Chris Benoit Case Closed, Lawsuits May Be Filed

According to PWInsider, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office announced today that their investigation into the Benoit family tragedy has been closed, with the final ruling being that Chris strangled Nancy and Daniel before killing himself last June. There was no evidence that anyone else might have been involved. Here is the formal statement:
The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is officially concluding the investigation into the deaths of the Benoit family at 130 Green Meadow Lane in Fayetteville, Georgia which began on Monday, June 25th, 2007.

After careful examination of all evidence collected by investigators, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office concludes that between Friday, June 22, 2007 and Sunday 24, 2007, Christopher Benoit took the lives of his wife, Nancy, and their son, Daniel before ending his own life.

During the investigation, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office found no evidence that indicates the presence of any other individual or individuals who contributed to the deaths of the three members of the Benoit family.

Members of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office devoted an extensive amount of time and effort to ensure a thorough investigation.

We would like to extend our appreciation for the cooperation and patience provided from all involved throughout the investigation.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office would like to express continued sympathy to those family members and friends who have been impacted by the tragedy.

Additionally, the Benoit and Toffolini (Nancy’s maiden name) families are considering filing wrongful death lawsuits against World Wrestling Entertainment, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Toffolinis are currently suing Hustler Magazine for publishing nude photos of Nancy taken when she was 19, and thought to be destroyed. An initial attempt at a restraining order against publishing the photos (even though the issue had already come out) was denied by the presiding judge.

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