Ultimate Marvel Handbook #244

Hey all and welcome to another Marvel Handbook. I‘ve been a bit busy of late but I‘ll be making up for it with a few articles coming up. Also we need still need more emails.

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Same old, same old my man. Just finished writing my movie yesterday so I’m a bit excited.

I‘m not doing bad. I‘m a bit excited about the PHILLIES!!!!!!!! I‘m sorry I‘m from Philadelphia and I‘m just happy.

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Rhuid comments

If you guys could reboot any series, what would it be?

This one is for a few Marvel writers. I know at least 2-3 the would like this title back Cloak and Dagger. I would love Doctor Strange back myself to

I have to agree about wanting to see some Dr. Strange…though I don’t know that he needs a reboot – possible the only Marvel character/title that doesn’t. As for reboots though…let’s just reboot the whole MU and be done with it…

Who do you guys think is Red Hulk? What prompted the introduction of another Hulk?

Red Hulk? Hmm we know who it‘s not now. It has to be someone who hates Hulk and Banner. I almost still wonder if the Abomination is really dead. I have a question that maybe the red guy is Emil Blonsky. As for how we got one. Thank Jeph Loeb.

Do you guys think we’ll see a return of Mr. Fixit?

Read Hulk # 7, Fixit showed up.

Speaking of Hulk, I know that Banner has serious MPD/DID, but do you think he will ever be “sane” again?

You mean do I think he‘ll not be Hulk? That there is a way to get rid of these split personalities? No not as long as Hulk is one of the biggest characters Marvel has.

Do you think the Hulk comic could ever survive if they permanently split Banner from Hulk?

Like no. And neither would Banner or Hulk. If you recall the last split almost killed both. They need each other.

What did you guys think about The Incredible Hulk? I loved The Hulk, but I think TIH was a little better, only if they tossed in a bit of the old TV series, but also included a bad ass version of Abomination.

I loved Incredible Hulk. Everything was there that was needed. A good Banner, A great Hulk. Betty, Thunderbolt, Abomination, The Leader, Samson. They have so much they can still do with it all set up if they want.

Amazingly enough, I too really liked The Incredible Hulk, and this coming from an avid Hulk hater. I thought the first movie was unwatchable, and by and large have no use for the character. But the new movie was pretty freakin great…

What’s up with Rick Jones being A-Bomb? I know he’s been given powers before, but don’t you think that Jones is kind of worthless now? I’d rather see Gambit in the Hulk comic over Jones now.

Heh. No Gambit! How is he Hulk connected anyway? Oh and Jones isn’t worthless. They finally brought him back after some time out of Hulk. When Rick was busy doing other stuff like being connected to Genis-Vell. I like Jones back. I’d like to know how exactly he became A-Bomb though

You know what I’d like to see? Hulk give Gambit that crazy front kick he gave the Tim Roth character in the movie. I’d buy a freakin subscription to Hulk if planted Gambit in a tree…never to be heard from again!

I’m too lazy to look…so..how many superhero films has Stan Lee appeared in? (I think he also appeared on the TV series Heroes too, right?)

We‘ll do movies for now:

The Incredible Hulk
Fantastic Four 1 and 2
Spider-Man 1,2 3
X-Men 1 and 3

There’s other tv he’s been in but those are the big flicks he’s done Marvel wise.

Who do you guys think are the top 5 greatest villains ever conceived in comics… regardless of the company.

oh fun.

Marvel wise:

Dr Doom
Green Goblin: Norman of course

Only DC villain I like really is Joker. Sorry not a big dc fan

Hmm top 5 villain huh? Let’s see:
1. Joker (hands down)
2. Thanos
3. Captain Cold (not the most powerful, but one of the coolest) 😉
4. Dr. Doom
5. The Mist (She totally rocked Starman’s world)

If you could whip up your own villain (or use one from another company) for a major run in a popular title, what sort of villain (or who) would you use, and what title?

Heh. Well it‘s obvious which Marvel villain is the best for his own title. DOOM!!!!! Marvel will give us something with him to

The Story: ALL NEW TALES!!! You’ve gotta ask yourself: If Doctor Doom’s the most evil guy ever, how much more evil’s it gonna
get when he puts a whole TEAM of VILLAINS to work? It’s the series where the bad guys get their say, and the Sinister
Six are saying they aren’t sinister enough! So, what’s the solution? How about Kraven stealing a vibranium staff from the
Louvre? Sweet! And how about Electro designs a new suit to better channel his powers? Great idea! And how about ramping up Mysterio’s powers by breaking into Stark Industries to steal a miniaturized super-component, battling both Iron Man and Dr. Strange in the process?

Okay…that’s all the questions I have this week. Later!

Catch you later

Original Sin Synopsis

X-Men Legacy #217: Wolverine attacks Xavier. Wolverine confronts Xavier about it. Moira and Xavier hold Wolverine. Shaw welcomes Daken. Wolverine and Xavier watch the Hellfire Club. Daken and Sinister talk. Sinister and Shaw talk after. Wolverine goes in. Daken and Sinister kiss. The Hellfire Club meet about Shaw. Wolverine faces the Hellfire Club.

