Do You Miss Joey Styles Announcing ECW?

Well, he doesn’t miss doing it. At least that’s what he said in an interview with the Miami Herald’s Jim Varsallone, saying that he pines for his old job “not one bit.” He’s much happier working on, which has increased its page views massively in the year since Styles has taken over.

Styles talks about the “Vickie Guerrero is pregnant” April Fools joke, which isn’t the one he wanted to run (his involved a Great Khali interview where he spoke like Matt Striker), why he feels he’s not suited to call the current WWE product, and why doesn’t report on incidents like Chris Jericho’s alteraction with a fan after a house show. Styles says that’s an entertainment site that services the scripted product and as such, shouldn’t be expected to report hard news.

The article intersperses Varsallone’s recap of WWE’s announcer turnover with Styles comments. That said, it’s mostly Joey’s show, and he talks about more than, including being involved in his first Wrestlemania, the transition from ECW to WWE, and his feelings on Twitter:

‘I was forced to get a Twitter account. Can you imagine me? I hate the word `tweeting,’ and now I have to tweet. Is there a less manly word?

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