Pulse Wrestling’s Real-time Smackdown Report for 03/13/2009

It’s Friday the 13th! To avoid black cats and Jason, we highly recommend closing the blinds, locking the doors, and settling back to follow along with us for two full hours of Smackdown action as we continue down the road to Wrestlemania 25…

The show opens with a replay of the contract signing between Edge and Big Show last week that never happened due to interference by John Cena. Cena was looking for a title shot at WrestleMania and to ensure he was heard, he showed the world video footage of Vickie and Big Show.


Smackdown is brought to us on MyNetworkTV and our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz.

“The Rated R Superstar” Edge, WWE World Heavyweight Champion vs. Kofi Kingston

Edge cost Kingston his place in the Elimination Chamber match. The match begins with some good wrestling skills on the part of both workers. Kofi delivers a high dropkick, covers and gets two. A frustrated Edge rolls outside and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Edge takes Kofi down and we see how The Rated R Superstar took over the match during the commercial break. Edge covers and gets two. Edge again covers and gets two. Edge goes up to the top but Kingston sweeps his leg and delivers a boot to the gut and a kick that sends The Rated R Superstar to the floor. Kofi goes over the top and takes Edge to the floor with a cross body block. Back in the ring, Kofi delivers a leg drop, a splash, covers and gets two. Kingston delivers a hurricanrana, covers and gets two but Edge sends Kofi out to the floor. Kingston sends Edge head first into the steel steps outside the ring. Back in the ring, Kingston delivers a cross body block and covers for two. The Rated R Superstar delivers a boot to the face, misses a spear, Kingston rolls Edge up and gets two. Edge blocks Kofi’s high kick, applies the sharp shooter and Kingston taps out.

Winner: Edge via tapout.

I take back everything I said about Edge’s lack of wrestling ability since his return. This was a great match. Kofi is always good but Edge certainly showed us he hasn’t lost his ability to work. We go to commercial break.

Tag Team Match: John Morrison and The Miz vs. Carlito and Primo

Morrison and Carlito begin the match with Carlito running all over Morrison. John backs Carlito up into the corner and does a little pounding but Carlito delivers a knee to the face and covers for one. Primo gets the tag and Morrison tags in Miz. Primo covers for one. Primo and Carlito both dive off the top rope and take down Miz. John gets the tag, covers Carlito who is now the legal man in the ring, and gets two. Carlito tags in Primo. Primo goes for the cover and gets two. Primo delivers a head butt off the top, sends Miz out to the floor when he runs in, tags in Carlito. Morrison delivers a corkscrew neck breaker as Primo and Miz get involved and end up outside, and gets the win.

Winners: John Morrison and The Miz via pinfall.

The match was good but the after match, with the Brie twins leaving this week with Morrison and Miz has already worn thin. We see a video of Triple H breaking into Randy Orton’s house Monday night and then we go to commercial break.

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We see a video of Randy Orton in St. Louis, Missouri which I am guessing was not Orton’s home and with Orton’s wife, which I believe is not really Orton’s wife, and then we see a recap of all of the things Orton has done which culminated in HHH going after Orton at whatever house he was in, throwing Orton through a window and getting himself arrested. All of this happened on Monday Night Raw this past week. And we go to commercial break as R-Truth is entering the arena.

Tag Team Match: R-Truth and M.V.P. vs. Chavo Guerrero and “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin

Chavo and Truth begin the match as the bell rings. Guerrero catches a boot to the face, but kicks out at two. Porter gets the tag and face plants Chavo on the mat, goes for a cover and gets two. R-Truth gets the tag, delivers a suplex, but Guerrero takes Truth down and tries to tag in Benjamin, who refuses the tag. Shelton then tags himself in as Chavo drives Truth into the corner. Benjamin goes for the cover and gets two. Chavo gets the tag and goes for a cover but Truth kicks out. Guerrero tags in Sheton and he continues the beat down of R-Truth. Montel is a one man cheering section on the outside until he gets the tag, delivers an overhead throw, covers and gets two. MVP covers again and gets two. Porter delivers a face buster and gets the crowd into the match, delivers an elbow, covers and gets two. Guerrero tries to get involved and Porter helps him in. Truth gets involved, he ends up on the floor, Montel sends Chavo over the top rope and Shelton hits the Pay Dirt, covers and gets three.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Chavo Guerrero via pinfall.

