Pulse Wrestling’s RoH on HDNet Report: 7-18-09

Ring of Honor on HDNet makes another triumphant installment. Tonight’s show has another appearance of the Young Bucks and a stellar six man main event featuring GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, KENTA. On paper it looks pretty awesome. Will it live up? Read on to find out…

The show starts with Hog and Prazak running down the card including telling us that Nigel McGuinness will make his claim on who the next world champion will be.

Silas Young and Bobby Fish vs. The Young Bucks

Silas Young deserves to be more than just cannon fodder, but maybe he will break out. The Bucks are awesome with the double teams and they remind me a lot of the Rock’n’Roll express with an update moveset. Their gear is dumb, though. Young and Fish actually control most of this one. Matt Jackson plays the role of Ricky Morton in this modern day Rock’n’Roll Express. I don’t think the crowd could be quieter for this match. The Bucks win with a surprise rollup. If you wanted to establish the Bucks as an elite team, this was not the way to go about it. They were lucky to beat two guys who haven’t won anything and don’t regularly team. I still like them, though.

Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall

We get some highlights of the Black vs. Danielson rivalry to hype the third match coming up next week. If that isn’t enough of a reason to tune in…it damn well should be.

Kyle Durden is back stage to interview Sweet and Sour Incorporated. Hero says he is going to eat KENTA. Eddie and Davey add some good comments too.

We get some highlights of Jimmy Jacobs getting beaten by Delirious in a Fight without Honor and then mutilating himself with the railroad spike.

Jimmy follows up with some comments talking about how much he sacrificed and he concedes defeat. Jimmy might be the best backstage promo in the business. He says it is going to be a long time before you see Jimmy Jacobs again…sad.

Brodie Lee vs. Delirious

After that promo from Jimmy Jacobs it doesn’t make a ton of sense to see Brodie Lee come out to the Age of the Fall’s music, but whatever. Delirious tries to figure out a way to bring the big man down. He is mostly unsuccessful. I really dig Brodie. I think there is a definite place for him in RoH. He does a good job of beating the hell out of Delirious. Despite all of that, the man from the Edge of Sanity (due south of Parts Unknown) keeps coming back. He even gets the squeaky clean victory with a Panic Attack followed by the Shadows over Hell. This was a good underdog story. I hope it doesn’t mean the end of the Big Rig in RoH, though.

Winner: Delirious via pinfall

Austin Aries is the next guy who has to put up with Kyle Durden. Aries talks about how awesome he is. Kyle Durden asks to hang out with him. Aries says no. Aries is awesome.

The Embassy is standing in the squalor of American and talks about how bad it is. Sadly, they are right outside the Arena where the shows are taped. Still, the Embassy is awesome.

We get highlights of Black and Dragon’s disappointing loss to the American Wolves and the dissension that followed.

Now, Black and Danielson have to deal with Kyle Durden. They stare at each other intensely. Tyler Black says he was woken up by Dragon’s slap. Tyler shouldn’t talk. They get interrupted by Nigel McGuinness who says he is looking at the next world champion. He doesn’t say which one it is.

Six Man Tag Team Main Event: Chris Hero and the RoH Tag Team Champions the American Wolves with Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn vs. GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion KENTA, Kevin Steen and El Generico

There are a ton of issues in this match most notably Steenerico vs. the American Wolves and KENTA vs, Davey Richards. They play up this animosity big time in this match. Steen takes the majority of the punishment early, but the hot tag leads to some wild brawling. The basic story is that Sweet and Sour Inc is the more cohesive unit, but are also not above cheating while their opponents have a lot more in the way of heart. Davey Richards and KENTA are the unquestionable stars of this match, though. Davey Richards ends up hooking El Generico in the cloverleaf for the tap out victory. This was an excellent match, but again, the crowd did not seem as fired up as they should have been.

Winners: Chris Hero, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards via submission

Next week we get Tyler Black vs. Bryan Danielson 3.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy Final Thoughts: This show was fun, but you’d never know it if you listened to the crowd. They were deadsville the entire time. Still, if you get a chance to catch the six man tag match it is definitely worth your time. And with that…

I’ll see you next time…