Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time SmackDown Report 1.30.2009

Norine isn’t able to be here tonight, so I’m here and ready to tackle tonight’s SmackDown Report.  Let’s get started!

We recap the Edge/Jeff Hardy match at the Royal Rumble.  It looked to be an awesome match until Mat Hardy got involved.  Shades of the past roll into Matt’s mind as he did the deed.

We open the show with Matt Hardy, who comes out with the same chair he used to beat Jeff over the head at the Rumble.  It’s interesting to know that he comes out with no music.  The arena goes eerily quiet all of a sudden and Matt takes a seat.  He says that he no longer has to share the spotlight with his brother.  It’s his time now.  Jeff won’t be here for quite a while as he is at home.  He points out that people immediately blamed Matt Hardy for Jeff’s miscomings over the past few weeks.  Matt says it felt good doing what he did to Jeff.  He calls out Jeff as a constant mistake.  He claims that Jeff won’t be able to survive without Matt’s help.  The music playing in the background makes this segment that much better.  He shifts his blame from Jeff to the fans.  He’s tried for ten years to make the fans happy, but it was never enough.  The fans only cared about Jeff.  Matt will only care about himself for now on.  He has one thing to say to Jeff.  The Hardy Boyz are officially dead and Jeff has been disowned by Matt.  Huge “We Want Jeff” chants follow this as Matt looks on.


Smack of the Night: R-Truth defeated Brian Kendrick, but got taken out by Ezekiel.

We are back and WHAT’S UP?!  R-Truth makes his way through the crowd.  We learn that Undertaker v. Mark Henry is on tap later tonight in a qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber.  Out comes The Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel and it’s time for our first match!

The Brian Kendrick v. R-Truth

Ezekiel is immediately ejected from ringside, and the two go at it.  Truth has Kendrick in the corner, but Kendrick gets out of the corner, scoring a kick for one.  Bodyscissors is applied and Kendrick drops Truth on the back.  He follows with some kicks to the back and covers for a two count.  Truth is grounded for the moment, but he fights up desipte the half nelson applied.  Kendrick is slammed down for TWO!  Kendrick drops Truth to the middle turnbuckle…CORKSCREW FOREARM CONNECTS.  Ax kick connects and that is all!

Winner: R-Truth
Grade: C

Wrestlemania Recall: The Beginning of it All.


We get the 12 Rounds Trailer tonight on SmackDown!  Chavo is in the ring for his upcoming match.

Chavo Guerrero v. Montel Vontanious Porter

MVP has a winning streak! The bell sounds and they jockey for position.  Fireman Carry by MVP and both try to get a distinct advantage.  Chavo is the first as he has MVP in the corner.  MVP fights back and he hits a back drop!  Armdrag takeover and MVP wrenches the arm.  He covers for a late one count.  MVP continues the pressure on the arm, but Chavo comes back and scores with a rolling heel kick FOR TWO!  Chavo works on the arm a bit and he kicks away at the head.  MVP gets sent back down and Chavo has MVP where he wants him.  Inverted armlock is applied, but MVP punches his way out.  Chavo quickly SWEEPS THE LEG and gets two!  Chavo off the ropes and he’s FLAPJACKED!  MVP is building momentum and he is stopped by Chavo.  OVERHEAD SUPLEX by MVP and Chavo is reeling.  Chavo hits the Triple Verticals…WAIT! MVP blocks the third attempt, but is knocked down.  Chavo goes up top ad MVP meets him there.  Chavo fights off and is successful.  Frog Splash connects…ON THE CANVAS!  MVP hits the Drive By and that is all!

Winner: M.V.P.
Grade: B-

Tazz interviews MVP for his winning streak.  Big things are poppin’ for MVP.  He wants the U.S. Title back and when he gets it back, he will be BALLIN’!

We get a video of Umaga as he is about to return…..NEXT!


We get a preview of SATAN’S STRUCTURE that is known as the Elimination Chamber.

Umaga makes his way to the ring and the crowd is excited?!  Commercial time again?


Royal Rumble recap is shown.

Umaga v. Jimmy Wang Yang

We’re back and the match begins.  Umaga shoves Wang away.  Wang tries to kick away, but Umaga hits a swinging side slam.  Umaga rips the shirt to shreds and he throws Wang to the corner.  He beats away and chokes away.  Rear End Collision connects in the corner and the end is already here.  Umaga has the thumb ready…SAMOAN SPIKE!  Squash.

Winner: Umaga
Grade: F

Up next is Henry/Undertaker!


We get a video of Vladmir Koslov training.

We’re back and the lights go out.  That can only mean one thing.

