WWE Superstars recap for 10/29/09

Jack Swagger vs. Primo Colon: Swagger takes Primo down to the mat to start and a few slaps to the head fires up Primo who charges him and briefly takes control while trying to work the arm. But this does not last for very long as Jack gets a couple of big slams in and garners a two count after a big elbow drop out of the corner. Swagger starts to work over Primo down on the mat and eventually gets another two count from a big leg drop and another from a clothesline. But Jack gets a little too cocky and after missing a couple of moves Colon gets fired up and hits flurry of impact moves off the ropes. However the flurry ends for Primo when he runs into a big boot which leads to the All-American American hitting his finisher for the pinfall victory.

Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox: Alicia quickly takes Kelly down using the hair and tries to work the arm but KK escapes it by flipping out of it. After another gymnastic interlude by Double K, Alicia hits a really nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to briefly regain control of the match. She works the chinlock for a bit and then tries to toss Kelly over the top rope but she sort of skins the cat to stay on the apron and this leads to a bit of a comeback for KK. But when she tries a handspring splash in the corner, Fox is waiting on it and gets her knees up. Alicia then sort of hits her scissors kick finisher and that’s enough to get her the pinfall victory.

Tyler Reks vs. Zack Ryder: Reks begins the action by working over the left arm and shoulder of Ryder before dumping him outside. Tyler tries to follow with a baseball slide but it misses and Zack floors him with a big boot. The action quickly returns to the ring and Ryder hits a running knee in the corner for a quick two count. Reks gets fired up and hits a nice inverted suplex and a facebuster but cannot get more than a two count off the flourish. Ryder stops his opponents charge into the corner and hits The Zack Attack to get the win via pinfall.

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Cryme Tyme & R-Truth vs. Hart Dynasty & Mike Knox: I guess with Eve’s recent trade to Raw they needed to adjust the 3-person tag-matches in this ongoing Dynasty/CT feud. Knox enters with the Natalya and her boys but sadly they did not give him one of their t-shirts. Kidd and JTG start the match and JTG gets the better of things for a bit and Tyson tags in Knox before things go too far. The same formula follows with JTG tagging in Shad before letting Mike gather too much steam. But Shad doesn’t fare any better against the power of Knox’s beard and gets dumped outside the ring so we can go to a commercial break.

As we return to action Shad is surprisingly in control of the action and we see via replay that a shot to the ringpost assisted him in gaining this advantage. Knox is able to make the tag to Smith and he hits a nice suplex off some distraction to regain control of Shad for his team. We get some nice double team action from all three members of the team in the heel corner as they continue to wear down the big Gaspard. Knox smacks JTG off the apron and this allows enough distraction for Shad to hit a back suplex and both men make tags. Truth is into the match for the first time against Kidd and they quickly speed up the pace. All 6 men eventually get involved in the action but Shad and JTG manage to remove Knox and Smith from the ring so that Truth can hit The Lie Detector on Tyson Kidd and get the pinfall victory for his team.

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