Pulse Wrestling’s WWE TLC 2009 PPV Report

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE TLC 2009 PPV Report
Written exclusively for Pulse Wrestling by Paul Marshall

We’re LIVE from San Antonio, Texas and the ECW Title is opening tonight’s show!

ECW Championship Ladder Match: Christian v. Shelton Benjamin

Lockup to start and Benjamin has Christian in the corner. We get a clean break followed by another lockup. Christian leapfrogs Benjamin and catches him with a dropkick. He assumes control until Shelton catches him off guard. Shelton tries to leave the ring, but Christian stops him. It’s noted that we have Striker, Cole, and Lawler tonight. The fight goes out of the ring and Christian assumes control. He goes to get a ladder, but Shelton cuts him off from the past. Christian gets sent to the retaining wall and Shelton has a ladder. Christian springboards from the top rope to the floor, taking Shelton down. Christian has the ladder in place and he climbs, only to be stopped by Shelton. Monkeyflip attempt and Shelton almost scales the ladder in record time. Christian tosses him out of the ring and he picks the ladder up. Shelton SWEEPS THE LEG AND THE LADDER FALLS HARD ON CHRISTIAN! He’s busted open and the referee puts on his gloves and we have a trainer on hand and the match is effectively stopped for the clean up. BOO! Some law in Texas, according to Striker. Shelton climbs the ladder on the outside and Christian stops him. We get another ladder sequence and Shelton dives from the ladder and onto Christian!

They continue to battle on the outside and Shelton looks to dismantle the announce table. He sets up one of the taller ladders against the ring and table. Christian sends Benjamin to the ladder, but he ducks under. Catapult attempt and Shelton gets sent into another ladder! Christian sets the hardware up, but he focus on Shelton. Reverse whip sends Christian into the ladder. He gets sandwiched against the ladder…Shelton is thinking Stinger Splash, but he eats a ladder to the face! Christian sets the ladder up…he has the title, but Shelton stops it. Spin kick by Benjamin! He sets the ladder up and we almost get a botch. Christian eats a ladder and Shelton sets another up. Shelton climbs, but Christian hits the Killswitch from the middle of the ladder height! Looks like he didn’t get all of that move. Christian tries to climb, but Shelton climbs on the turnbuckle. We get some nice moves with the ladder and Shelton balances the ladder to fall on Christian! Shelton positions the ladder and he climbs up. Christian back in the ring and he climbs over Shelton! Shelton has Christian in the DVD position and they crashed on the canvas! Christian knocks the ladder down and he picks another up. STINGER SPLASH BY BENJAMIN! Shelton sets the ladder up and Christian moves the ladder! Benjamin hangs in the balance! Both men get on the ladder and Christian takes Shelton down. He holds on the title and Shelton catches him….TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB INTO THE LADDER! MOTHER OF CHRIST! Both men shake the cobwebs off and they fight again for the title! SUNSET FLIP ATTEMPT, BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS TO A HEADSCISSORS! They teeter on the apron and the ladder set up out of the ring. Spin kick sends Shelton on the ladder in a bad way. HOLY CHRIST! CHRISTIAN HITS THE FROG SPLASH AND THE LADDER SPLITS IN TWO! Christian crawls in the ring and he moves up the ladder and he captures it! Awesome opener.

Winner: Christian
Grade: B+

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Drew McIntyre v. John Morrison

The bell rings and Drew begins things off strong, sending the champion into the corner. Morrison works a wrist lock, but Drew takes him off and covers for one. To the ropes we go and Morrison slides underneath and comes back with an armdrag. Drew sends Morrison into the corner, but Morrison springboards off and lands a headscissors. Kick to the head and that gets two. We go out of the ring and Drew sends Morrison into the steel ring post. The referee begins the count and we go back inside the ring. Cover gets two for McIntyre. He tees off Morrison in the corner and the referee breaks it up. Chop to the chest and McIntyre continues the control. Cover gets two. Morrison fights up and he connects with an elbow. We go back to the corner and McIntyre hits a suplex into a pin for a two count. Morrison fights back again, but McIntyre comes back with a big boot. Clubbing blows to the chest follows a pin attempt for two on two occasions. McIntyre works a keylock variant on the side guard on Morrison. Morrison gets out of it and we go to the ropes…TORNADO DDT FROM MORRISON! They fight back to their feet and Morrison is on fire! Morrison covers and gets two. Morrison off the top and he connects with a missile dropkick…TWO COUNT ONLY! Morrison gets into the corner and McIntyre hits a face first slingshot…inverted Alabama Jam according to Striker…TWO COUNT! McIntyre picks Morrison up, but gets dropkicked out of the ring! Back outside we go and McIntyre runs into a drop toe hold into the barricade. Springboard heel kick connects and both men return to the ring. McIntyre rushes and he eats steel ring post. Starship Pain connects, but McIntyre’s foot gets under the rope! Morrison stomps away, but McIntyre pokes him in the eye. SCOTDROP, DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT CONNECTS! NEW CHAMPION!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
Grade: B

