Smackdown recap for 12/11/09

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The WWE is only 2 days away from the TLC pay-per-view and tonight’s main event will be Batista versus Rey Mysterio in a street fight.

Batista begins the show with an in-ring promo. He wants to let us know that he did not want the match tonight with Rey Mysterio and that he doesn’t think Rey even belongs in the same ring with him. Dave then talks about getting booed as of late and wants us to know that he doesn’t care. He says he didn’t need Evolution, didn’t need Rey and doesn’t need the fans. He asks for a spotlight to be put on him so that he can further illustrate his point as he continues to talk about how dominant and awesome he is. He let’s us know that him winning the title against Taker on Sunday is just a formality before posing to end the segment.

CM Punk & Luke Gallows vs. Matt Hardy & R-Truth: Punk and Gallows enter first and start with a promo condemning the new Jeff hardy DVD. His “Do yourself a favor and pay attention” beginning is a good catchphrase for him. He closes by calling Jeff an unemployed junkie and smashing the DVD. R-Truth comes out with a bag of Jeff Hardy DVD’s that he gives out to the crowd while R-Truth raps. Punk adds commentary as they make the rounds by telling fans not to watch it and to sell it on E-Bay instead. Truth then hits Punk with his microphone before the match can start. Gallows starts the match against Truth but Punk tags in once he bring the action to their corner. Truth quickly rebounds from this brief disadvantage by clotheslining Punk out of the ring and the show goes to commercials.

As we return, Punk gets hit with a double team move and we are told this has been the order of business during the break. Punk is able to drop Truth with a suplex on the ropes and makes the tag to Gallows. Luke comes in and quickly powers his team to the advantage. Punk tag back and after a powerslam, blows Matt a kiss before hitting a suplex and both moves get long two counts. Gallows returns to action and locks in a bearhug before Punk returns to action. Punk goes for a slingshot maneuver but Truth hits him with a dropkick in flight and Matt tags into the match. Hardy lights up Punk and has him reeling but Gallows comes in to stop a pin attempt. Truth enters as well and sends Luke back out of the ring before being dumped over the top rope by Punk who then walks right into a Twist of Fate attempt by Hardy. Punk reverses it into a GTS attempt but Matt fights out of it and sends Punk into his own corner where Gallows makes a blind tag. Hardy hits Punk with the Twist of Fate but then walks into a big boot from Gallows who then hits his finisher on Matt for the pin.

Meanwhile in the Hall of Justice, Eric Escobar and Vickie Guerrero share some insults before Teddy interrupts. Vickie makes a match for Escobar versus Chris Jericho and more apathy inducing “humor” ensues. In the hallway we see Kane walking (strangely accompanied by his theme music) before being stopped by Mike Knox. Both say that they enjoyed their match last week, but while Knox wants to be BFF’s Kane does not feel the same. It appears that this encounter will lead to a rematch between them tonight.

Jeri-Show vs. Eric Escobar: The match begins as a singles match between Jericho and Escobar but after Double E gets a brief early advantage, nailing Sky High for a two count and clotheslining Jericho over the top rope, Vickie comes out to change it to a handicapped affair instead. As Show strolls down to the ring Escobar tries to get Chris back into the ring and get a pin but Jericho holds him off and tags in Show. Show briefly pummels Escobar before tagging Chris back in who locks on the Walls of Jericho and Easy E taps. Post match Jeri-Show cuts a promo declaring that they are the end of DX and that end will be this Sunday.

Drew McIntyre comes out for a promo as Josh lets us know that he will be challenging John Morrison for the IC title at the TLC pay-per-view. Drew is upset at not getting better coverage in WWE Magazine and they show footage from his win against Morrison last week. McIntyre goes for an anti-American bit and insults Braveheart. So of course Morrison then comes out dressed as Mel Gibson from that movie. John tries to be funny and waves his prop sword around. Eventually Morrison drops the sword and they have a brief brawl before McIntyre takes his leave thru the crowd.

Kane vs. Mike Knox: Kane floors Knox with a big boot early and Knox bails out of the ring. Kane tries to bring him back in by the hair but gets hung up on the ropes. Once back in Mike hits a big boot and briefly takes control before a big splash attempt hits the knees. Kane comes back with a sideslam and goes for his flying clothesline but it misses. Knox levels him with his flying crossbody that almost ends the match as Kane barely gets his shoulder up before the ref can slap a 3 count. Kane reverses Knox’s follow-up attempt into a chokeslam and that is enough to get him the pinfall victory.

Mickie & Maria vs. Michelle & Layla: The heels come out wearing their “Piggie James” t-shirts which are now probably for sale on WWE Shopzone. Maria takes a brief advantage before McCool hits her with a backbreaker to turn the tide. The heel rough her up in the corner for a brief period before Maria is able to reverse another offensive attempt into a head scissors and is able to crawl to a tag. Michelle also tags out and Mickie quickly takes control of Layla. McCool tries to distract Mickie but it backfires as Layla collides with her and James rolls her up for the pin.

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio: If the beating Rey took at Survivor Series was as brutal as the announcers constantly remind us, shouldn’t he still be selling it? Mysterio starts the match in feisty fashion but all it takes is one clothesline and Dave is firmly in control. After taking a beating for awhile Rey reverses a slam attempt and makes a comeback. Batista looks to be set-up for the 619 but he slides out of the ring as Mysterio makes his move. What follows is a sequence where Batista chases Rey only to be a step slower and allowing Mysterio to get some shots in. After a baseball slide sends Dave into the ringside barricade, the show is sent to some commercials.

As we return to action Batista is back on the offensive and giving Rey a beating. This is further emphasized by clips of action we missed of Dave tossing his buddy into the steel steps and other hijinks. Eventually the action returns to the ring but the results do not change as Batista continues both his assault and his dominance in this match-up. Batista grabs a chair from ringside and tries to Batista Bomb Rey on it. But Mysterio reverses and makes a comeback with a slingshot senton and again gets him set-up for the 619. This time he connects with it and with the follow up splash but Dave kicks out just before a three count can be completed. Rey picks up the chair to continue his attack but is only able to get a couple of shots in before Batista levels him with a spear. He follows that up with a spinebuster and then hits him with the chair before pinning him.

After the bell, Dave chases the ref away and then tries to Pillmanize Rey’s neck. But as he climbs the top rope, the lights go out and when they come back on the Undertaker is standing in Mysterio’s place. Taker pounds away on Batista and soon has him down in the corner before going to the chair. Dave uses that break in the action to escape and he heads up the ramp as Taker poses.