WWE Smackdown Spoilers

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The results for this Friday’s episode…

– Vince McMahon comes out and cuts a heel promo on the fans and their stench. He brought out Teddy Long to find out what was on the show tonight. I guess Vince doesn’t watch Smackdown either. Teddy told him about the Cage Match for the main event but Vince was displeased and put Teddy on probation.

– R-Truth beat Shelton Benjamin. Shelton cut a promo beforehand ripping on Truth’s lyrics and lack of education.

– Vince, Teddy and Rey Mysterio met backstage. Rey spoke in Spanish and Vince got mad about it. He demanded that Smackdown become English-only. And sexy.

– Alicia Fox & Michelle McCool beat Gail Kim & Melina. McCool pinned Kim with her Styles Clash.

– Vince, Teddy and C.M. Punk met backstage to discuss being Straight Edge.

– Add Dolph Ziggler vs The Great Gary to the Bash in a No-DQ match.

– John Morrison beat C.M. Punk, pinning him after a series of roll-up reversals. Punk offered Morrison a handshake afterwards but then hit him with the Go 2 Sleep instead.

– Josh Matthews interviewed Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho said that only he knows what is best for Rey. Strange Kentucky People, I hope.

– Jim Ross and Todd Grisham get in the ring to hype the PPV card.

– Vince, Teddy and Jeff Hardy met backstage. Vince said he did not want Jeff to represent Smackdown as champion. Maybe he should not renew his contract then.

– Edge & Chris Jericho beat Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy in a Cage Match with C.M. Punk as referee. Punk got a lot of boos. Edge accidentally speared Punk whilst trying to hit Hardy. Later, Hardy went for a Twist of Fate on Edge but was shoved away towards Punk. They glared at one another with sexual tension and Hardy turned around into a spear by Edge to get pinned.