Vince McMahon commends Drew McIntyre on winning the title. Josh Matthews interviews McIntyre and he claims that it was nothing but inevitable. Sheamus comes in and he calls his win impressive. Sheamus vows to leave with gold tonight.

WWE Women’s Championship: Mickie James v. Michelle McCool (w/Layla)

Michelle is ripping off the AJ Styles attire once attire and we recap the stupid piggy jokes that had no business in the WWE. The bell rings and McCool takes a powder. We finally get a lockup and Mickie is all over McCool! The fight spills outside the ring before they stare each other down back inside the ring. Intriguing moment. Mickie bridges into a cover for two.. Another bridge attempt gets two. McCool hangs Mickie out to dry in the corner and the referee checks up on Mickie. McCool continues the control and she drives the knee into the back for a one count. Headlock applied and McCool mops the canvas with Mickie before getting the headlock reapplied. McCool kicks Mickie’s chest and she continues the pressure. Kick to the back and we get the Piggy James jokes. Mickie comes back…but eats a backbreaker for a two count. Schoolgirl gets two for Mickie and McCool tosses Mickie out, missing the ring post. McCool hurls James into the wall and she gets back in the ring. McCool looks to end Mickie, but she misses and Mickie goes to town. Layla tries to interfere, but fails. Back in the ring, Mickie comes back at McCool with the rights. McCool misses a forearm, but Mickie continues the onslaught. On the top rope, Layla interferes and she eats a kick from McCool. Schoolgirl on McCool gets two. Kick to the face by McCool…pinfall.

Winner: Michelle McCool
Grade: D+

Video highlighting Cena/Sheamus.

WWE Championship Tables Match: Sheamus v. John Cena

IT IS ON! Cena is on fire early going, sending Sheamus into the corner. Bulldog connects and Sheamus goes to the ring post. Sheamus catches Cena off guard and he hits a lariat that sends him down. Vertical Suplex connects and Sheamus is in control. He drops the knee and he leaves the ring for a table. Cena is ready for him and he introduces him to the announce table. MC says that Sheamus disrespected Cena for MONTHS. Can we replace him, please? Cena gets sent into the ring post and is Sheamus bleeding by the underarm? Cena sends Sheamus into the steps and Cena has to be hurt. Cena pulls a table out from under the ring. The table is set up and he places Sheamus on the table. He goes on top and he rolls out of the way early. Back in the ring, Sheamus drops the knees to the spine. POWERSLAM to Cena and Sheamus has Cena teetering on the apron. Cena thrusts his head into the rib section and Cena looks for the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus gets off of it and he posts Cena. Sheamus thrusts Cena’s body against the ring apron. Cena’s head gets busted off the steel steps and CENA IS OUT OF IT! He tries a comeback and he bounces Sheamus’ head on the steps. Attitude Adjustment attempt out of the ring, but Cena can’t do it. Sheamus looks for a powerbomb, but Cena floats through and they fight up the ramp. SHEAMUS EATS STEEL! Cena goes after the table and he has some difficulty picking it up. He looks to swing the table on Sheamus’ body, but he moves out of the way. The fight goes into the crowd with Cena getting the upperhand. Cena clotheslines Sheamus back ringside and we go back inside the ring. Cena picks up another table and he sets it up on the outside. Cena back inside…IRISH CURSE KICK (tm Michael Cole) connects. Sheamus looks for the hardware himself and he brings it inside the ring. He sets the table in the corner and he looks for the spinebuster. Cena counters, but Sheaumus gets out of it. Cena with the Throwback! Five Knuckle Shuffle connects and Sheamus knocks the table out of the ring, but eats an Attitude Adjustment anyway. Cena leaves the ring and he brings a table inside the ring. He sets it up and he goes after Sheamus. He sets him up on the turnbuckle. Super Attitude Adjustment? Sheamus gets out of it but isn’t able to capitalize. Superplex attempt…SHEAMUS KNOCKS CENA OFF AND HE GOES THROUGH THE TABLE!

Winner: Sheamus
Grade: B

Called it.

Video promo for Batista/Undertaker.

