TNA Impact Spoilers

February 18:

– Da Pope comes out to party with the Impact Zone. He talks about winning the world title at Lockdown. A.J. Styles, Ric Flair and four women come out to see him. Pope runs down ‘Dick Flair’ and Flair claims that he was bling before there was bling, so “unless you’re Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, you don’t tell me nothing.” Pope says Flair is still a dick. A.J. says he has yet to see Pope with a woman. The three of them start to brawl and the heels get the upper hand, with Flair Pillmanizing Pope’s ankle. until the security team chases them away.

– Tara beats Daffney by DQ in a non-title match after Daffney hits Tara with a tool box. Daffney continues beating up Tara with the guardrail until Stevie Richards takes her to the back.


– Kaz, Amazing Red & Generation Me beat Doug Williams, Brian Kendrick & Motor City Machine Guns when Kaz pins Williams.

– Abyss and Jeff Jarrett go to a non-contest. Eric Bischoff had decreed that if Jarrett did not use the barbed wire baseball bat during the match, he would be fired. Jarrett almost uses it in the match but changes his mind. Bischoff calls out “his guys” and so Rhino, Raven, Tomko, Homicide and Desmond Wolfe come out to beat up both Abyss and Jarrett. Hulk Hogan comes out as Bischoff wants him to unmask Abyss, yet instead he tells Abyss to go to his office.

– Beer Money beats Rob Terry & Brutus Magnus. Terry and Magnus get into an argument after the match, with Terry getting the better of it.

– Hogan talks to Abyss and gives him his Hall of Fame ring. He tells Abyss that he will be a god and Abyss screams with joy. Come again?

– Kurt Angle beats Daniels with an ankle lock. Angle then talks about visiting an army base in Texas and how one soldier told him that he believed in him and gave him his tags. Angle calls out Ken Anderson for spitting on the tags at Against All Odds. He promises to make Anderson bleed until there’s nothing left and then see him in hell. Anderson comes out to sarcastically thank Angle. He sees the tags as nothing more than a utensil with which to carve up Angle. They fight on the ramp and Anderson lays out Angle with a low blow and a mic shot. He welcomes Angle to Total Nonstop Anderson. Good grief.

– Eric Young and Kevin Nash saunter out. Nash calls out Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, who come in through the crowd. Young fights with Waltman and Hall fights with Nash until security breaks it up. Hogan appears to stare at them all.

February 25:

– A.J. Styles and Ric Flair mock Da Pope for being the champion of the people. Styles maintains that he is the man. Flair calls out Hulk Hogan for giving his Hall of Fame ring to Abyss. Hogan’s “American Made” music hits but it is Abyss who appears. Flair says Abyss makes all wrestlers look bad and that he is not a Hall of Fame wrestler. A.J. calls Abyss a disgrace and demands that the ring be put on his hand. Hogan now appears and Flair challenges him for a fight. Flair and A.J. back off but promise to get the ring before the night is over.

– Team 3D beats Nasty Boys in a Tables Match when Jerry Sags took a 3D through a table. Jesse Neal turns up to take the motorcycle helmet off Jimmy Hart and give it to Devon to use.

– Beer Money run down how awesome they are. Hernandez turns up to give them a tag title match in the future.

– Kaz beats Brian Kendrick.

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