Boom! Mark Waid's Irredeemable for under $11

Boom Studios has sent the Nexus a press release for an exciting new reader-friendly price promotion on their flagship title.

VOL. 1 JUST $9.99

$11 Bucks Gets You Caught Up!


IRREDEEMABLE Volume 1 includes special afterword by Grant Morrison!

Issue #5 Ships with 3 covers in a 50/25/25 split with cover art by
Gene Ha, Dennis Calero, Dan Panosian

Los Angeles – June 17th, 2009 – This August, BOOM! Studios makes sure you have no excuse to miss out on Mark Waid’s best-selling multiple sell-out IRREDEEMABLE! Get caught up on the first arc with IRREDEEMABLE Volume 1 TPB, collecting the first four critically acclaimed issues, for only $9.99 and start the new arc with issue #5 for only .99 cents — both shipping on the same day!

That means you can get caught up on the whole series for just $11 bucks!

IRREDEEMABLE #5 will ship with three covers in a 50/25/25 split. IRREDEEMABLE Volume 1 TPB features cover art by John Cassaday, and reprints the special afterword by Grant Morrison that appeared in issue #1.

“BOOM! has always been about getting comics into the hands of fans,” said BOOM! Studios Director of Marketing and Sales Chip Mosher. “IRREDEEMABLE has been a huge hit and this is our chance for fans to get caught up with the whole series for just 11 bucks. No one in their right mind will be missing out on this deal!”

IRREDEEMABLE #1 sold out the day of release, followed by a second print that quickly sold out soon after. IRREDEEMABLE #2 sold out before the issue even hit store shelves, also accompanied by a second printing that quickly sold out. Tremendous re-order activity for IRREDEEMABLE #3 has ensured another sell out in coming weeks. IRREDEEMABLE #4 arrives the first week of July.

Mark Waid’s IRREDEEMABLE has received near unanimous praise for all quarters:

“…one of the most intriguing, suspenseful, grab-you-by-the-throat comics I’ve ever read. I highly recommend picking it up.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“Mark Waid has served up a powerful little story of love and betrayal… “irredeemable” may be the last thing you want to call this series.” — Newsarama

“…the visuals present are nearly tangible. Krause has brought his best work to this book, and Waid makes good use of Krause’s talents…Yes, Mark Waid is evil. It makes me a little bit uneasy to say that I hope he continues to be evil, because I sure enjoyed reading it.” – Comic Book Resources

“Not just another dismantling of the mythology, IRREDEEMABLE is a masterful tale of the fall of a great hero…” – Project Fanboy

“There really is a tremendous piece of fiction being unveiled here, with precision and fury.” – Comic Book Jesus

“…this book wants me to just spout out superlatives like fantastic, great, page turner, stunning visuals, wonderful characterization, not a page or panel wasted, so I’m forced to try and find some other way to tell you 2009 best new series is at BOOM studios and it is called IRREDEEMABLE.” – Comics And….

“…one of the strongest debuts of 2009… this is probably one series you won’t want to miss.” – Paradox Comics Group

“My local comic shop displays a black shirt with bold white lettering proclaiming ‘Mark Waid is Evil.’ He’s proving it in this book with a devilish grin. Sometimes, as in this case, evil is good.” – Jimmy in the Garden

“It’s definitely worth a look, especially if you want something that isn’t your straight traditional Marvel or DC title.” – Comic Vine

“This is an amazing book! I cannot stress how much I truly enjoyed it. Mark Waid has crafted a tale that has captured my attention and left me wanting more… 5/5” – Comics Bulletin

“IRREDEMABLE is an enigmatically twisted tale which grasps your attention from the first page and refuses to let you go…” – Comics Waiting Room

“Anyone who’s read superhero comics for any length of time needs to read this…” – Extra Sequential

“When you see this on the shelf of your local comics store, when you see the tick box on your online order form. MAKE SURE YOU PICK THIS UP. … unrelenting in its flow, its shocks, its power and its pure brilliance.” – 32 Pages

IRREDEEMABLE Volume 1 TPB price at $9.99 features cover art by John Cassaday interior art by Peter Krause, and carries a Diamond Order Code of JUN090793 with ISBN: 1-934506-90-7 and ISBN13: 978-1-934506-90-5.

IRREDEEMABLE #5 priced at .99 cents features three covers in a 50/25/25 split with cover art by Gene Ha, Dennis Calero, Dan Panosian, and carries a Diamond Order Code: JUN090778.