World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match: Batista v. The Undertaker

The bell rings and Batista goes for the chairs. Taker beats Batista to the punch however. Back in the ring Taker is in control. We go pillar to post and Batista explodes with a clothesline. Back outside we go and Batista gets introduced into the steel steps. The rules are that chairs are legal, but standard match structure still apply. The ref is up to five and Taker sends Batista up and over the barricade. Taker tosses chairs in the ring and he pops a hamstring in the barricade. Batista wails the chair on Taker. Matt Striker says the referee is using championship discretion in not counting the combatants out. Batista slams the chair against the ring post and the fight goes back to the ring. Taker connects with the leg drop on the apron and he returns to the ring. Cover gets two. Time to go Old School, but Batista counters. Batista superplexes Taker and he covers for two. Batista Bomb attempt and Taker backdrops out of it, with Batista landing on the chair. They fight back and forth and Taker is in control. Spinebuster by Batista…TWO COUNT ONLY! Batista sets a chair up in the corner and he tees off on Taker. To the ropes we go and the Undertaker explodes with a lariat and the time is now! We’re going Old School for real time and Batista gets sent to the corner. Snake Eyes connects…but Batista hits a spear from out of nowhere for two! Batista sets the chair up and he spinebusters Taker on it and he signals for the Batista Bomb. HELL’S GATE! Taker has it locked in! Batista barely reaches the ropes and he rolls out of the ring, Taker goes after Batista and he eats a chair to the throat! Taker gets in the corner and Batista looks for the spear…TO THE CHAIR! Taker explodes with a lariat and he scores a two count. GOOZLE! Batista gets chokeslammed…TWO COUNT ONLY! Taker signals for the end, but Batista gets out of it and he sends Taker to the referee. LOW BLOW BY BATISTA! Chair off the skull and that is all!

Winner: Batista
Grade: C+

BUT WAIT! Teddy Long comes out on the stage and he informs Batista of the rules. The low blow is illegal, though and he uses his powers to RESTART THE MATCH!

Batista comes back and he eats a boot to the face. Taker hits Batista with the chair and hits the Tombstone for the three.

Winner: The Undertaker
Grade: D+ (The restart ruined the match)

Kofi Kingston/Randy Orton video promo.

Kofi is training and Legacy wants to pass a message, but Kofi isn’t buying it. Ted and Cody says that Kofi is deeply terrified. Kofi blows them off and he goes straight to Randy to tell him what he thinks of him. He walks away unscathed and Orton is just looking on.

Grudge Match: Randy Orton v. Kofi Kingston

The bell rings and Orton locks up with Kingston. Snapmare takeover and Orton holds onto the chinlock. Kingston works the arm, but Orton reverses and we get a stalemate in the early going. Another lockup and Orton takes it to Kofi in the corner. Kingston tries to fight back and we go pillar to post. Orton eats a boot, but Kofi eats a snap powerslam for two. Chinlock applied again. Kingston gets out of it and he beats Orton in the corner. Kofi Splash in the corner and he counters a sunset flip into a rollup for two. Kingston goes for the Boom Drop, but Orton slides out of the ring. Baseball slide misses and Kingston springboards on the top and HE EATS A VICIOUS DROPKICK BY ORTON! Orton dropss Kingston like a bad habit on the retaining wall. Back inside and Orton covers for two. Galvin Stomp ensues for Orton. Kingston tries a comeback, but Orton stops him cold. Orton hangs Kingston out to dry and that’s followed by a knee drop for a two count. Orton tees off on Kingston before hitting an uppercut to send Kofi down. Kofi gets up…SOS CONNECTS! Cover gets a two count for Kofi. Kofi clotheslines Orton out of the ring and he is going for it…ELBOW SUICIDA CONNECTS! Kofi sends Orton in the ring and he hits a crossbody…TWO COUNT ONLY! Double sledge by Kofi and he is in control. Kofi springboards off the turnbuckle and connects with a clothesline…for a two count. Orton resumes control with the 3.0 backbreaker. Orton looks for the RKO, but Kofi hits a dropkick! Boom Drop connects and Kofi is looking for it. Trouble in Paradise CONNECTS! Cover…ORTON GRABS THE ROPES! He rolls out of the ring. Orton sandbags on the outside, giving Kofi trouble getting him back in the ring. Kingston tries to get in the ring…SPIKE DDT! Orton looks for the punt…Kofi gets the arm in the way! Orton sees this and he hits a one-arm DDT! He sets up…Trouble in Paradise MISSES! Orton hits the RKO! Call it!

Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: B

Batista is pissed off and he wants Teddy Long to make it right. He makes a threat to Teddy who cowers in fear.

