Prison Break is Officially Done; Final Episodes To Air in April!

They’ve broken out, been the subject of a manhunt, been imprisoned and broken out again. Now the run for Prison Break is at an end.

FOX announced Tuesday (Jan. 13) during its TCA press tour session that Prison Break will end its four-season run in the spring. The final episodes will debut Friday, April 17.

The show’s final season has followed brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), along with a Homeland Security agent ( Michael Rapaport) working to take down the Company, the shadowy firm that initially framed Lincoln and set the whole thing in motion.

This season felt like a natural end point for the show, FOX Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly says: “To keep it going was going to be, creatively, really stretching the concept.”

That said, Reilly thinks the show’s producers “have a really cool ending” in mind for the finale.

The final run is currently set for four episodes. Reilly says there’s some chance a couple extra episodes could be tacked on, but the network hasn’t confirmed them yet.

Source: Zap2It