10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 27.03.2009

Another Friday night, another 10 thoughts.

1. The continuous use of the Money in the Bank in numerous tag team matches both works and doesn’t work. On one hand it builds towards the Money in the Bank match, and actually gives it a story instead of being a match solely about winning the title. This however is also the part that doesn’t work. The Money in the Bank match is solely about winning the title shot, there’s little to no need for a story other than that.

2. There’s something wrong with a match when the post match brawl is the best part. But damn, Hornswoggle on the ladder gave me a chuckle.

3. Not only did Jesse & Festus receive the jobber entrance treatment, but when you can predict that a handicap match is going to end with the two man team getting squashed there’s little hope for the team to ever be a believable threat again.

4. The entire Hardy vs. Hardy video, made it clear that the entire feud is a little sickening, and maybe even a bit too far for a family friendly company. I’ve also got to think that either Jeff or Matt has to be drafted following WrestleMania, because there is no way they can believably be left on the same brand after their feud and feud with anybody else.

5. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero really put on a great match, and have me a nice nostalgia kick for the old Cruiserweight championship days. Does anybody else think that the title should be brought back, albeit with a strengthened Cruiserweight division?

6. I’m actually starting to like John Cena, and while his in ring work isn’t the best in the world, his mic work is some of the best at times. That still doesn’t mean I want him to win the world title though.

7. Matt Hardy vs. R-Truth deserved a lot more time than it was allowed. From the match we were given I got the feeling that if they were given some more time they could have put on a really good match, and R-Truth needs all the good matches he can get.

8. The Tag champions vs. Tag champions feud is actually becoming a highlight right now, and with the inclusion of the Bella vs. Bella angle, the Undisputed Tag Team title match at WrestleMania 25 could very well be the sleeper match of the card.

9. It was great to see Gail Kim back on SmackDown, but the crowd seemed absolutely dead throughout. Kim hasn’t been in the WWE since 2004, so the dead crowd is understandable, and just goes to show that Kim deserved a bit more hype than she actually received prior to her return.

10. Watching Shawn Michaels ‘tribute’ to the Undertaker felt a bit too much like attending a church service. While you know you should be interested, simply put its very difficult too even listen. Michaels entrance was boring and didn’t have the same flare Undertaker provides, and his whole speech felt like he was preaching. Of course The Undertaker’s sudden appearance was one of the best moments of the entire show.

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