Taz Speaks Out Against Vince McMahon Ending ECW, Paul Heyman’s Role

Vince McMahon went on ECW and officially ended the brand and Taz, an ECW original, has spoken out about the way it was done.

On his Facebook Page, Taz lashed out at Vince McMahon.

on Paul Heyman:
why not acknowledge the Paul Heymens contributions to the industry? Or, saying thanks to all the ECW original wrestlers? A lot of blood, sweat and tears were dropped during the original ECW’s life! If you are going to thank cameramen & directors (etc) than acknowledge the past history because its well deserved.

on ECW’s place in history:
If you utilized the letters ECW to make a lot of $$$ over the past several years I would assume that your respect the history of ECW? If you would produce and sell a successful DVD documenting the companies history…I would assume you feel that the original ECW history has value….than why not give it a proper send off?

on his own move from ECW to WWF:
Now, am I a little sensitive when it comes to the legacy of the original ECW? Well yes. Can some say that, “hey Taz… you sold out and left ECW to go to the WWE”…..well yes. Unfortunately, this is a business and I did what I needed to do (at the time) for my family and have ZERO regrets!

on Tommy Dreamer:
Now, when WWE gave Tommy Dreamer his send off, they were 1st Class all the way and I went public and acknowledged that WWE did the right thing! So, do you think that WWE will build a 1 or 2 minute video package in next weeks show with shots of ECW’s past? Hmmm.

Taz’s Facebook Blog

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