WWE Unified Tag Team Titles TLC Match: DX v. JeriShow

Staredown to start and Big Show piefaces Trips. Balls to the wall now and Big Show hurls Trips against the retaining wall. Big Show charges and he takes himself out while in the ring, Jericho takes it to Shawn. Trips pulls a table out and he sets it up against the corner. Big Show is back and they go at it on the ramp. In the ring, Shawn kicks Jericho out of the ring and they go at it. Jericho sends Shawn’s head to the steel post and he tries to suplex Jericho through a table, but to no avail. Back in the ring Shawn and Chris go and they go to the ropes. Forearm connects and Shawn kips up. Walls attmept, but Shawn powers out. Atomic Drop connects, as does the scoop slam. Elbow drop lands on the knees and Shawn rolls out of the ring. Jericho is soon to follow and he goes for a ladder. Trips sends Big Show into the set and Jericho comes up to save him. Pedigree attempt is countered to a backdrop on the ramp. Shawn disappears into the back as they set up. CHAIR DUAL! Shawn makes JeriShow eat steel, but Big Show drops Shawn like a bad habit. He slowly walks down the ramp with Jericho in tow. They try to bring the ladder into play, but DX stops things. Jericho is alone in the ring and he eats a ladder to the chest. Jericho gets posted in the corner and DX suplexes a ladder on Jericho! They follow up with a head shot to Big Show. The ladder gets set up and Big Show no-sells the ladder shot and he dismantles DX. Jericho drops Shawn’s head on a ladder and he baseball slides Shawn between the ladder and the ring post.

Big Show sets the ladder up in the corner and Shawn gets taken care of. Show bodyslams Trips against the ladder and he locks the quad into the ladder. Shawn gets thrown into Hunter and Show squashes Trips against the ladder. Jericho whips Trips, but Trips counters and Jericho gets sent outside. Show takes himself out and Trips hits a knee jab. He has the ladder and he CREAMS SHOW WITH IT! He then dumps the ladder on Jericho. Chokeslam attempt is countered to a DDT! Michaels drops the elbow on Show and he calls up the band. Sweet Chin Music attempt is countered into the Codebreaker by Jericho! Trips hits the spinebuster! Show hits a huge spear and he is the only one able to climb the ladder! He slowly climbs…Trips pisses Show off with a chair to the back. KO SHOT TO THE CHAIR INTO TRIPS’ FACE! He tries again, and he tosses Shawn off. They push the ladder off and Trips Pedigree’s Show out of the ring! Shawn sets the ladder up! Jericho pushes tha ladder off and Shawn takes out Big Show! Jericho climbs. Trips is there for him! Jericho tries to get away from Trips’ clutch, but Trips hits a POWERBOMB! He slowly climbs, but Show hits a chokeslam! Big Show DESTROYS THE LADDER! He tees off on Trips in the corner. Scoop slam connects and Jericho brings the super-tall ladder into play. They try to sandwich DX against the ladder and they beat the hell out of them. Another ladder destroyed! We now have half a ladder in the ring, HAHA! Trips’ gets tossed and the fans want the tables. Show chokeslams Shawn into Triple H and through the table. Jericho tries to climb the half of ladder and he decides to balance on Big Show, HAHA! DX gets in the ring and Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music…Jericho falls off Big Show and he lands HARDWAY ON THE TABLE AND IT DOESN’T BREAK! Sweet Chin Music for Show, but he still stands up! DX uses the half of ladder to take Big Show out. They throw half the ladder in the ring and Trips holds the ladder up for Shawn to climb…they capture the titles!

Winners: DX
Grade: B+

DX poses and we are out!

The WWE TLC 2009 Report Card

New Unified Tag Team Champions – DX d. JeriShow: B+
Randy Orton d. Kofi Kingston: B
Still World Heavyweight Champion – The Undertaker d. Batista: D+
New WWE Champion – Sheamus d. John Cena: B
Still WWE Women’s Champion – Michelle McCool d. Mickie James: D+
New WWE Intercontinental Champion – Drew McIntyre d. John Morrison: B
Still ECW Champion – Christian d. Shelton Benjamin: B+

The Final Grade for WWE TLC 2009: B-/B

The Final Pulse

Nothing “over-the-top” tonight, but the show delivered anyways. We have three new champions and the new generation of WWE stars were in the spotlight tonight! Mild recommendation to watch this event with the complete avoidance of Taker/Batista and McCool/James. Everything else was perfectly acceptable, if not moreso. See you tomorrow night for the Slammy Awards and a three hour RAW!

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