Glee – Episode 1-9 Review

Alas! We’ve waited a few weeks for Glee‘s triumphant return and boy, was it a good one! This Artie-centric episode mixed in some little baby drama filled with a whole lot of cute and tear-worthy moments. A LOT to talk about, so let’s get started…

Mr. Schu tells the kids that they will be performing “Defying Gravity,” from the Broadway musical Wicked. He immediately gives the part to Rachel who can hit the high note, but Kurt is upset that he won’t have the chance to perform his favorite tune. His dad has been trying to support his son and is also peeved to hear that Kurt doesn’t get the solo just because of his gender. So, he threatens the principal and they all agree to have a Diva-off.

Rachel is a little worried because the Glee kids will be voting on the better singer and Kurt clearly has the popularity vote. Nevertheless, she gets a shoe-in vote from Finn who says that he likes her, regardless of what other people think. Personally, I enjoy these cute simple moments between these two. I know it’s going to make them getting together sooo much better in the end.

Quinn has been getting on Finn’s back about giving her money, as the baby costs are running high (and her parents still don’t know!). He is having trouble finding a job and is getting sick of his girlfriend snapping at him. Not to mention, Puck isn’t happy about the whole situation. He clearly has feelings for Quinn and wants to be more involved. He starts a fight with Finn after he realizes he isn’t helping out Quinn the way he would.

The glee kids hold a bake sale to raise money to get a bus that can accommodate Artie’s wheelchair to sectionals since the school isn’t willing to pay it. Everyone isn’t really into helping out the cause at first and Artie is hurt. Seeing this, Mr. Schu insists that they all spend 3 hours a day in a wheelchair. After getting hit with backpacks and baseball bats, they realize that Artie doesn’t have it easy. I loved this storyline! Artie breaks out into a great rendition of “Dancing with Myself.”

The best part was we got a Artie/Tina kiss! These two are obviously close and flirty, so she kisses him. But he is hurt after she reveals her secret that her stutter is fake. She started faking it when she was younger so people wouldn’t expect her to talk much. Artie wheels away hurt that he and Tina no longer have anything in common. But, I have a feeling this isn’t the end of these two!

Kurt has trouble with the high note at the Diva-off and ultimately, Rachel is given the part. He reveals later to his father that he blew the note on purpose. He sees how his dad gets when someone attacks his gay son, and Kurt can’t bear to watch him upset like that. He knows singing a female lead in front of 1000 people won’t help the situation so he decides to bow out. Another great scene between Kurt and his father. I can’t get enough!

Puck and Quinn have an adorable scene in the home economics classroom as they get in a food fight preparing for the bake sale. He wants to be a part of the baby’s life and Quinn swears she will go to her grave claiming it’s Finn’s baby. Poor Puck. I love him and Rachel together (hot chemistry!), but I am definitely seeing the connection between him and Quinn. She eventually admits that he is a good guy, but she doesn’t want to hurt Finn. He actually finds a job too with the help of Rachel, and this makes Quinn feel even more uneasy about revealing the truth.

The bake sale starts off slow, but after Puck throws in some “special ingredients,” the cupcakes start selling like crazy! He steals the money to give to Quinn for the baby, but she refuses. She doesn’t want to take money from Artie and Puck realizes it wouldn’t be right either. Artie actually decides to use the $1200 to install ramps in the auditorium and instead catch a ride with his dad to sectionals. But in the end, Mr. Schu finds out that Sue is having them installed on her own dime so Artie can ride to sectionals with everyone else. Mr. Schu finds this a little suspicious, especially after she agrees to have a disabled girl join the Cheerios. Turns out Sue does have a heart! In a teary-eyed scene, she goes and visits her disabled sister in a special home. Sue begins to read to her and my eyes begin to water…Jane Lynch has done it again!

The group gets together for practice of their big number, “Proud Mary,” which they all perform in wheelchairs. It’s a great performance and I loved how they gave more singing time to other characters. Basically, this episode was PACKED with more and more depth into the lives of our beloved Glee kids. I can’t wait for next week when we see Rachel develop a hilarious (and kinda crazy) crush on Mr. Schu!

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including Hamptons magazine and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL!.