ECW Real-Time Coverage for 02.02.2009

Welcome to the EC-Dub.


Hopefully this week will be a better episode than last week.  We should get a great main event with Swagger vs. Finlay.


We start off with a recap from last week when Hornswaggle took Jack Swagger’s ECW belt.  Finlay makes him give it back, and the “All-American American” decks Hornswaggle only to be laid out by Finlay.


Your hosts tonight are Todd Grisham and Matt Striker in St Louis, MO.


Paul Burchill’s music hits and he heads to the ring with his sister Katie Lea.  Tommy Dreamer follows down the ramp.


Paul Burchill (w/ Katie Lea) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Lock up and Dreamer goes for a quick rollup. 1 count.  Dreamer pounds on Burchill in the corner.  Burchill fights out and Dreamer reverses him to the ropes for an arm drag.  Burchill up and fights him to the corner.  Dreamer sends Burchill to the other corner and goes for the bulldog.  Burchill throws him off and Dreamer bounces awkwardly off the second rope.  Burchill in control and grounds him with a chinlock.  Dreamer fights back with some elbows, but Burchill hammer blows him and clotheslines him to the corner.  Goes for the knees to the back and Dreamer moves.  Elbow off the ropes.  Dreamer with a flapjack!  Two count.  He hangs Burchill in the corner upside down.  ECW chant.  Low dropkick.  Goes for the DDT and Burchill fights out.  Rolls up Dreamer.  2 count.  Dreamer goes for a suplex, Burchill reverses. Neckbreaker. 1,2,3!


Winner: Paul Burchill


Not a bad match to open.  Quality work but short.


Teddy Long is in the back with JAMIE NOBLE!  He’s here to save the show. Says ECW needs a quality superstar to replace Matt Hardy.  Since Noble is a big dog on Raw, he’s here to do just that.  Long says he’ll take him up on that.  Looks like we got a new Superstar on ECW.


John Morrison’s music hits and the World Tag Team Champions are here!  Morrison and Miz head to the ring and we go to commercial.


Commercial break.


Miz and Morrison are in the ring.  Morrison says Dreamer is so slow he can’t get out of the ring quick enough for the next segment.  Maybe he should tell him there’s some cheesecake in the back, “fat boy”.  Miz says don’t make him cry again.  Does he really think he can be a champ again?  Champs look like Miz and Morrison, not Dreamer.  Dreamer is the anti Ric Flair because they didn’t want him to lose and retire.  They want Dreamer’s next loss to be his last match.  Miz says they only people that don’t want to see him less than the crowd does are his wife and kids.  Dreamer attacks Miz and then the tag champs double team him.  Reality Check by the Miz.  Be Jealous.




Jamie Noble is in the ring awaiting an opponent.  Boogeyman’s music hits and Noble looks worried.  Boogeyman crawls out from the back with his big clock. He smacks himself with it and it’s time for the Boogeyman!


Jamie Noble vs. Boogeyman

The bell rings and Noble starts with a few kicks only to be thrown to the corner.  Noble reverses and climbs the ropes to hammer on the Boogeyman.  Boogeyman throws him off.  Scoop slam.  Boogeyman is stalking him around the ring.  Off the ropes and a big shoulderblock.  Noble goes to the outside to regroup.  Boogeyman follows and tosses him back in through the ropes in a display of strength.  Noble puts the boots to him as he tries to get back in.  Noble to the top and hammers down on Boogeyman.  Cover and two count.  Chinlock applied to the Boogeyman.  Boogeyman stands up and flips Noble off.  Boogeyman runs at him and gets a boot.  Boogeyman with an irish whip to the corner, and Noble falls to the mat.  Boogeyman in control.  Short clothesline.  Stinger splash in the corner.  Noble is out on his feet.  Boogeyman hits his slam finisher and 1, 2, 3!


Winner: Boogeyman


At least it wasn’t a total squash of Noble.  Boogeyman gets his worms, but Noble escapes out of the ring.  Boogeyman eats his worms as he watches Noble retreat to the back.


Finlay and Hornswaggle are in the back getting ready for the match tonight.  Wrestlemania 2 retrospective.  I remember watching that as a kid.




Raw Recap.  It’ll be fun to watch Shane-O-Mac fight Randy Orton at No Way Out.


Jack Swagger is backstage for an interview.  Swagger says he is a 2 time 2 time all American.  He doesn’t need inspiration for tonight’s match.  Finlay and his ogre son couldn’t humiliate him.  Tonight, Finlay is going to realize that hitting him with the belt last week is the closest he’ll get to Swagger’s title.  That match is next!




Jack Swagger’s music hits and he struts to the ring.  Finlay and Hornswaggle follow.


“The All-American American” Jack Swagger (c) vs. Finlay (w/ Hornswaggle)

Hornswaggle goes under the ring and Swagger jaws at Finlay as he enters.  They lock up and Swagger muscles Finlay to the corner.  Clean break.  Finlay reverses a lockup but Swagger uses his amateur acumen to get Finlay down.  Finlay gets up and slaps Swagger across the face.  He gets a rollup for 2.  Finlay chant starts.  Swagger gets him with a big boot to the gut and applies an armlock.  Finlay gets to the ropes for a break.  Swagger shoots for the legs, but Finlay keeps away and shows his own wrestling acumen.  Swagger looks frustrated.  More mat wrestling and Finlay gets Swagger’s left leg in a leglock.  Converts to a modified Indian deathlock.  Swagger to the ropes.  Swagger gets up and nails Finlay with some rights.  Throws him to the ropes and they knock heads.  Finlay goes for a backslide for a 1 count.  Swagger goes outside to rethink things and we go to..




We’re back and Finlay clotheslines Swagger to the mat.  Fit continues the onslaught, and gets on him with a modified camel clutch. Flips him over and gets a 1 count.  European uppercut.  And another.  Swagger reverses an irish whip and Finlay nails the second turnbuckle.  Finlay goes to the outside.  Swagger goes after him and works on the back that were injured on that throw.  Swagger rolls him in and covers and gets a 2 count.  Side suplex and cover for 2.  Swagger gets the leg scissors and tries to squeeze the life out of Finlay.  Swagger yells for Fit to give up.  Swagger uses the ropes for leverage, but gets caught and has to break the hold.  Irish whip to the ropes but Finlay kicks him as he goes for the back body drop.  Finlay with head butts.  Small package for 2!  Swagger back in control as he hits Finlay’s head into the top turnbuckle.  Finlay reverses to the other corner and runs into a big boot, then another.  Hornswaggle with the interference.  Finlay hits him to the outside.  Swagger throws Finlay into the steel pole.  He takes the shillelagh and throws it to the outside.  Finlay back in and tries to suplex Swagger in the ring.  Swagger reverses with a neckbreaker.  As Swagger goes to the inside Hornswaggle shows up with a bigger shillelagh and hits Swagger in the legs.  Finlay capitalizes on the distracted Swagger, hits him to the ground.  Gets him up.  CELTIC CROSS!! 1,2,3!!


Winner:  Finlay


Finlay ends Swagger’s winning streak and poses out the show.  Great match!  I look forward to this feud.  Great show as well and makes up for last week’s.



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