Pulse Wrestling Smackdown Real-Time Report 09/26/2008

As we return to the continuing saga of Smackdown, will the burning questions be answered? Will Carlito & Primo be able take the WWE Championship belts from current champs Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder? Will the Dead Man return to exact his revenge on General Manager Vickie Guerrero & LaFamilia? Will The Rated R Superstar Edge finally make his way back from the depths of hell? For the answer to these questions, join us now for the Real-Time Smackdown review…


The show opens with a video of Vladimir Kozlov beating down Jeff Hardy last week. Kozlov later went after “The Game” Triple H and took him out as Kozlov continues to seek a challenge. Next week, Smackdown debuts on MyNetworkTV which is owned by the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Smackdown is broadcast from Columbus, OH. Our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz.

General Manager Vickie Guerrero and Chavo are in Vickie’s office. Chavo describes the damage he suffered at the hands of The Undertaker. Chavo has to tell Vickie that tonight Taker is coming for her. Vickie sends Chavo to find Big Show and Show appears to place a protective arm around his GM.

“The Game” Triple H, WWE Champion, & Jeff Hardy, the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship vs. Montel Vontavious Porter & “The” Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel

The match begins with MVP facing Hardy in the center of the ring. Hardy applies a wristlock and tags in HHH. The Game hangs on to the wristlock and tags in Jeff. Porter makes it to Kendrick and makes the tag. TBK rolls out of the ring and hides behind Zeke. Back in the ring, MVP gets the tag from TBK and HHH gets the tag from Jeff. HHH enters the ring and sends MVP over the top rope. Kendrick enters the ring and The Game sends him over the top rope to join Porter on the floor. We go to commercial break.

Back to the action, we see that Zeke took HHH’s attention on the floor and now Kendrick has The Game down on the mat. TBK misses a cross body block off the ropes giving HHH time to tag in Hardy. Kendrick is in trouble, MVP enters the ring, Hardy goes up to the top turnbuckle and Zeke knocks him down to the floor. TBK goes for the cover. It’s a two count. TBK tags in Porter. MVP delivers a knee drop and goes for the cover getting a two count. Porter tags in Kendrick who delivers a running kick to the side of Jeff’s head. TBK covers and gets a two count. Kendrick applies a camel clutch and reaches over to tag in MVP. Hardy makes it over to his corner but Porter thinks ahead and knocks The Game off the ring apron. MVP tags in TBK. Hardy nails Kendrick with the whisper in the wind and both men are down on the canvas! TBK makes it to Montel for the tag as Hardy makes it to Hunter. The Game delivers a spine buster and when TBK comes in to break it up, he gets a spine buster. HHH goes for the pedigree with MVP but Kendrick delivers a kick to Hunter’s head and Hardy enters the ring to take out TBK. HHH delivers the pedigree, covers MVP and gets the three count.

Winners: “The Game” Triple H & Jeff Hardy, total match time 12 minutes

That was one great opening match. HHH and Hardy did a great job but Kendrick is absolutely making his mark in the Smackdown ring. No one can complain about the way MVP does his job.

It seems Vladimir Kozlov has found his challenge. Kozlov will face The Great Khali tonight. We go to commercial break.

Every Monday evening, Pulse Wrestling brings you Real-Time Raw Report with Paul Marshall. Mr. Marshall was unable to be with us last week, but he WILL be back next week, won’t you Mr. Marshall?

JR and Tazz thank the CW Network for allowing Smackdown to be a part of their programming as they move to a new network. WWE Classics 24/7: Sid Justice & “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper & Hulk Hogan. Hogan nails Flair with a clothesline and gets the win.

“The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin, WWE United States Champion, is introduced. Benjamin, who is not dressed for ring action, is in the ring to bad mouth R-Truth. Benjamin is putting over R-Truth big time with his promo. Truth comes through the audience singing his “What’s Up” song. Our live audience tonight appears to be more into R’s music than the last few times he has appeared on Smackdown. Benjamin exits the ring as Truth continues to sing and dance. Tazz informs us that next week Benjamin will face Santino Marella. We go to commercial break.

Each Tuesday you can follow along with Blatt vs ECW.

Brie Bella & Maria vs. Victoria & Natalya

Victoria and Maria begin the match. Victoria applies a full nelson but Maria breaks away and tries for a roll up. Maria tags in Bella. Bella attempts a sunset flip but Victoria kicks out. Victoria tags in Natalya. Nattie can be a mean bitch in the ring but she’s good at it. Victoria gets the tag and Brie is in the wrong corner. Victoria goes for the cover but Bella kicks out. Victoria attempts to ensure Brie has no hair left after the match before sending her out to the floor. Bella goes under the ring and before her feet are out of sight, Bella comes out of the other side of the ring. Obviously there is more than one Bella under the ring. Her twin sister must also be on WWE payroll. Maria gets the tag, delivers a cross body block to Victoria, and gets the win.

