storm excited about pro wrestling but not mainstream stuff. He gets the fight network with ROH and Puro! Lucky Canuck! I badly want the old UWF stuff. If you can check it out, you really should. It’s worked shoots that are phenomenal! Takada for life!

Storm also continues his booker discussions, now on Heyman.

Booker T in the Miami Herald. That paper sure gives wrestling a disproportionate amount of coverage.

Victoria in Europe bloglines, not topless beaches, sorry.

Ariel is no longer angry at Batista. All together now Awwwww.

Matt Hardy sure loves blogging. Maybe that’s behind a lot of his cult following, hmm WWE?

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