Smackdown Spoilers

All the results from this Friday’s show…

– Edge appears on the screen and announces that he will be showcasing The Undertaker’s career tonight, since it will be Taker’s last one on Smackdown.

– Batista cuts a promo in the ring about Shawn Michaels. Vickie Guerrero interrupts him and eventually books him against Hawkins & Ryder, telling him it will be a Handicap Match if he cannot find a partner.

– Matt Hardy beat Elijah Burke with the Twist of Fate.

– Finlay beat Chuck Palumbo by DQ after Palumbo attacked him with a bike chain.

– C.M. Punk beat John Morrison after the GTS.

– MVP and Jamie Noble got into an argument backstage. Noble wound up going to Vickie Guerrero to get a match against MVP.

– Batista & Big Show beat Hawkins & Ryder after both a chokeslam and a powerbomb.

– MVP beat Jamie Noble in little more than a squash match.

– Vladmir Kozlov beat Shannon Moore with the usual.

– Cherry and Maryse get into a backstage argument as Cherry was getting her bruised face checked in the medical room.

– Michelle McCool beat Maryse after Cherry made the distraction.

– Edge held the Cutting Edge with the World Heavyweight Title above the ring and Tables, Ladders and Chairs surrounding the set. The Undertaker was his guest. Edge said the TLC gear might be making Taker feel uncomfortable, so to make him feel at home he had Hawkins, Ryder, Neely and CHAVO bring out a casket. Taker chased Edge out of the ring but was beaten down by La Familia, with Edge hitting him with a chair and putting him into the casket. Edge climbed a ladder to celebrate and the lights went out. When they came back on Taker was up the ladder too, staring Edge in the face. He knocked Edge down and was going to chokeslam him through a table but Hawkins & Ryder made the save, only for one of them to take a Last Ride through the table as Edge backed off up the aisle.

After the show went off the air, La Familia ran back into the ring to take down Taker only for Kane to make the save. Taker wound up getting the Tombstone on Edge to end the show.

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