Winners: Maria & Bella, match time 5 minutes

Diva wrestling is a joke in WWE. Victoria and Natalya both have excellent wrestling skills and they are forced to job to Maria. We go to commercial break. That was a waste of five minutes.

Paul Marshall was out of pocket last Monday night, but he stepped up and provided Pulse Readers with The W-Files: Making Sense About TNA.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali with Ranjin Singh

Kozlov may attempt to wrestle in this match but Khali doesn’t wrestle. Khali kicks Kozlov out to the floor and Kozlov retaliates by pulling Khali out to the floor. A sidestep by Kozlov and Khali hits the ringpost. HHH enters the arena, rips off his shirt and enters the ring. Kozlov exits the ring. It is safe to assume the match that was scheduled is officially over. Khali enters the other side of the ring and Hunter is in trouble. We have a monster beat down of The Game as Jeff Hardy enters the ring in an attempt to make the save. As Hardy gets caught by the big boys, HHH grabs his sledgehammer and catches Khali. Hunter again begs Kozlov to enter the ring but Kozlov points to the weapon, shakes his head “no” and backs away. Other than mentioning this may be the start of a feud between HHH and Vladimr, there wasn’t much to say about the short match we just saw. We go to commercial break.

Tazz and JR run through the matches scheduled for WWE’s next pay per view, No Mercy. Show, Chavo & Vickie are still in Vickie’s office discussing the possible appearance of Undertaker. We see a video replay of what Big Show did to Taker two weeks ago. Chavo discovers he has a match and he’s up next. We go to commercial break.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

We see Hurricane Helms in a corner of the screen telling Chavo to go home because Taker is after him! Yang hasn’t been on Smackdown for some time and makes his return appearance count by sending Chavo out to the floor. Guerrero still has it when he’s allowed to use it. Chavo sends Jimmy out to the floor. Yang takes Guerrero down with a high kick to the head and goes for the cover getting a two count. Jimmy comes off the top with a cross body block and gets another two count. Yang goes up to the top one too many times and Guerrero trips him up. Chavo delivers two of the three amigos but Yang goes for an inside cradle. Guerrero delivers a high kick, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

This was not a bad match but certainly not the best I have seen from either competitor. After the match, the lights go out and come back on with a frightened Chavo looking around for Taker. We go to commercial break.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Primo & Carlito, Challengers, vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder, Champions

The match begins with Primo and Hawkins facing off. Primo delivers a nice flying head scissors before tagging in Carlito who immediately goes for a cover. Curt kicks out and Carlito tags in Primo. As Primo backs into the ropes, Carlito makes a blind tag only to be sent shoulder first into the corner post. Hawkins tags in Ryder and the champs work at double-teaming Carlito who has ended up in the wrong corner. Zack goes for a cover and gets a two count. Primo is begging for a tag but Ryder tags in Hawkins who goes for a cover, getting a two count. Carlito is through the ropes to the floor and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action and Carlito is still getting a beat down. Fortunately, Carlito manages to knock the heads of the champions together and get to Primo for the tag. Primo comes off the top rope to take down Ryder with a drop kick but Hawkins breaks it up. Zack goes for a cover, Carlito gets a blind tag, delivers a back stabber, goes for the cover and gets the win!

NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Carlito & Primo, match time 9 minutes.

I can always do without the commercial breaks in the middle of an important match but this match worked in spite of the break. Primo looked very good in the ring and worked well with Carlito as a team.

Chavo, Vickie and Show are arguing about how to handle Undertaker and we go to commercial break.

During the commercial break, Jesse & Festus are packing up and moving boxes but Kenny Dykstra & Ryan Braddock are still tied up in the back of the moving van. Show, Vickie & Chavo head to the ring. We have ten minutes left of the show. Vickie calls out Taker. We get to see videos of the last three week’s worth of the Vickie Guerrero/Undertaker feud, which has already gone on too long. The lights go out, Chavo is gone but on the monitor we see Taker choking Chavo. Show heads to the back to save Chavo. The furniture sustains more damage than Chavo sustains in this beat down. Vickie is now alone in the ring but Tazz leaves the announcer’s table to join her as the lights go out. The lights come on and Taker is in the ring behind her. She sees him, lots of screaming, Undertaker tombstone pile drives her. Does this mean she will be back to the wheelchair next week?

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