Randy Orton Doesn’t Want To Wind Up Like Ric Flair


In that he doesn’t want to be wrestling in his mid-40s, much less his 60s like Flair’s rumored to be doing soon to help make his alimony payments. While he uses the Wrestler as his example of a cautionary tale in this interview, with the Charlotte Obsever’s Courtney Devores, and not his mentor Flair (who he actually puts over, along with Triple H and his dad Bob, for helping him make it), it’s hard not to make that comparison. Partially because it makes for an awesomely salacious title.

Orton, promoting Monday’s Raw in the area, also talks about a possible acting career and how he wouldn’t mind playing a superhero if he goes that route. I’m not sure if that’s hilarious, frightening, or a good idea. I could say the same things about all of his main event runs though, really.