7 More Thoughts On ECW – 07.15.2008

1) I hate Mark Henry and think he’s a worthless World Champion but I think I like this Tony Atlas/Mark Henry pairing. The Henry thing is dumb because he’s been in the WWE for like 150 years now and is obviously going nowhere. Continually putting over Tommy does nothing for him. I love Tommy but he’s been a glorified jobber since the closing years of ECW.

2) The opening segment went about 10 minutes too long. You can bend a frying pan… we get it. Then Tommy came out for the punchline to the segment which everyone in the universe except Henry and Atlas saw coming. Note to everyone: if Tommy comes to the ring with a frying pan, he has bad intentions.

3) When did Shannon Moore stop being all emo?

4) I can’t get enough of Mike Knox’s finisher. I’ve never heard anyone call it anything. HOw is it not called Hard Knox or KnoxOut or something like that? Some finishers are hard to name, granted, but when your last name gives such a great set-up, why not use it?

5) Reason number #124 why I don’t like Mark Henry: he assaults someone in the back using the devastating bearhug.

6) Who’s ready for Tommy to win the title and then lose it in 35 seconds to Justin Credible?

7) The Hardy Boys vs. Miz and Morrison was a great tag match. You forget how good a tag match can be with four guys who are just really good athletes and want to put on a show. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Jeff Hardy… unless he’s serving some kind of sentence for screwing up the plans when he got suspended. Whatever, great match either way.

Tough to come up with ten thoughts on an hour show, but strong episode this week. Pretty much on the back of a really solid tag-team main event. Of course, I have to assume that Morrison is going to split some Miz sometime soon here. Although I will say that if you have so many random guys who need to get work in, why doesn’t ECW have the strongest tag division of all the brands? It’s like using the DH in the minor leagues — you want the most number of guys to get work in to have them ready for prime time.

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