Who's Who in the DCU – Blackest Night #1 – Dead Villains

Sorry it took so long, but I needed to take a break from identifying the dead in Blackest Night #1. Anyway here’s the final column of the Blackest Night trilogy and it’s dedicated to dead villains. Let’s go.

Manolis asks;

Who are all of those dead guys beneath the JLA Headquarters?

Gee, Manolis, I’m so glad that you asked. Allow me to illuminate.

Black Mass – I honestly can’t find where Black Mass was killed.

Terra-Man – Was once an eco-conscious thorn in Superman’s side. He was ripped in half by Black Adam during 52.

Conduit – This guy was a foe of Superman’s from Smallville. He died when he was battling Superman and his power suit overloaded.

The Enforcer – She’s actually the second Enforcer, the first was also a Firestorm foe. Mica wasn’t that great as she got captured and ended up with the Suicide Squad, where she met her end as part of an attack on Circe during “War of the Gods.”

Black Bison – Two guys were Black Bison and both are dead. The one that’s buried under the JLA HQ is the second one. He was killed in Day of Vengance #1 while tussling with The Spectre.

Killer Frost I – The original Killer Frost, like her successor, plagued Firestorm. She could absorb energy and transform it into cold. Only she absorbed too much of Firestorms energy and died.

The Weasel – This guy was once a contemporary of Martin Stein, but he ended up going on a murderous rampage. Unfortunately he was killed on a run with the Suicide Squad, naturally.

Doctor Light – Oh Doctor Light. He’s a rapist who was mindwiped and then killed by The Spectre in Final Crisis Redemption.

Baron Blitzkrieg – This guy was once a Nazi guard who gained super powers. He mainly kept to fighting with the Golden Age superheroes, but he cemented his reputation for being lame by going up against Damage. The bad Baron was unfortunately yet another victim of Superboy-Prime during Infinite Crisis.

Fastball – Fastball was a member of The Cadre. He had an exoskeleton that helped him throw explosive spheres at an extreme velocity. He was killed during Infinite Crisis by an OMAC.

The Cavalier – The guy buried beneath the JLA isn’t the gay lover of Captain Stingaree who recently had his back broken by Bane on the pages of Secret Six. Rather, The Cavalier who’s buried is the original, the one who appeared in the Legends of the Dark Knight story “Blades” who met his end in a hail of gunfire from GCPD.

Major Force – He’s the guy who was originally set to be Captain Atom’s nemesis, but ended up as Kyle Rayner’s after he killed Kyle’s girlfriend and stuffed her corpse in an icebox. First he was decapitated and sent out into space. Then he reappeared on earth only to have his energy drained by Captain Atom in the dreadful Battle for Bludhaven.

Copperhead – He was originally an assassin in a snake suit, but after making a deal with Neron he became more of a snake/human hybrid. He met his end and the hands of Kate Spencer on the pages of Manhunter #1.

Madame Rouge – She had a split personality and would alternate between good and evil. As part of the Brotherhood of Evil she went up against the Doom Patrol. But when she was good she allied herself with the Doom Patrol. Eventually she turned against both groups. She was killed by Beast Boy.

Max Lord – He was a one-time financier of the Justice League International who had all sorts of shady connections. Eventually he linked up with Checkmate and tried to take down the heroic community with OMACs. He killed Blue Beetle and was killed by Wonder Woman.

Everyman – He was granted superpowers as part of Lex Luthor’s project in 52. His power was that he could duplicate someone by ingesting part of their body (and how do you figure that out exactly). He quickly turned evil. He impersonated Ted Kord (good), Sarge Steel (bad) and Green Arrow (eh). He was killed when he was Green Arrow, because he was trying to kill Black Canary.

Brainwave – The original Brainwave butted heads with the JSA back in the day. Eventually he wanted a better life for his son, so he transferred his abilities to his son and in doing so ended his life.

The Gambler – The original Gambler committed suicide after being cheated by the casinos in Las Vegas. He couldn’t deal with being a loser. Fortunately his grandson and granddaughter continued on in the family business.

The Icicle – The original Icicle was killed in the original Crisis when he tried to storm Krona laboratory. Interesting note; I almost died while reading Trinity, which featured Krona.

Psycho-Pirate – Poor Psycho-Pirate, that guy’s always a pawn during a Crisis. In the original he had his strings pulled by the Anti-Monitor. In the Infinite one he was played by Alexander Luthor. Psycho-Pirate was killed by Black Adam who didn’t take kindly to his manipulations and not only gouged out his eyes, but shoved the Medusa Mask though his skull.

The Fiddler – This Golden Age villain was killed on the pages of Villains United. He wasn’t performing up to the mysterious Mockingbirds standards. Mockingbird ordered his death and Deadshot obliged.

The Thinker – The original Thinker was a Golden Age villain who served some time with the Suicide Squad and survived, despite being thought dead. Irony would win out as he was killed by cancer and not his stint with the Suicide Squad.

Alexander Luthor – Son of the lone hero of Earth Three, Alex was composed of both matter and anti-matter. He was pivotal in the original Crisis and spent years in a limbo, which made him bitter. He ended up being the antagonist in the Infinite Crisis. He met his end at the hands of the Joker in the final issue.

Doctor Polaris – This magnetic bad guy was a foe of Hal Jordan and even had ties to Damage. He died when the Human Bomb killed him during the Society’s attack on the Freedom Fighters in Infinite Crisis.

Bolt – This guy was a special effects guy turned hitman who went up against Blue Devil (yawn) Captain Atom (better) and Starman (best of the bunch.) He even joined the Suicide Squad for a stint. However he was killed by his son on the pages of Terror Titans, as part of an initiation rite.

Bug-Eyed Bandit – This lame Silver Age foe to the Atom built mechanical insects that could control real insects. He was (thankfully) killed during the original Crisis.

Phew, I’m so relieved that this is finally over. Next time we’ll be back to our more traditional multiple Q&A format. But I seriously need to recuperate. Gimme a week.

“We awaken with the axe. Night of the Living Dead at last.”

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