John Morrison News: Bashes Drew McIntyre, Hopeful For Royal Rumble Slot

WWE superstar John Morrison recently did a pre-Royal Rumble interview where he was remarkably candid about his feelings.

on not being on the official list of Rumble entrants:
Holy crap. This whole time I thought I was… I’m sure I’ll be in there.

on Drew McIntyre:
Drew McIntyre, yeah, according to him, he’s [in Scottish accent] The Future or the Chosen One of sports entertainment. He is definitely someone who’s star is on the rise. He’s a very talented individual. He’s all that, definitely… Aside from his in-ring work, he’s got a long way to go to earn the respect of everybody in WWE. He’s a little bit of a brown-noser. He likes to take a lot of shortcuts, and play by his own rules — which I admire, a lot of the time, playing by your own rules and pushing the limits of breaking the law. I live by that same philosophy a lot of the time. But when you’re competing against someone one on one, I think it’s different than kissing someone’s arse — a-r-s-e — and cheating, and hiding behind the referee, getting counted out. That’s an example of a lame way of breaking the rules.”

on Dolph Ziggler:
I think if Dolph Ziggler gets a break at the right time, I think he’ll really break through. I think he’s real talented in the ring and underrated on the microphone

On The Miz:
I think The Miz, definitely, is improving week by week. He’s a very talented up and comer. I think the one thing he’s got going for him is he’s always himself, he’s always The Miz and he’s always super annoying. That makes people want to see him beat up, which is good for him

Widro reaction: Wow Some of the McIntyre stuff seems like it could be to promote their kayfabe storyline, but some truth is probably mixed in too

Check out the Full interview at Slam Sports

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