Live Report of ROH ‘Take No Prisoners’ (SPOILERS)


Dirty Ernie Osiris defeated Grizzly Redwood
I walked in during this match, to see Osiris drill Grizzly with the log to get the pin.

Sugerfoot Alex Payne, Bobby Dempsey, and Andy Ridge defeated Andy Duncan, Spiro, & Don Juan
Very short match. Sugarfoot and Ridge took most of the punishment, but Dempsey got a hot tag and hit a DVD on Spiro.

Main Show:

Colt Cabana defeated Ace Steel
Lots of comedy to start the match, as they hug instead of shake hands. The fans chanted ‘check the top rope’, in response of the rope breaking the night before, so Steel & Colt both check parts of the top rope to ensure that it is attached properly. Steel eventually turns on Colt, however Colt gets the submission victory with the reverse Boston Crab.

Rhett Titus defeated Bushwhacker Luke
This was not for the PPV taping. Luke got a small pop, but was eventually rolled up (with a handful of tights) by Titus.

Jay Briscoe, Kevin Steen, El Generico, & Magno defeated Incognito, American Wolves, & Chris Hero
This was a very high paced match from the get-go! Magno & Incognito got some time in the ring on their own. Generico almost hit Hero with the Brainbusta a few times, but Hero was eventually pinned after a Spike Jay Driller, with the assist from Magno.

The Necro Butcher defeated Jimmy Jacobs in a No DQ match
The match started outside the ring, and went through the crowds. They fought all the way up the bleachers, and Jacobs actually hung Butcher over the edge, which was about 20 feet high! Butcher dominated the brawl outside the ring, but Jacobs had a screwdriver in the ring, and split up Butcher. Butcher tried to superplex Jacobs through the timekeepers table on the floor, but Jacobs reversed it and superplexed Butcher all the way to the floor! Necro got the pin with a Tiger Bomb on a stack of chairs.

After intermission, Nigel McGuinness came out and cut a promo saying that he’s hurt bad, but doesn’t apologize for not being able to wrestle today. Claudio comes out and wonders what will happen now, as they were supposed to team against Blue Demon & Brent Albright. Claudio jumped Nigel, Albright made the save, Demon came out, and the match is now a 3-way.

Brent Albright defeated Claudio Castronoli & Blue Demon Jr. in a 3-way match
This match was awful, and the biggest disappointment of the day. Nigel came back and tripped up Claudio so that Albright was able to Half-Nelson Suplex him for the pin.

Roderick Strong defeated Alex Koslov

This was the sleeper hit of the day. Koslov was very entertaining with is Russian dance, that kicked Strong in the back of the head. Strong ended up winning with the Strong Hold.

Jerry Lynn defeated Erick Stevens, Bryan Danielson & D’Lo Brown to retain his ROH World Title
This match was changed to a ROH World Title match. D’Lo and AmDrag were at each others throats, but it seems like the ROH crowd did not like D’Lo. Lynn pins Stevens after a Cradle Pile Driver.

Tyler Black & KENTA defeated Nakajima & Austin Aries
This was, by far, the match of the night. Nakajima & KENTA killed each other early in the match by taking turns kicking each other in the chest. The crowd chanted for KENTA the whole match, and actually booed when Black was tagged in! We all thought the match was over when Nakajima hit 3 superkicks on KENTA, hit the ropes, but KENTA gave him a clothesline that turned him inside out. Black eventually pins Aries after a Small Package Driver.

Overall the show was pretty good. The Main Event was fantastic, with Strong/Koslov, Necro/Jacobs and the 8 Man match all being very entertaining.

They made no announcement as to if they will return to Houston or Texas.

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