One Tree Hill – Episode 6-13 Review

All I can say at this point is that the show better have a 7th season. Momentum is finally picking up and I find myself getting sucked in, especially after last night’s long-awaited return.

The big news is that Peyton is in fact pregnant with Lucas’ baby! Although I saw it coming, it was still an exciting moment when the words came out of her mouth. “I don’t think I can call you my fiance anymore. I can call you my baby’s daddy.” It was sweet and I think smart to not have it revealed to everyone just yet. Too much happened in this episode to waste the reveal. Haley, though, did figure it out.

Brooke was distraught over Sam missing and looked to everyone including Julian for help. She finally goes to Sam’s friend Jack’s house and finds herself face to face with not only her attacker, but Q’s murderer. Brooke fights her way to find Sam taped up in a closet. I was a little hesitant with this whole thing because it seemed kind of over-the-top until Brooke pulls out a gun and holds it to the guy’s head. Absolutely great. We see the compassionate Brooke we all know fighting with the angry and broken Brooke we’ve seen recently while she decides whether or not to pull the trigger. She doesn’t. She spares his life because Sam calls her “mom.” Yes, a little cheesy, but still a good ending to a long storyline.

Lucas in in LA most of the time dealing with the pregnancy news and talking with his production company. Julian’s dad (the head of the company) doesn’t believe Julian is making the movie for the right reasons and feels he is just after Peyton. I disagree and so does Lucas. It was nice to see him stick up for Julian and see the conflict between Julian and his dad mirroring not only him and Dan, but his future as a dad. It was cute. Besides, we all know Julian is after Brooke.

Nathan is selected as a point guard for the Charleston Chiefs B-League Team. Of course, the younger guys give him a hard time, especially the other point guard who just so happens to be #23. It was weird to see Nathan play in a different jersey number, but it was awesome to see him fight back against this guy because he didn’t hit him or yell at him like the old Nathan would do. He simply told him he was going to take his spot and that he could have it back when he got to the NBA.

Jamie and Q’s little brother go to Q’s grave alone and without permission, which obviously leaves his mother worried. It was a sad scene when the mother visits the grave. That lady can just bring out the tears in me.

As for Mouth and Millie, they seem to be over for now. Millie reveals she slept with someone the night they broke up. And no, she doesn’t tell him that it’s Owen yet. Owen is drinking again and falling apart. So guess who is back? Yes, Chase! And although I loved Chase and Brooke together, I am excited to see him and Mia because that’s where it seems to be leading. Chase is taking over bartending duties while Owen cleans himself up.

As you can tell by my long post, the episode was packed with reveals and new potential for great storylines. Next week will pick back up as Peyton prepares to babysit, Brooke and Julian have a quasi-business date and Millie tells Brooke about Owen. Can’t wait!