Survivor: Samoa – Episode 19-4 Review

Over the past three weeks, Foa Foa has lost almost half of their members and Galu stood strong with their original 10. But after the closest race for immunity yet, Foa Foa finally pulled out a victory. But what does this mean? We finally get to see more from Galu’s camp!

The editors always have to focus on whichever tribe loses immunity because they’re the ones going to tribal council, and since Galu had won every immunity in the first three episodes, we didn’t get to see much of anything from their camp. Foa Foa overload doesn’t bode well for the season in general so hopefully things will turn around for future episodes. Although I highly doubt it.

Anyways, the smartest move of the episode came from Eric from Galu. Because she got a clue for the idol on Foa Foa, Shambo gave Eric and John the clues to help people like her. But the smartest move? While three castaways from his tribe were away for the reward challenge, he found Galu’s idol! Not as impressive as Russell finding it without any clues whatsoever, but finding the idol in the middle of camp without anyone noticing is pretty genius.

For the reward challenge, the chiefs had to choose two people to join them for the challenge. Once they arrived, Dave, Shambo and Russell S. from Galu and Mick, Russell H. and Natalie from Foa Foa stood around a big circle and just waited. Jeff was nowhere to be found!

I would be pretty confused too. For every challenge in the history of Survivor, Probst was already there waiting for them. Finally Dave decided to run over to the big box waiting on the beach and see what was inside. Setting off a frenzy, everyone raced to the box only to find instructions on how to play the challenge themselves. Maybe Jeff was sick or something! It was strange.

Playing a game quite like horseshoes, each castaway got to throw three balls and the closest to the target would win chickens for the tribe. It came down to the final ball, but Dave hit the target straight on and brought chickens home for Galu. Foa Foa loses again.

But the chickens don’t last for long. Well, one of them at least. As soon as they get back to camp, Russell S. chooses Shambo to be “the Chicken Whisperer” and be in charge of the chickens. She said she knew what she was doing but the escape of one of the chickens says otherwise. Surprisingly enough, no one seemed to care that their food had ran away. Lazy tribe. Cocky tribe. So how are they winning?

At the immunity challenge, Galu’s cockiness finally caught up to them and they narrowly lost the challenge and were sent to tribal council. Finally we get to see some Galu strategy’s! The targets? Yasmin (accused of doing nothing helpful around camp) and Monica (accused of being too slow in the challenge). Russell, the tribe leader, wants Monica to go home because she’s not strong in challenges. But even a leader can be persuaded, and the rest of his tribe convinced him to vote out Yasmin with them. In an almost unanimous decision, Sassy Yassy was sent home. It’s too bad because she would have been a great character later on in the game.

But at least she got to leave the game dressed classy, wearing her high heels to “look pretty” for Jeff!


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