Smackdown recap for 10/30/09

Before the opening we are reminded via video package of Batista’s actions against his buddy Rey Mysterio just 5 days ago. After the usual opening, and the introduction of Matt Striker as the new color commentator, Smackdown GM Teddy Long starts the show by congratulating Team Smackdown on winning the “big match” at the Bragging Rights pay-per-view. Teddy also makes mention of Batista’s actions and promises answers in the form of a “heart-to-heart” confrontation between Dave and Rey later in the program. Long wants to discuss the Big Show being the new #1 contender for Taker’s title but Chris Jericho wants in on the fun and interrupts. Before Chris can get started, Teddy interrupts to tell him the trophy is Smackdown property and he takes it from him. Naturally since he is the best there is at what he does, Jericho thinks he and not the Big Show should get a title shot. Kane disagrees with them both and comes down to the ring to let them know. Chris sets Kane straight before telling him to get out of his face. As you might imagine, the Big Red Machine is not too fond of this response and grabs him by the throat. Teddy interrupts by telling Kane that since Raw is having a triple threat match as their main event so will Smackdown. With that in mind, he is making a match with Jericho facing Kane and the winner joining the already signed Big Show versus Undertaker at Survivor Series. That’s just lazy booking Teddy.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison: Dolph talks some trash on his way to the ring by reminding Morrison that he was the only member of Smackdown not to win their match against Raw. John fires back by making fun of Ziggler’s lack of sexual stamina. Both guys are aggressive to start but Morrison takes advantage first by hitting a flapjack, kipping up and then hits his standing shooting star press to gain an early two count. Dolph hits his cocky elbow for a two count and soon hits a face forward t-bone suplex before we head to commercial break.

We return to Dolph still in control as he hits Mr. Perfect’s neck snap before grounding Morrison down on the mat. John does not stay down for long as he soon hits a flourish of kicks and clotheslines to turn the tide. Ziggler back on the attack with a neckbreaker and a powerslam but he still can’t put the IC champ away. John fires back with a catapult and springboard kick but Dolph gets his foot on the rope during the pin attempt. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Dolph bails to the outside. John tries an attack from the apron but Ziggler trips him up then hits him with a facebuster to the announce table. Morrison is laid out and Dolph makes it back inside the ring in time to win the match by count-out.

We come back to the show and peek into Teddy Long’s office as Vince is congratulating Teddy on his show winning at Bragging Rights. CM Punk interrupts the fun to complain about Teddy’s choice for a main event tonight and at Survivor Series. Vince once agrees that Punk has been mistreated but will not add him to either match. He does however give him a match against referee Scott Armstrong since Punk’s recent losses have all been his fault

Beth Phoenix vs. Jenny Brooks: According to Matt Striker, Brooks is the only person to defeat Beth as a high school wrestler. Beth quickly tosses Jenny down before kicking her out of the ring. As she gets to her feet Phoenix pulls her back in and hits an impressive long delayed vertical suplex. Beth tosses her into the corner before nailing her with a clothesline and finishing with the Glam Slam to earn the dominant pinfall victory.

Eric Escobar vs. Matt Hardy: Vickie Guerrero is out in costume to tell us she is a princess and to introduce her “prince charming”. I really wish these two were on Raw or ECW. Hardy gets a nice reaction and chant from the crowd as the match starts and he takes control early on. Matt nails a bulldog and a moonsault but appears to have injured his knee in the process. Escobar quickly takes advantage of this revelation and starts to work on his left leg. But he is unable to take full advantage as Matt hits a Diamond Cutter out of nowhere and that is enough for Hardy to win by pinfall.

When we return from break we get an extended look at Batista’s heel turn and attack on Rey Mysterio from Bragging Rights. I am not a big fan of Dave but that was solid work by both of them to really sell the turn. After the clip Mysterio comes out to the ring in all black street clothes and mask. Rey says he still considers Batista family but would like him to come out and explain his actions. Dave also comes out rocking the Johnny Cash look but is much less sober with his mood. Batista is insulted that Rey would dare call him out and gives him one chance to leave the ring. Mysterio refuses to leave and asks what Dave expected from him during the match. Batista answers by threatening Rey and telling him to leave. Rey actually goes so far as to apologize for being in the triple-threat match but he still won’t leave the ring as Batista tells him to. Rey tells him to think about Eddie and all that they have been thru. Batista tells him that Eddie is dead and he is now only thinking about himself. Then despite all of his threats of what he might do if Rey does not leave the ring, Batista decides to be the one to leave the ring. After some commercials, Matt Hardy tries to speak to Batista backstage. Matt says there are things he did to his brother Jeff during their feud that he wishes he could take back but can’t. Batista walks off without answering but when Hardy turns his back, Batista attacks him from behind but still says nothing.

Drew McIntyre vs. Fit Finlay: Before the match Drew gets on the mic to congratulate Team Smackdown on their big win but lets us know he didn’t really want to be on the team anyway. Before Finlay can even enter the ring McIntyre attacks him and beats him down to the point where there will be no match.

Cryme Tyme is in the ring to say “yo” a lot and host a divas Halloween contest. The contestants are: Mickie James (as Elektra), Natalya (as a matador), Layla (as Michael Jackson) and Michelle McCool (as a devil). As you can guess Mickie wins and then all of the other contestants attack her with only Michelle being successful with her assault. In other news I really like that new commercial for Smackdown vs Raw 2010 video game.

CM Punk vs. Scott Armstrong: It’s clobberin’ time! Armstrong comes out in his referee gear and is quickly backed into a corner and badmouthed by Punk. Eventually Scott has enough of this and smacks Punk but that only serves to piss the straight edged superstar off. A very brief beating begins but is quickly ended when Punk hits the GTS and pins Armstrong for the win.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane: So as per our opening promo, the winner of this match will be added to the World Championship match at Survivor Series. If you know that stipulation and the main event Raw will be offering, then you should be able to figure out who wins this match without reading the rest of this recap. Jericho badmouths and slaps Kane to start but has his crossbody attempt caught and turned into a body slam. At this point Josh Grisham gets confused with his analogies of the possible match-ups for the pay-per-view and both Matt Striker and I get distracted by making fun of him. Meanwhile Chris attempts to lock on The Walls of Jericho on Kane who is able to fight it off and send the action outside of the ring. Kane tosses Jericho back in the ring but is attacked and sent into the barricade before he can climb in himself as we are sent to a commercial break.

As we return to live taped action, Jericho is in control of this opponent. But it is a short lived dominance as Kane reverses a bulldog attempt into a slam to start a comeback. Jericho escapes a sideslam and nails the Codebreaker but is too slow to cover and Kane kicks out at 2.85. Jericho nails a bulldog and a Lionsault but Kane no sells it and lifts him up for a chokeslam. However the momentum of the move carries Chris out of the ring and by the time Kane pulls him back into the ring, he is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Jericho is able to lock Kane in the Walls of Jericho but the Big Red Machine is able to make the ropes. Kane attempts a clothesline off the top rope but Jericho hits him with the Codebreaker on his way down and that is enough to earn him the pinfall victory.

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