Random News: RVD & TMNT, Slaughter on WWE and Savage

RVD was almost a comic book character! Slaughter explains why Savage won’t be in Legends of Wrestlemania or the WWE Hall of Fame! Mickie James on trash(ier) TV!

Jake Black blogs at Green Team about an RVD/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover that almost happened in the pages of the TMNT comic. Van Dam apparently worked with Black on the pitch for the story and went through several drafts before it was rejected by Mirage Comics.

Jeff Gerstmann has a video interview with Sgt. Slaughter about Legends of Wrestlemania at Giant Bomb.

He talks about the game, main eventing at Wrestlemania VII (and dealing with death threats for his Iraqi sympathizer angle), his various roles in WWE since retiring, and the way the business has changed (with Gerstmann putting Vince’s commentating days over).

He even talks about why Randy Savage won’t be appearing in the game. Slaughter says Savage “double crossed” Vince in a way that Vince isn’t willing to forgive. He goes on to talk about how much he wants to see Savage in the Hall of Fame.

Thanks to PWI’s Mike Johnson for collecting these links. Oh, and this one of a pre-WWE Mickie James on Jenny Jones. Had to pass that one along, too.

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