10 Thoughts on ECW – 06.30.09

01. Shelton Benjamin was hilarious on the mic. His promos have come a long way.

02. Yoshi Tatsu needs a bit more definition to his body.

03. Sheamus’ finisher was very well done and I would have been blown away but I had recently just seen Roderick Strong bust it on Nakajima.

04. Abraham Washington was a wash. Next new guy please!

05. Tyler Reks looked like a bigger, surfer version of CM Punk.

06. The Bella Twins are another waste of time. I hope they get less TV time from here on in but I doubt it.

07. Dreamer is the worst ECW Champion in years.

08. Kozlov actually looked impressive…

09. And Regal looks like he is going to play the role of manager for him. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he started using Kozlov as his meal ticket similar to Tony Atlas and Mark Henry.

10. Christian needs the ECW belt again. Thus far when a person wins the ECW belt, they never win it a second time.