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Time to weigh in on the Super Bowl matchups.

Kurt Warner – The Cardinals are a great passing team, and even though they are facing a great Defense, I’d still take Warner over Big Ben.  He gets rid of the ball so quickly and Larry Fitzgerald has been amazing.  The extra week off should be great for Anquan Boldin.

Ben Roethlisberger – If Arizona’s Offense puts up points on Pittsburgh, it will be Big Ben’s job to do the same for the Steelers.  I expect a decent game for Ben, but statistically worse than Warner.

Running Backs
Willie Parker – I expect Parker to have a game somewhere in the middle of his previous two playoff games this year.  He opened with a monster game against San Diego and was held in check vs. Baltimore.  He won’t go off, but he will produce.  I expect him to be the top producing RB.
Edgerrin James – Edge won’t have a monster game, but he should put up decent yardage to keep Pittsburgh honest.
Tim Hightower – Like the NFC Championship game, I don’t expect a ton of yardage, but I could see a score.

Mewelde Moore/Gary Russell/J.J. Arrington – There are usually unsung heroes in Super Bowls, but I wouldn’t count on anyone from this trio to make a fantasy splash.

Wide Receiver
Larry Fitzgerald – He is proving that he is the best receiver in the game.  It’s not even close right now.  Pittsburgh is probably the team most capable of stopping him, but that’s a tall order.

Anquan Boldin – The extra rest should do Boldin’s body good.  Fitz will command a lot of attention, making Boldin dangerous.
Santonio Holmes – Holmes is proving to be a big play guy in the playoffs for the Steelers.  I’m expecting at least one big play from him vs. Arizona.
Hines Ward – He’s so tough that I just can’t bet against him.  He should have a decent game, but my expectations are lowered by his injury.

Steve Breaston – With Fitz, Boldin, and the running game taking the prominent roles, I’m afraid there won’t be much left for Breaston.
Nate Washington – If Ward re-injures his knee, then Washington’s value gets a bump.  With the running game, Holmes, Ward, and Heath Miller, I don’t think there is enough to go around for Nate.

Tight Ends
Heath Miller – He is such a tough guy to cover.  He’s big, fast, and has great hands.  He’s also tough to tackle when he gets his hands on the ball.  He is easily a bigger focus of his team’s scheme and clearly the superior Tight End.

Leonard Pope – He’ll be blocking this week.  That’s for sure.

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