Hooliganz = The New Nation of Domination?

Ron Killings and WWE developmental wrestler Rycklon Stephens were at last night’s Smackdown tapings, with Stephens working as Brian Kendrick’s bodyguard, according to PWInsider.com. Meanwhile, on Monday, Paul London was teamed up with D’lo Brown…

So, whether or not rumors that WWE has been actively recruiting African American wrestlers since Michael Hayes was suspended (not to mention Booker T, Sharmell, Kristal and Bobby Lashley leaving for various reasons)… WWE has at noticeably upped the African (not necessarily American) ante on Raw, ECW and Smackdown.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Kofi Kingston – The current Intercontinental Champ, his wins haven’t been impressive, but he has a chance to really get over with Raw fans if given enough time.
JTG – Part of Cryme Tyme, as long as they’re alligned with John Cena (who knows, maybe they can even help the former WWE Champ get some of his thug back), they’ll get a nice rub.
Shad Gaspard – See JTG.
Layla El – Okay, so she’s technically a Brit of African descent, therefore not African American, but she’s still one of the hottest and most underutilized Divas in WWE.
Ron Simmons – His special appearances on the show are always fun, and not meant for anything more than comic relief. Maybe he can join Cena’s team against Bradshaw… No? Damn.

Mark Henry – The ECW Champ. Can’t get much bigger than that.
Boogeyman – MIA since his recent injuries and dental surgery, but nothing more than a comedy act anyway.
Elijah Burke – MIA as well, for no reported/rumored reasons. Too good to be off TV, and if he’s not going to be in the hunt for the U.S. title, perhaps he can find a similarly underused tag partner somewhere. Perhaps that Ricky Ortiz dude?
Theodore Long – The head of the show. Holla holla holla.

Big Daddy V – Uh.
Montel Vontavious Porter – Half man, half amazing, I’d much rather see him in the lead slot on ECW than the world’s strongest champ.
Shelton Benjamin – So, I heard this guy has an attitude problem… yet he’s one of the most talented guys in WWE. Too bad WWE has some sort of issue with tag teams, as he and Haas are so much better together than apart.

So, basically we’re talking about four superstars on each roster, with former NWA World Champ Killings rumored to be heading to Smackdown, WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas possibly sticking around on ECW as a manager, and… London & Kendrick each pairing up with a big, Black enforcer?

(Here’s a photo of Kendrick and Stephens, posted by Prowrestling.net)

Where’s Monty “Marcus Cor Von” Brown when you need him? I bet a feud between he and MVP would be SOMEthing.

Baby steps, I guess…

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