10 Thoughts On Raw: Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, Legacy Turn

1. Bret Hart looked like he couldn’t care less during the start of his promo, then like he was supremely uncomfortable with both Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. Was it just me?

2. It was an uncomfortable reminder of my age seeing two larger than life athletes like Bret “Hitman” Hart and “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels looking so impossibly old, as the stroke and eye injury really made the entire scenario almost sad.

3. Say so long to your push Kofi, apparently the WWE is done with you, through no apparent fault of your own.

4. Why won’t Legacy turn on Orton already? I get slow build, but they do nothing at least one of every two weeks and they are well passed the stage where they can build momentum as lackeys.

5. Orton needs to go after Sheamus like… now. He was so obsessed with the title when Cena had it, but now that a heel has it, he just forgot the belt exists.

6. Bryan Danielson coming down to either help Bret Hart or to beat Sheamus (even then losing at the Rumble) would have made a new star instantly. If only the WWE weren’t so against new stars.

7. CM Punk gets more heel heat than anyone but maybe Chris Jericho. There are numerous good faces without real feuds. Pair. Them. Up.

8. MVP has no talent. Turn either Miz or Swagger so Raw has a mid-card face with a real future. That said, MVP might get the belt if they want to elevate Miz.

9. You know, eventually Sheamus will need to work a real match. They might want to, like, prepare for that because the way he’s being protected, I’m thinking he’s nowhere near ready. And when he’s exposed, it’s going to be ugly.

10. The WWE messed up here perhaps even worse than TNA did. WWE played their very last big card and instead of being shocking or changing up the show in any way, they did their usual show, with a slightly faster pace, and kept everything safe. The ratings, unsurprisingly, reflect that what should have been a special event was just another show.