R-Truth is not my favorite WWE worker but he held it together in this match. MVP, Benjamin and Guerrero did their usual great work in the ring. The match wasn’t long enough, but it was worth watching and we go to commercial break.

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WWE Smack of the Week: MITB Qualifying Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin with Matt Hardy interfering and costing Jeff a spot in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 25. Now Matt comes out to explain his actions. Matt directs his speech to Jeff and he brings up the fire at Jeff’s house and the loss of personal property and Jack, Jeff’s companion animal. Matt pulls a piece of a dog collar out of his pocket and he says that he found it the day after the fire. He says he wants to give it to Jeff as a token of his love. Jeff enters the ring and says that he knows Matt was behind all of the bad things that have happened and that he knows Matt hates him and then attacks Matt. Matt rolls out of the ring and begs Jeff not to fight him. Jeff stays in the ring and Matt heads up the entrance ramp, puts a wicked grin on his face and exits. These boys need some serious family counseling and we go to commercial break.

Diva’s Tag Team Match: Maryse, Diva’s Champion, and Michelle McCool vs. Maria and Melina. WWE Women’s Champion

McCool and Maria begin the match with Michelle attempting a beat down of Maria. Melina and Maryse are tagged in and Melina goes for a cover getting one. Maryse tries to get a tag but McCool avoids the tag. Melina delivers a roll up and gets three.

Winners: Melina and Maria via pinfall.

The match was mercifully short. After the match, McCool goes after Maryse and this time the referee actually breaks up the battle. Edge is backstage with Chavo complaining about his humiliation last week and the triple threat match for his title at Wrestlemania. Guerrero indicates that he has been talking to Vickie and Edge goes after Chavo declaring that no one is going to take his championship and we go to commercial break.

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MITB Qualifying Match: Finlay with Hornswoggle vs. “The” Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson

Before the bell rings, Jackson delivers a right fist to Finlay. The ref sends Zeke outside the ring and checks on Finlay. The bell rings, Finlay picks up and bodyslams Kendrick, glaring at Jackson. Brian rolls out to the apron, comes back in and slaps Finlay, then runs to hide behind Zeke. As Finlay’s attention is drawn to Jackson, Brian comes off the apron and takes down Finlay. Back in the ring, TBK comes off the top with a missile drop kick and covers getting two. Kendrick misses an elbow drop, Finlay beats on Brian outside and dares Jackson to intervene. Finlay catches a boot to the face as he is again distracted, but Finlay delivers the Celtic Cross, covers and gets the three.

Winner: Finlay, who will be going to MITB in the final available spot.

The match was too short and I am unsure why WWE continues to use TBK in small worthless matches. This man has a lot of talent. Finlay was his usual entertaining self. The MITB entrants are Finlay, Kane, CM Punk, Mark Henry, M.V.P. Shelton Benjamin, Christian, and Kofi Kingston. We go to commercial break.

Promo of “12 Rounds” starring John Cena. JR and Tazz give us a rundown of the events scheduled for Wrestlemania 25.

Main Event: The Undertaker and we go to commercial break.

WWE Rewind: The match two weeks ago between Taker and Kozlov, with The Moscow Mauler getting the win.

vs. “The Moscow Mauler” Vladimir Kozlov

This match is going to be a brawl and that is how it begins, in and out of the ring and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Taker delivers a leg drop to The Moscow Mauler on the ring apron. We see what happened during commercial break and then go back to real time with The Dead Man delivering punishment in the corner, including a choke that the ref makes him break. Kozlov is wobbly, but he comes back with a few fists and then slings Taker into the corner only to catch a boot. Vlad catches Undertaker in a power slam and covers for two. The Moscow Mauler has the upper hand as he delivers fists and kicks to a weakened Taker. The ref backs Kozlov up and The Dead Man takes advantage, but Vladimir comes back and goes for a cover, getting two. Taker comes back but gets dropped with a clothesline, covers and gets one. Vlad applies a headlock and The Dead Man tries to get back to his feet. Undertaker breaks free and we have a boxing match without benefit of boxing gloves. Taker delivers a clothesline in the corner, applies snake eyes but Kozlov delivers a battering ram to counter. Both men are back to their feet, Undertaker drops Vlad with a clothesline, goes old school and delivers, then sets up for the choke slam. The Dead Man delivers the choke slam, draws his thumb across his throat, and delivers a Tombstone piledriver, covers and gets three.

Winner: The Undertaker via pinfall.

This was worthy of a televised main event match. Taker and Vlad work well against each other in the ring and they don’t pull any punches.

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