The Undertaker v. Mark Henry
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

The bell sounds and they lock up.  Taker gets a headlock applied.  Henry sends him to the ropes and swats him away.  Henry pushes Taker to the corner and Taker ends up pie-facing him.  Taker takes it to Mark in the corner and we go to another corner.  Henry reverses a whip and follows with a lariat! Henry clubs away and he heatbutts Taker in the corner.  Taker comes back with headbutts of his own and we’re going OLD SCHOOL!  Henry cathces him with a bearhug!  Henry abuses Taker in the corner and Taker regroups out of the ring.  Henry won’t have that and we go back inside the ring.  Scoop slam by Henry and he drops the elbow for TWO!  Headlock applied, but Taker gets out of it.  They brawl back and forth and Henry sends Taker to the corner.  He runs into a big boot and Taker comes off with a lariat!  GOOZLE attempt, but Tony Atlas gets involved.  Taker dispatches Atlas and he comes back in.  CHOKESLAM CONNECTS!  The Devils Gate is applied and Henry taps out!

Winner: The Undertaker
Grade: C+

Edge is out NEXT!


We get the media blitz on Mickey Rourke.  Right now, no one knows what is going on as if Mickey will show up.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring to announce your NEW WWE CHAMPION, Edge!  Edge comes out with the title.  Edge is in all smiles and he has to be honest.  He doesn’t normally acknowledge the fans, but he wants to make an exception.  He reminds us of being blamed for Jeff’s bad luck.  However, we were all dead wrong.  Because of this, Edge wants to open the lines of communcation.  He wants the fans to apologize, but they tell him to go to hell.  Edge brings back the FIVE SECOND POSE!  This time, it’s Edge and Vickie making out.

Out comes the Big Show!  He is in all smiles as he enters the ring.  He picks Vickie up and dances around with her. He then turns his attention to Edge’s title and the couple leave.


We’re back and Big Show is still in the ring.  His opponent is none other than Festus!

Big Show v. Festus
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

The bell sounds and Festus PICKS BIG SHOW UP!  Show counters with a DDT and he is all business now.  Show chops away and he punches the gut.  The gut shots continue and Festus has rarely been manhandled this way.  Festus comes back with a TORNADO DDT!  He covers for two.  Show shoves away and Festus runs into a overhand chop!  Powerbomb try, but Show falls backwards instead and Festus hits head first!  Festus comes back up…LIGHTS OUT!  That’s all folks.

Winner: Big Show
Grade: D-

Jesse checks on Festus and gets chokeslammed for his troubles.

The trailer for 12 Rounds is NEXT!


We’re back and we get the trailer for Cena’s new movie.  Eve Torres tries to talk, but Michelle McCool acts like a bitch.  She gets slapped for her troubles.

Up next: Khali v. Koslov v. Triple H!


RAW Rebound: Randy Orton tells us about his mental condition.  Sadly, Stephanie has an answer and that was Shane O’Mac.


Triple H v. The Great Khali v. Vladmir Koslov
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

The bell sounds and Trips gets it on with Koslov.  Khali gets Koslov off Trips so he can get in on the fun.  The two giants stare down and Koslov runs into an overhand chop.  Koslov is taken out of the ring as we go to break.


We are back and Triple H has Khali in trouble on the outside.  Drop Toe hold connects on Khali.  Back inside the ring, Koslov takes it to Trips and he gets a powerslam for two.  To the ropes Trips goes and he gets clotheslined by Koslov for two.  Trips gets back up and gets backbroke for another two.  Koslov mounts Trips and punches away.  Trips gets scooped up, but he slides off and DDT’s Koslov!  Trips goes off the ropes, but Koslov catches him and hits a fallaway slam for two.  Koslov drives the head to Trips sternum.  He charges and Trips was ready.  He hits the rights…to the ropes and Trips hits the knee smash!  SPINEBUSTER CONNECTS ON KOSLOV!  Khali hits a chop on Trips and he locks on the Vise Grip!  Koslov hits the battering ram on Khali!  He looks for one on Trips, but Trips send him out of the ring.  Pedigree attempt, but Khali’s legs drop to the ground!  That was a crappy move.  Trips scores the pin and Koslov is pissed.

Winner: Triple H
Grade: C+

Show Over.

The WWE SmackDown Report Card

Triple H d. Vladmir Koslov & The Great Khali: C+
Big Show d. Festus: D-
The Undertaker d. Mark Henry: C+
Umaga d. Jimmy Wang Yang: F
MVP d. Chavo Guerrero: B-
R-Truth d. The Brian Kendrick: C

The Final Grade for WWE SmackDown 1.30.2009: C

Not a bad show tonight.  The Matt Hardy promo was awesome and done very well.  The wrestling was ok, nothing bad except for two squashes, but MVP had a good outing with Chavo.  Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

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