Twin Terminators destroying NHL

For long they have been criticized as not being good enough to be third liners, then second liners now first liners but with the NHL’s scoring leader on the Vancouver Canucks 1st line it is clearly visible that Henrik and Daniel Sedin are star players.  With 124 points in 52 games combined they are a definite scoring threat every time they are on the ice. As well when they play so well they improve the play of other players like Alex Burrows who has 23 goals this season.

With a mediocre second line at times and an all but forgettable third and fourth line it is no doubt that the Canucks have looked to their twin wonders for goals in clutch situations, with 11 game winners among them, have delivered; scoring on 17% of their shots. They are both on pace for about 50 assists each and 170 points combined.

Definitely playoff contenders if not Stanley Cup ones with Star Canadian goalie Roberto Luongo, and now a definite starting line composed of two Olympians, and a record of 22-7-1 are on course to edge out the Avalanche for top place in the North West, should have home ice advantage that will help a team that has struggled deep in the playoffs in the past.

But back to the Sedin’s, they are hot right now and look for them to stay hot till they return home for their long road trip and the Olympics. Sweden will also be a thorough threat with these guys and many veterans on their roster, not to mention they won in last time.I have Daniel in my fantasy team and even though he got injured in most weeks he is great and in some weeks spectacular. Hopefully this scoring outburst will finally put to rest the topic of whether these guys are 1st line material.