Get Smart (1995) The Complete Series DVD Review

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This 1995 show was aired on Fox 30 years after the huge success of the original show. Some of the main characters from the original show return in this series. Max has been promoted to chief of Control, while 99 has become a senator. Together they have a son (Andy Dick) who works for control in research and development.

In the first episode, 99 gets Control more funding, which leads to Zach (Dick) being promoted from R&D to a full agent. He is paired with Agent 66 (Elaine Hendrix) and that pair is the main focus of this series. And you’d have to say they are the biggest downfall of the series.

Zach is the same bumbling spy his father was. But it’s just not the same, and he’s just not as funny. 66 is supposed to be the same cunning, talented, and intelligent spy that 99 was in the original series, however, she seems to be more like Max, just with plans that work. But she’s not that good an agent. She was meant to be eye candy, and she does fine in that regard, but the rest of her character is lacking.

The writing doesn’t help her character much either; it seems like every other episode she switches from thinking Zach is disgusting to flirting with him. It doesn’t help that the two don’t have much on screen chemistry. It’s pretty easy to see why this show got the ax quick.


Get Smart – Kaos steals an indestructible dress in an attempt to control the worlds fabric market.

Casino Evil – Kaos runs a dirty casino in attempts to get rich business owners to gamble away their businesses.

Goodbye Ms. Chip – Kaos puts a mind altering chip in 66 to get her to kill a foreign dignitary, think Zoolander.

Shooting Up the Charts – Kaos starts a record company to ship CDs to South America to build a giant mirror to knock out satellites. Don’t ask me why they go through the trouble of starting a record company and don’t just build the big mirror.

Passenger 99 – Agent 99 is trying to seal a trade agreement with an African ambassador whom Kaos is trying to kill.

Wurst Enemies – Easily the best episode, and not just because Andy Dick spends half the episode tied to a bed so he can’t do anything annoying. Max’s arch enemy Sigfried is back and takes Zach hostage to prove to Kaos he’s still evil. Max has an actual role in this episode, making it light years ahead of the rest of the season.

Liver Let Die – Kaos buys a bunch of hospitals and starts a organ harvesting scheme.

Get Smart(1995 Season) is presented in 1.33:1 Full screen format with Dolby Digital sound.

Previews for Vantage Point, Casino Royale (2006), My Mom’s New Boyfriend, TV Action Favorites(Random collections of Charlie’s Angels, SWAT, Starsky and Hutch and other action TV shows); and Minisodes of NewsRadio and T.J. Hooker – Short 7-10 minute episodes. Neither of the ‘sodes are good, but I’m not really a fan of either of the shows.

A short-lived series for a reason. Max is still funny and the episode where he has an actual role is very good, and his interaction with his secretary is the best part of most of the other episodes. This isn’t the Get Smart of the ’60’s-’70s and hopefully isn’t the Get Smart of 2008. If you are an absolute die-hard Get smart fan, you can probably stomach this, but for the most part, you can skip this one.


HBO Independent Production Presents Get Smart (1995) The Complete Series. Created by Lawrence Gay. Starring Andy Dick, Elaine Hendrix and Don Adams. Written by Lawrence Gay, Gary Apple, Buck Henry and Mel Brooks. Running time: 158 minutes. Not Rated . Released on DVD: June 3, 2008. Available at