Cage Rage 25 Results

A bunch of guys fight in England and it’s only televised because of Ken Shamrock.

Cage Rage 25

Untelevised Undercard (according to

John Phillips def. Jake Bostwick
John Hathaway def. Marvin Arnold Bleau
Giogrio Andrews def. Ryan Shamrock – corner stoppage due to hand injury
Aisling Daly def. Aysen Berik
Henrique Santana def. Michael Johnson
Ivan Serati def. Roman Webber
Mustapha Al Turk def. Gary Turner

Televised Undercard:

Tom Watson def. Pierre Guillet – TKO, R1
Rob Broughton def. Neil Grove – Majority Decision
Masakuza Imanari def. Jean Silva – Submission (Reverse Heel Hook), R1
– Imanari retains his Featherweight Title

Ken Shamrock vs. Robert “Buzz” Berry
Referee: Grant Waterman

Berry is a 37-year-old brawler from England. Shamrock is seven years older than Berry and is making his Cage Rage debut. Berry also outweighs Shamrock by 24 pounds. The fight begins and Shamrock decides to stand with Berry. Ken spends a good two minutes blocking and dodging Berry’s strikes. Defense is imporant and all but come on Ken, do something. Ken flurries into a clinch but lets go after failing at a takedown. Buzz lands a good combo and it shows on Ken’s face. A few more land and Ken probably regrets standing with Buzz. Ken crumbles to the mat and the ref appropriately calls it off. Yup, that’s it. Ken Shamrock got punched for three minutes and did very little to stop it. So much for the brother vs. brother fight this was supposed to promote. Good career, Ken. It’s over.

Winner: Buzz Berry by TKO, R1

The EliteXC announcers hype Berry as the next piece of fodder for Kimbo. That sounds horrible. Please, don’t let that fight happen. Strike while the Kimbo iron is hot.

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