Manifest Destiny Synopsis

Uncanny X-Men #503: Cannonball goes to meet with Moonstar and Karma. Empath tries to escape as the X-Men go after him. Pixie calls Beat. A blond in SM gear confronts Cyclops. Empath fights the X-Men. Pixie shows up and takes him out. Maddy gains Chimera as a member. Dazzler holds a concert. Cyclops tells Emma that Maddy is back.

Young X-Men #7: Dust talks with Pierce. The team talk over a non mutant on the team. Greymalkin talks with Frost. Moonstar and Sunspot take the group out on a mission. Dust tells Pierce she is dying. Ink is revealed a non mutant. His tattoo artist is the mutant.

Wolverine Manifest Destiny #1: Wolverine moves to SF with the others. Logan talks to Kurt. We watch Logan head to China Town. Some men attack Logan forcing a fight. One of Wolverine’s exes are behind the attack.

Secret Invasion Synopsis

Guardians of the Galaxy #6: As everyone lies out cold Drax wakes first before Phlya attacks him to get answers. Warlock is attacked as he wakes up. The Guardians confront Starhawk. Drax and Phyla attack the Skrulls We learn they are peaceful Skrulls. The Guardians have to help them. The team splits.

Iron Man #34: War Machine takes out the Skrulls. Years ago: Jim is beaten up. More of Jim’s past is shown. War Machine heads off to help elsewhere. The Soviet Super Soldiers fight the Skrulls as War Machine shows up to help. As War Machine is taken down they refuse to help only for Jim to be captured by the Skrulls.

Mighty Avengers #19: No-Varr sees news on Captain Marvel Marvel recalls his past before fighting the Skrulls. He is sent towards the Earth after failing to take out the Armada. No-Varr is there when he dies.

Secret Invasion Frontline #4: Ben returns home. Ben the recalls being confronted by the men. A Skrull falls from Stark Tower as Melanie is there. She finds her father hurt after. Bill and Lisa go into the Tower. Ben hears something as he moves towards the Tower. As everyone soon gathers inside Stark Tower they meet up. Ben walks out to see the fight begin.

Mighty Avengers #46: Hood and his crew hold a SHIELD agent. Weeks before SHIELD holds Masque. She tried to break free on to lose. Hood shows up to help her and finds the agents are Skrulls. Hood and his crew meet up and question the agent to see he’s Skrull to. Hood examines the others to find only Slug is a Skrull. Hood questions his Hood to see Dormammu is behind his power.

Secret Invasion #7: We see the fight begin. Reed is made the big Skrull target. As a large Pym attacks. He is taken out by Bulleye. Reed is soon helped by the others as he’s attacked. Wolverine goes after the Queen. Uatu shows up. Tony tries to contact SHIELD. Jessica has Jarvis take care of the baby. No-Varr shows up to help. Female Hawkeye is taken out. The real Hawkeye shoots at the Skrulls and takes the queen out. Wasp is made a giant. Jarvis holds the baby as Wasp becomes a weapon.

Secret Invasion Spider-Man #3: Spidey helps fight the Skrulls updating everyone. Jackpot fights Menace. The Skrull attacks Pete’s friends. Jackpot takes on the Skrull with Menace glider. Menace escapes. Jackpot fights the Skrull finally winning. Spidey and Jackpot talk after.

Thunderbolts 125: Osborn is interviewed. Thunderbolts watch the Skrulls kill themselves. The team heads to New York. They join the large battle. We see events in SI 7. Osborn is wanted after the Invasion.

Secret Invasion #7: We see the fight begin. Reed is made the big Skrull target. As a large Pym attacks. He is taken out by Bulleye. Reed is soon helped by the others as he’s attacked. Wolverine goes after the Queen. Uatu shows up. Tony tries to contact SHIELD. Jessica has Jarvis take care of the baby. No-Varr shows up to help. Female Hawkeye is taken out. The real Hawkeye shoots at the Skrulls and takes the queen out. Wasp is made a giant. Jarvis holds the baby as Wasp becomes a weapon.

New Ways to Die Synopsis

Amazing Spider-Man #573: Harry goes to talk to his father. Spidey and Anti-Venom go to Oscorp. As they split up Anti-Venom disguises as Spidey to get the Thunderbolts after him. Scorpion shows up and fights Anti-Venom. Spidey attacks Goblin to save Harry. Harry watches as Spider-Man gets close to taking out Goblin only for Osborn to hit the self destruct. Spider-Man gets everyone and the Thunderbolts out. Venom defeats Anti-Venom. The Thunderbolts let Spider-Man go. Osborn has a press conference. Pete helps Harry clean threw Oscorp. Harry finds the files and Osborn’s book. Feast reopens. Brock leaves town.

That‘s it for today. 1 email but heck it helped fill in the issue with all the questions. Hopefully we can either get more emails or emails like that one. What you think Daron?

I think we definitely need more emails. Where’s our boy Cory at?

I‘m good with this issue. I just hope the readers and mailers are still out there. We really need help right now. Let‘s sign off

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That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine with a shot of vodka…mmmm…vodka…


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