IPTV Roundtable: What Will Happen In Lost: The Final Season?

Lost is back tonight with a huge premiere event to kick off the Final Season. The hype is in full overdrive, and with only 24 hours to go, the IP TV staff is on the edge of their seats!

I poised this question to the IP TV crew: What do you think will happen in the Final Season of Lost?

Matt Basilo – At the moment, I’m actually more interested in what WON’T happen during the final season of Lost. Call me an optimist, but I pretty much have full faith in the fact that the writers will answer every significant question we’re asking — and I also feel like they’ve done a nice job of feeding us some big revelation over the past couple of seasons — but I can’t help but wonder if they’re going to clear up some of the smaller matters. Those lagging questions we’ve wondered for years now. What exactly is “Jacob’s list”? Was it a ploy from Ben, who we came to learn had little to no actual interaction with Jacob? Was it a manipulation tool? Or was there something more to it? Why was Libby in the mental asylum? And is there a deeper connection between her and Desmond? Speaking of Desmond, what’s the relationship between Mrs. Hawkings and the monk at Desmond’s ministry? What abilities did Walt have, and why were the Others so intrigued by him? What’s the connection between Horace and the cabin, and the cabin and Jacob (and the Man in Black)? Speaking of Horace, how did Ethan respond to Ben massacring the entire Initiative, including his father?

These aren’t matters that are going to unravel the entire series, but they are intriguing mysteries that they have presented to us.

But there is one “big” question that I am very interested in knowing the answer to: What is the significant of Christian Shephard? Was it mere coincidence? Was he simply a dead body on a plane, allowing the Smoke Monster (or whoever) a vessel to control? Or was there something more? He’s connected to more characters than anybody else in the series, and I can’t help but feel like he plays a significant role in the mythos of the series. Besides, just look at his name.

Luke – I’m currently counting down the hours to the most anticipated night of television in my house – the LOST season premeire. I tried to have an all-nighter marathon of season 5 a few weeks ago with a friend but I sadly fell asleep. It’s a shame because it would have been a perfect refresher for the new season. But needless to say, I’m ridiculously excited for tonight and seeing what the show has in store for LAX parts 1 & 2! Hopefully it can answer some of the mind-boggling questions the show has left unanswered for the past five seasons!

Murtz Jaffer – What is the island? As I reported earlier, this is at least one question that will be answered this season and apparently, the answer will come from John Locke. I have said purgatory from the beginning and I am sticking to it, but the real question that I have is who Jacob exactly is and, more importantly, what does he represent? Is he God? Is he the physical manifestation of redemption. Is the the catalyst of reckoning? I do know that tonight is one of the most exciting nights of television in a long time. I think the President will even be watching!

Widro – Lost has taken twists and turns over the course of the last 5 years, and it’s surreal to think it’s all going to be over. Rarely has a drama captivated audiences to the degree that Lost has, and by putting a cap on the series, the writers have been able to concentrate on revealing the truth slowly and meticulously. I have high hopes for the last season to answer the mysteries of the island as well as with the castaways, and finally clear up why the plane crashed and how everyone’s fate is involved. It will be interesting to see how the Locke/Jack conflict is finally resolved, as well as the Kate/Sawyer/Jack love triangle.

Check back with IP tonight and throughout the week, as Basilo will have his Lost review plus tons of other news, spoilers and coverage. Plus we have TONS of Lost news and spoilers for tonight’s premiere:

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