DREAM confirms Cro Cop signing

The sordid tale of Mirko Cro Crop and the UFC continues.

I’m sure you’re all well aware of the story, but let’s do a quick recap for those who haven’t caught up: Cro Cop calls Dana White and tells him he wants to come back. Dana offers him a fight against Cain Velasquez, which Cro Cop turns down. Dana offers him three more fights, all of which are turned down. Cro Cop finally accepts a fight against Mostapha Al Turk for UFC 99 and wins via the eyepoke of doom. Post-fight, Cro Cop allegedly informs Dana White that he’s signed with DREAM and will be leaving the UFC immediately. White bashes Cro Cop both publicly and privately, at least until Cro Cop returns home and tells reporters that he hasn’t signed with DREAM and that White has fallen for rumors.

Now we have confirmation from a DREAM official that Cro Cop has indeed signed a contract with the company. Mike Kogan, who runs the United States operations for Fighting and Entertainment Group (DREAM’s parent company in Japan), told USA Today’s Sergio Non that Cro Cop had indeed signed with DREAM.

This story is far more lurid than it probably should be. Is Cro Cop lying about signing with DREAM to avoid any kind of potential lawsuit from the Zuffa side? He’s obviously signed with the company at this point, so I’m not sure why he continues to claim that he hasn’t.

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