10 Thoughts on ECW – 05.27.2008

I think this is the first ECW on Sci-Fi I’ve seen since the Morrison/Punk Saga. I’ve heard good things about it, but never really felt like tuning in. Let’s see how it goes…

1) This is the last ECW on Sci-Fi before One Night Stand. ECW always gives away their matches on TV before the PPV, like Punk vs. Nitro or Punk vs. Chavo. Tonight, I was expecting a 5-Man Extreme Rules match just like the one on One Night Stand.

2) Instead, the show opens with Big Show and Tommy Dreamer. Show pretty much annihilated Dreamer, reminding us how much of a monster he really is. But the minute or so of offense Dreamer got in on Show reminded me to never count Dreamer out of the picture. Both of these men didn’t win the ECW World Title for no reason. By the way, Adamle called the “Chokeslam” as a “Bodyslam”.

3) They are showing different clips on how Dreamer, Punk, Morrison, Show and Chavo won the ECW World Titles from the past. This was a great idea as it is adding something special to the 5-Man Match at One Night Stand. It’s feeling legit and special, two things ECW PPV matches have been missing since the WWE Resurrection.

4) Shelton Benjamin is one of the most underrated wrestlers he in the WWE, but for some reason his feud with Kofi Kingston is way over with the fans. I’m one of those people who likes this feud, but in all honesty, I just can’t see where this thing is going. Kingston’s highlight yellow tights are breaking my television.

5) Though I’ve seen Punk vs. Chavo billions of times, this encounter seems a lot different than their others. Their ECW World Title matches seemed very predictable and systematic, just a series of each guy reversing their opponent’s finishers. This week’s match was more versatile and had bit of an indy feeling to it. The finish sequence was awesome. Best match I’ve seen from both guys in a long time.

6) Adamle is freakin’ awesome. Half the time I’m on the fence with him because I know it’s his gimmick to botch lines, but he’s doing a great job at making it sound nonchalant.

7) I’m going to laugh when Vince sends one of the million dollar winners a briefcase filled with Monopoly Money.

8) The Miz lost his faux-hawk and got an actual mohawk! Miz is growing on me too. The fact that he was a tool when he was a face made me hate him too much for words. Now that he’s a heel, the “Hey, I’m a tool!” gimmick fits so much better.

9) Kane vs. Morrison/Miz sucked badly.

10) This week’s ECW was very good and one of the best shows I’ve seen from all of the WWE Programming. It really is just young guys doing ridiculous things. It sold me on One Night Stand for sure, and they only hyped one match!

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