Leave Your Spandex At the Door #122

This is Leave Your Spandex @t the Door number 122. It’s been gone for weeks, and you’ve missed it. Don’t think, this is FACT.

Panel of the Week Voting
• March ’08 (!) H-O-T Grade
• What If Charles Schulz created the Watchmen
Super-Villain Idol II
• Legion of Nausea
• MJ Made Spidey Gay
• Centaur Sex Ed
• Bubs Will Be Bubs
• Birds of Lesbos
• Fraction on X-Men & Aids
• Mr Fantastic’s Toasters
• If You Believed They Put A Hulk On The Moon

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This week in comics…

Panel of the Week Voting

Last time we polled, there was a two-way race between Captain America’s Resurrection Poll and Wonder Woman’s Grotesque Memorial, both finishing at around 30%.

Catching up, these are the select panels from weeks 12-15 (March-April 2008):


Panel A

Dr D. & Women (Mighty Avengers #11)

Panel B

It’s true what they say (Simpsons Comics #140)

Panel C

Damsel In Distress Ennui (All-Star Superman #11)

Panel D

Censorship $£”%^s (Wolverine Origins #23)

Panel E

Fan Service: Mary Marvel hitting Donna Troy on the head with Kyle Rayner. (Countdown to Final Crisis #2)



March ’08 H-O-T Grade

it’s all part of catching up. April ’08 Grade coming next week 😉

  1. CRIMINAL v.2 #1 (ICON)
  2. GHOST RIDER #21 (Marvel)
  4. CASANOVA #12 (Image)
  5. WOLVERINE #63 (Marvel)
  6. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #120 (Marvel)
  7. CROSSING MIDNIGHT #17 (Vertigo)
  8. LOCKE & KEY #2 (IDW)
  11. PROGRAMME #9 (Wildstorm)
  12. X-MEN LEGACY #209 (Marvel)
  13. FABLES #71 (Vertigo)
  15. YOUNG LIARS #1 (Vertigo)
  16. DARK IVORY #1 (Image)
  17. COMIC BOOK COMICS #1 (Evil Twin)
  18. WOLVERINE ORIGINS #23 (Marvel)
  19. BOYS #16 (IDW)
  20. THOR #7 (Marvel)

Going from the standard top 10 into top 20 mode from now on, as I just feel too bad leaving quality stuff out of the Grade!

There were no clear-cut favorites this month, and the top 7 could really go in any order. Criminal 2 #1 gets the honors because I was late in discovering the gem it is, and the new volume deserves mad props!

Rundown: 7 Marvel titles, 3 Image, 2 IDW and 2 DC, although the latter share grows if we include all imprints to an equal 7.

Super-Villain Idol II

…or better known as ‘Lame Attempt to Become a Better Writer #134’

SVI is a weird cross between American Idol and Fan-fiction, a Comic Book Idol for writers, only not as widely advertised. Each contestant must pick one established villain from comics or other media, and write them in a short story each round; that may be comics script, movie script form, novel or any other. Each round the coordinator gives the ‘mission briefing’, detailing what the stories should be about, and the judges nominate 6 of the contestants for elimination. Then the internet public votes on their favourites and 2 contestants are eliminated each round.

After a quite successful run in the original SVI 5 years ago (reaching 3rd place), I’ll be taking part once more with the same character: Lady Mastermind. 5 years ago she was a mere one-time X-treme X-Men villain, now she’s been popularised due to Mike Carey’s inclusion of her in his roster, so the stakes are higher.

You can follow my feeble first five stories on the LYSAD blog and watch COMIXFAN for weekly updates as more stories come out 🙂

What If Charles Sculz created the Watchmen?

Cuteness spreading virally on the blogosphere, by Ethan Shaner.
Gotta love the Snoopy Rorschach and Kid Manhattan!

Shooter’s Legion Causes Fandom-wide Epidemic

So, what did you think of the Shooter’s latest Legion issue?

Source: Legion of Super-heroes #40 (DC Comics)

Mary Jane Made Spidey Gay

Spidey and Rhino, sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i—oops, it broke.

Source: Ultimate Spider-man #120 (Marvel Comics)

Fraction on X-Men, AIDS, and the 90s

Excerpt from quite possibly the best interview ever:

Interviewer: […]I got into the X-Men a little later, in the mid-90s.

Fraction: Ooh. That’s like getting into sex in the middle of the AIDS epidemic.

Stop. LMAO. Standing ovation. Matt Fraction is THE writer to look out for. Heed my words.

OT: Fraction looks drop-dead yummy gorgeous in his photo shoot, anyone spotted them online? 🙂

Source: Comic Foundry #2 (THE comics magazine to look out for run out and buy. As in, right now. Go. Fetch.)

Karatema Sutra Kid

Jim Shooter started writing the Legion of Super-heroes comic-book when he was only 14 years old, in 1966, a strict time for censorship.

It would be over 4 decades later that he would finally manage to get back on the book and get all the juvenile sex and body-part jokes out of his system.

Source: Legion of Super-Heroes #40 (DC Comics)

Fantastic Toasters Deal

A public endorsement from Mr Fantastic:

Where did you think they get all that money for building flying bathtubs and space rockets from?

Source: Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #34 (Marvel Comics)

Out of Context Gayness

Sapphic love in Uncle Scrooge’s money vault.

Source: Birds of Prey #116 (DC Comics)
Bubs Will Be Bubs

‘Nuff Said, really.

Next issue blurb for Wolverine: First Class #2

Source: Wolverine: First Class #1 (Marvel Comics)

Centaur Sex Ed 201

Centaurs are typically half-man half-horse (why this particular one is calling himself ‘Minotaur is a matter for a different study, ‘Image Comics in the early 90s and the geeks who made them popular’).

But what does this mean for the positioning of their genitalia? Front legs (human)? Rear legs (horse)?

Nemesis obviously goes for option A here, although I’ve always leaned towards B. (Sadly for me, I had contemplated this question before).

How do you weigh on this, dear readers?

Source: Wildstorm Revelations #6 (Wildstorm, DC Comics)


There’s meta humour, and then there’s this. Mr Millar, let me introduce you to the limits of irreverence. I hope you can get along in the future.

Source: Fantastic Four #556 (Marvel Comics)

If You Believed They Put a Hulk on the Moon

Mean Power Brats.

Source: Power Pack Day 1 #1 (Marvel Comics)

Video(s) of the week

Trouble Over Tokyo – The Liar

News: First Gay Man on Mount Everest

Ur So Gay

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